1st Generation of Fulkersons
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These are the six daughters and two sons of Dirck Volckertszen De Noorman and Christina Vigne. The old patronymic system was still observed by most of the Dutch and Scandinavian families in New Amsterdam, so the children's surnames were based on their father's first name. Dirck's children's surnames were variously spelled DIRCKS, DIRCKSE and DIRCKX.

  Another tradition, observed in New Netherland and colonial New York and New Jersey, involved the first names given to children: typically, the first two boys and first two girls in a family were named for their grandparents. Dirck and Christina named a daughter after Christina's mother Ariantje, but no (known) children were named for her father. They named their first son Volkert, which under the patronymic system would have been the first name of Dirck's father. We can only guess whether one of the other daughters was named for Dirck's mother.

Dirck's children and grandchildren went in many directions and settled in numerous places. The map located at the middle of this page may help if you're not familiar with the New York region. Many of the placenames on this page are also linked to Google Maps and will appear in a new window.

GRIETJE (Margaret) b. circa 1633

Grietje DIRCKS m. (1st) Sergeant Jan Hermanszen SCHUTT by 1650. A soldier, he was killed by Indians in 1652. They had one child, Fytie (AKA Phebe), baptized 23 Apr 1651. (Grietje was short for Margrietje or Margaret. It should not be confused with the similar name Geertie, which was Dutch for 'Charity.' There was a 'Geertie Dircks' running around Manhattan and popping up in records during the 1600s. Grietje and Geertie were two unique individuals.)

Grietje m. (2nd) Sergeant Jan NAGEL Von Limberg on 27 Sep 1652, and lived with him in a house "on the north side of Hoogh Straet opposite the [City] Hall" — which had been sold to him by one of her father's Scandinavian friends, Claes CARSTENSEN, in 1653. On 4 Feb 1654 she was one of the witnesses, along with her uncle Jan VINGE, at the baptism of sister Magdalena's daughter Marritie. Jan elevated himself to the position of burger on 13 Apr 1657 but died soon after, leaving Grietje to care for three children. On 28 May 1658, the New Amsterdam Orphans' Court recorded: "Appear Abraham Verplanck and Andries De Haas who declare that Grietje Dirck, widow of Jan Nagel, has remarried and has appointed them guardians of children of the aforesaid deceased Jan Nagel and of her former deceased husband Jan Schutt who left a little daughter named Fytje Jans, 7 years old. The two children of marriage with Jan Nagel are a son named Jurrien Jansz Nagel, 5 years old, and a daughter named Styntje [Christina] Janzen Nagel, 2-1/2 years old. Fytje Jans (Schutt) is to receive 150 guilders. The other two each 75 guilders." The Holland Society Year Book, 1901, lists conveyances of land, 1665-1672, including: "Nagel, Jan (widow of) to Asser Levy (Jew)."

Grietje m. (3rd) to Barent GERRITSEN Van Swol/Van Flaesbeck, on 11 Mar 1658. A New Amsterdam city map made in 1660 showed Grietje was still living on Hoogh Straet. One of their neighbors on Hoogh had been Jochem CALYER who died in 1658, leaving a widow Magdalena WAEL and five children. She remarried to Gysbert Teunison VAN BARENDT and moved with him to Bushwick. By the following year the family moved across the river to Brooklyn, a small settlement on the Long Island shore south of Greenpoint, where the Calyers and Grietje's family continued their association. Grietje became very feeble in her last years and died by April 1671. Barent, left with the children, remarried on 11 April 1671 to Marritje HENDRICKS. They were listed as members of the New York DRC in 1686. Grietje and Barent had five children.


MAGDALENA b. circa 1636

Magdalena m. (1st) to Cornelius HENDRICKSEN Van Dort, (AKA Cornelius CAPER, the nickname referring to his trade as a pirate or privateer). They had one daughter, Maria, who was baptized as 'Marritje' on 4 February 1654. The witnesses were Jan VIGNE and Grietje DIRCKS. Cornelius was killed by Indians at New Amsterdam on 15 Sep 1655. Less than two months later, the New Amsterdam Orphans' Court reported on 9 Nov 1655: "Cornelis Hendricx Van Dort died leaving widow and minor. Madaleene Dircx his widow. He had no other relatives in the country. Jan Vinge, a relative of the widow [her uncle], and Hendrick Kip, an old burgher, at her request appointed guardians. Jan Vinge refused." The matter was settled on 16 Nov 1655: "Madaleen Dircx, widow of Cornelis Hend. Van Dort requests to have appointed as guardians, Abraham Verplanck and Andries De Haes, which is allowed."

