The Daniel Boone Connection

Line of Descent:
Dirck VOLCKERTSZEN and Christine VIGNE
Volkert DIRCKS and Annetje PHILIPS
Jacobus VOLKERTSEN (Capt. James Fulkerson) and Mary VAN HOOK

Extract from the Missouri Historical Review, Vol. 23, page 537:

"Daniel Boone emigrated from Kentucky with many of his friends including Isaac Fulkerson."

  ISAAC FULKERSON was the seventh son of Capt. James FULKERSON, born August 9, 1776. Capt. James married Mary VAN HOOK in 1764 and settled his family in Washington County, Virginia. He commanded a company in CAMPBELL'S Regiment during the American Revolution, and took part in the Battle of King's Mountain in which the British were defeated on October 7, 1780. When Isaac was fourteen, his 23-year-old brother Jacob was killed by Indians while he was out searching for wild horses.

  Isaac married Rebecca NEIL, of Lee County, Virginia, in 1799. They lived in Kentucky for a time, then moved west with Daniel BOONE in 1814. They settled in Darst Bottom, St. Charles Co., Missouri.

(It must be pointed out that Daniel BOONE was 80 years old in 1814. He had followed his son, Daniel Morgan BOONE to Missouri in 1799, when it was under Spanish rule. After the Louisiana Purchase he lost his Spanish land titles and returned to Kentucky. BOONE died in St. Charles County, Missouri in September of 1820, aged 86.)

  For those not familiar with Daniel BOONE, you'll find a brief biography from the 1911 Encyclopędia Britannica here or a well-written Wikipedia article here. Those seeking more detailed genealogical or historical information might consider visiting the Boone Society site.

Another quote from the Missouri Historical Review:

"Boone HAYS (grandson of Daniel BOONE) helped construct the Fulkerson stone house still standing. It was built with small windows near the ceilings and massive doors to guard against the Indians. The cellar was very deep, had two floors and was built to store provisions against a siege. Here during the fall months huge barrels of buttermilk were stored for drinking and making biscuits during the winter; and the temperature was such that it kept perfectly. Wine, malt, spirits, sauerkraut, jerked deer, buffalo tongue, bear bacon, and a thousand other things were stored there also."

The nine children of Isaac and Rebecca FULKERSON were:

  1. William Neil.....b. 1800 in VA, d. 28 May 1846 in St. Charles Co., MO
  2. James Preston.......b. 1802 in VA, d. 2 Apr 1852 in Port Lavaca, TX. He married Dorothea Louisa STEINBECK on 7 Jan 1830 at Cape Girardeau, MO. She was born 19 Dec 1812, the daughter of Daniel F. STEINBECK and Agatha LORIMIER (or LORIMER?) Dorothea died young, on 19 Apr 1852, just 17 days after the death of her husband. Their seven children were:

    • Frances Catherine (Fannie)....b. 5 Nov 1837, d. 1924 in New Orleans, LA; m. Jordon Thomas AYCOCK, 3 Jun 1857; one daughter, Carrie White (Mary) AYCOCK
    • Agatha Rebecca....................b. 14 Aug 1831 at Cape Girardeau, MO, d. 1869
    • Adeline Maria.......................b. 14 Nov 1834, m. Eugene Shelly DETWEILER on 9 Jun 1858 in St. Charles Co., MO
    • George Frederick..................b. 26 Sep 1842 at Cape Girardeau, MO, d. 1862 (Civil War?)
    • James Preston Jr.......................b. 15 Feb 1840 at Cape Girardeau, MO, d. 1869
    • Thomas John........................b. 23 Jan 1844 at Cape Girardeau, MO, d. 23 Sep 1852
    • Minnie A...............................b. 17 Oct 1848 at Cape Girardeau, MO, m. Pierre J. A. MICHEL on 2 Mar 1868

  3. Isaac D......b. 1813, Confederate Navy Captain
  4. Peter H.............married Martha ________
  5. Frederick..........b. 1811 in VA, married Kate