Magdalena m. (2nd) to Herman (Hendricksen) ROSENKRANZ (b. 1612 in Bergen, Norway), in March 1657. (The Holland Society Year Book, 1900, stated they registered their marriage on 28 Mar 1657: "1657. March 28. Madalena Dircks, widow of Hendr. Van Dordt, decd, about to marry Haring Hendricksen, of Bergen in Norwav. She has one minor child by her deceased husband, named Maria Cornells, now about three years old. Sets apart for her child 500 Carolus guilders. Mortgages her house and lot at New Amsterdam, where she lives, next to Evert Duyckingh's." Interestingly, the NYGBS, in their listing of marriages of the New Amsterdam DRC, reports: "den 3 Mar 1657, Herman Hendrickszen, van Bergen in Nordwegen, en Magdaleen Dircks, wid van Cornelius Caper." )

They had nine children. Magdalena was also known as The Flying Angel. Follow that link - you'll find some pretty good reasons for that nickname.

Magdalena's children were:

Maria CORNELIS....baptized 4 Feb 1654, daughter of Cornelius HENDRICKSEN Van Dort, m. Leendert COOL (b. ca. 1653) in 1672 at Esopus, Ulster Co., NY

Alexander ROSENKRANS b: early 1658, England or Holland; d: Aft 1726
married Marritjen Depuy on Dec 11, 1713. She was b: 1681 Kingston,Ulster Co.,NY; d: Aft 1726, Father: Moses DEPUY Mother: Maria WYNKOOP (d/o Cornelius)

Annetje ROSENKRANS b: Aug 27, 1662 Esopus, Ulster Co.,NY; d: Abt 1663

Rachel ROSENKRANS b: Oct 21, 1663 Esopus, Ulster Co.,NY
married Gysbert VAN GARDEN about 1679. Gysbert was born about 1655 at Albany, Albany Co., NY [other reports state it was Marbletown, Ulster Co.,NY], son of Albert VAN GARDEN and Aeltje WIGGERS, and died before 1720 in Rochester, Monroe Co., New York. Per a Rosenkrans researcher, their eleven children between 1680-1709 were:

Harmanus ROSENKRANS b: May 2, 1666

Anna ROSENKRANS b: 1667
married Humphrey DAVENPORT, Apr 18, 1684

Hendrick ROSENKRANS b: 1670 d: Aft 1721
married [1st] Annetje VREDENBERG, 1697 [b: Abt 1675; d: Bef Oct 26, 1721]
married [2nd] Antje DELVA, 26 Oct 1721 [b: Abt 1675]
Father: Anthony DELVA Mother: Jannetie Pietersen HILLEBRANTS

Christina ROSENKRANS b: Abt 1671 Kingston, Ulster Co., NY d: Aft 1726 at Monroe Co.,Pa.
married Cornelis Hendricksen CORTRIGHT, 26 Dec 1701
[ b: Abt Nov 3, 1680 Mombackes, Ulster Co., NY; d: Aft 1726 Monroe Co.,Pa]
In 1726 they moved to Minisink area, Monroe Co.,PA
Father: Hendrick Jansen CORTRIGHT Mother: Catherine Hansen WEBBER

Dirk ROSENKRANS b: 1672
married Wyntjie KIERSTEDE, 6 Sep 1702 [b: Abt 1675]
Father: Roeloff KIERSTEDE Mother: Ilke ROOSA

Sarah ROSENKRANS b: 1674 d: Aft Jun 17, 1726

SARAH b. circa 1639

m. unknown; Sarah was an accomplice in her sister Magdalena's mischief, and sponsored at least one of her children.


RACHEL bapt. 9 Sep 1641

Her baptism was witnessed by Abraham Isaac VERPLANCK, Laurens PIETERSZEN and Adriana VAN TIENHOVEN. She m. Jan LEQUIER () on 11 Nov 1663. His name was probably a contraction of "L' Esquire" - their marriage record named him "Jan Escuyer de Parys." Jan, formerly of Paris, arrived in New Amsterdam on 19 Jun 1658 on the "Brownfish." [Holland Society Year Book, 1902] On the same ship was Ensign Dirck SCHMITT of the West India Company. Jan is found next, enrolled in Ensign SCHMITT's company, up the Hudson River at Esopus on 16 Mar 1660. On 28 Feb 1663 Jan patented for a grant of land in Bushwick. In November he and Rachel were married.

They lived in Bushwick and owned about 20 morgens (40 acres) of land a little further north in Newtown, where their oldest son eventually made his home. On 1 Feb 1664, Jan received permission to have Abraham JANSEN, a carpenter, erect a mill on Mespath Kill (Newtown Creek). On 3 Apr 1664, "John Lequier of Paris" was appointed magistrate of Bushwick. He was listed as "Ensign Jan Lequie" on the rolls of Captain Joost KOCKHUYT's foot company of Bushwick in 1686. [Information on Jan from the St. Nicholas Society Genealogical Record, Vol. IV, p. 178]

On 19 Nov 1682, Rachel participated in the Flatbush DRC baptism of "Grietje, child of Lourens Corneliz [KOECK], Margritie Barends [FLAESBECK] [witnesses:] Jean Parys, Rachel Dirks." 1706 land records showed Jan owned 108 acres, and a mill and 25 acres. Rachel lived at least until September 1705, when she was listed in Jan's will. He died in 1713. They had ten known children. [Descendant Notes: A Hanna LEQUIER m. John OSTERBURG on "Tuesday after the 19th Trinity 1739" at the Lutheran Church of NY. An Arientje LEQUIER m. Johan ROSEVELD Jr. on 8 Nov 1746 at the Flatbush Dutch Reformed Church. An Elizabeth LEQUIER m. Dominicus VAN DER VEER Jr. at Flabush on 2 Jul 1748. There was another marriage on 2 Jul 1750, between Abraham LEQUIER and Cath. COLJER (CALYER?), followed by a baptism for Jacobus, son of 'Abm. Liquir' and 'Cath. Coljer' on 18 Feb 1753, both at the Flatbush DRC. There is an undated report of a marriage between an Abraham LEQUIER and Maria SEBRING.]


VOLKERT DIRCKS bapt. 15 Nov 1643

  Volkert's baptism in the Dutch Reformed Church in New Amsterdam was witnessed by step-grandfather Jan Jansen DAMEN, Philip GREAR, Maria PHILIPS and (boo-hiss!) uncle Cornelis VAN TIENHOVEN, whose title "Secretaris" appears in the record of the event. He was raised at Smit's Vly, and sometime after 1646 moved across the East River to their new farm house at Noorman's Kill. His family may not have settled there permanently until the mid-1650's, after the Indian wars subsided. In 1667 he contracted with his father to work 200 acres of this farm, in exchange for eventually receiving title to the land. Volkert married Annetje PHILLIPS about 1668. Her father was Phillip LANGELANS, who sailed from the Netherlands to New Amsterdam in 1659 on the ship "Faith" with his wife and two daughters. The other daughter was Marie, who married Grietje Dircks' son Jurian NAGEL. Jurian's aunt Annetje was thus also his sister-in-law, and Volkert's nephew was also his brother-in-law.

  When the Dutch recaptured New York from the English in 1673, Volkert became a magistrate of Bushwick under the short-lived Dutch authority. The English and Dutch concluded a treaty in 1674 that returned New York to English control. His name then appears on the 1675 and 1676 Assessment Rolls in Boswyck as Volkert Dierckse. In 1677 he was listed as a member of Dominie Van Zuuren's church, and in 1686 was commissioned lieutenant of militia [p. 147 of Cal. of Eng. Man.]. In the 1682 baptism of his daughter Lydia at the Flatbush DRC, his name was recorded as "Folkert Dircksen" and that of his wife was "Annitje Flippsen."

  Volkert appeared on the 1683 Rate List of Bushwyck as Volkert Dircksen (assessed taxes for 200 acres). On 10 Aug 1684 he witnessed the baptism of niece Lisbeth, daughter of Peter Schamp and Janetie Dirks of Bushwick, at the Reformed Dutch Church of Flatbush. On 21 Nov 1686 the NY DRC showed a baptism for: "Jacop. Joost Dulje, Madleen Delefeebre, parents [witnesses:] Folkert Dircksen, Elisabeth Lodowycks." He sold some of his land in 1685 to Peter PRAA, and shows up again on a land patent in 1687. In that same year he was listed on the roster at Bushwick when he took the mandatory oath of allegiance to England. On 9 Sep 1688 Volkert witnessed at the baptism of granddaughter Antie, daughter of Cornelius Cortelyou and Neltje Volkers, at Flatbush. He died before the Kings County census in 1698. Based on the participants and description of the 1689 land transaction between Volkert's brother Jacob and son Dirck, he may already have died by July 1689.

  Many of Volkert's children moved to New Jersey after his death. It is also likely that his wife Annetje went with them, as an undated (approx. 1710) map of the Harlingen tract in Somerset County, NJ, shows the adjoining properties of "Anna Volkerse, Claus Volkerse, Dirck Volkerse and D. Volkerse" [the last entry may be son Philip, with the initial P miscopied as a D, but the evidence is that Dirck owned two lots there].

See the New Jersey page for further information on Volkert's descendants


JACOB b. circa 1646

  It appears that Jacob was less successful than his siblings, as his property amounted to about a quarter of what each of the rest had. On the 'Assessment Roll of the Real and Personal Property in Boswyck, made up on the 19th August, 1675' (when he was about 29 years old), he was listed as:

  Dierckse, Jabecq: 1 poll, 1 horse, 1 ditto of 3 yrs, 1 cow, 1 sheep, 5 morgans of land...53. 10 pounds

  However, a year later he had doubled his land holdings, for on the 'Assessment Roll of Boswyck made up 23 Septemb. 1676' he was recorded as:

  Dierckse, Jabecq 1 poll 2 horses 1 do of 1 yr 2 sheep 10 morgans land 65 18

  Jacob's appearance on assessment rolls Boswyck in 1683 showed a possible reversal of fortune:

Dirckx, Jacob: 1 poll, 1 horse, 7 morgans of land 44.

  His name also showed up on a protest against the salary of Rev. Dominie POLHEMUS. The last record of him was in 1689 when he sold property to his brother's son Dirck:

"17th July, 1st year of William and Mary [1689], Jacob Dirckse by and with consent of Barent Flacxbeeck, Pieter Schaimpe, Jurian Nagel, Hendricus Defforeest, William Aertsen and William Huddleston conveys property in Bushwick to Dirck Folkert."

July 17 1st year of William and Mary, Purchased from Jacob Dirckse land at Bushwick, bounded East South and west by land of widow Folkert."

[Kings Co. Deeds, 1:63-MsRec 264]
It is unknown whether he married. He did not appear on the 1698 census.


ARIANTJE b. 1 Aug 1650

Ariantje (Adriantje) was baptised at the New Amsterdam DRC on 21 Aug 1650. The witnesses included Jan VINGE, Claes CORSZEN, Lysbeth CREGIERS and Aefje VAN TIENHOVEN. She was probably named after her grandmother Adrienne Cuvelier ("Ariantje Cuvilje" in Dutch). In DRC records she is also listed as Marritie DIRCX or DIRKS. She m. Carel HUYSMAN (Charles HOUSEMAN) about 1675. They moved to New Jersey by 1680. Carel was listed at a DRC baptism in New York in 1703. They had five children. (There was another "Adriantje Dircks" in New Amsterdam, who m. Jan De Vries on 10 Dec 1679.)


JANNETJE (Jennekin, Janneken) bapt. 7 Dec 1653

Her baptism was witnessed by Abraham VERPLANCK, Pieter JANSZEN Noorman and Marritie ABRAHAMS. She m. Pierre (Peter) DES CHAMPS (1636-1694) on 7 Oct 1674. He was listed as 'Pieter Scamp of Bushwick, a soldier from Gendt' (Ghent, Belgium?) and she as 'Jannetje Dirks from Noortman's Kill.' [Early Settlers of Kings County, Long Island, NY, by Teunis Bergen, p. 248] They lived on the north side of Dirck Volckertszen 's property, on ten morgens (20 acres) he transferred to them on April 26, 1677. Dirck had previously given Jennekin an adjoining meadowland. When he took the 1687 loyalty oath, 'Pieter Schamp' of 'Boswijck' reported he had been in the New World for 15 years.

  Peter died by 1694. A SCHAMP family site by Robert Brian Stewart tells us that Jannetje "participated in the troubles of the times and was brought before the court on 9 January 1694 in Bushwick, Kings County, New York. Apparently, Rachel, the wife of John Luger, and the 'widow Jonica Schamp' of Bushwick were presented before the court of Sessions for having on 24 January previous assaulted Captain Peter Praa. (This Peter Praa was also the purchaser of her father's property?) In their assault, they tore him by the hair as he stood at the head of his company in Boswyck. They were heavily fined and released after making due confession of their fault. (Records of Court Sessions, in Old Road Book, City Hall of Brooklyn, p. 25)." On the 1698 census she was shown as a widow with six children. She did not appear on the 1706 property lists in Bushwick.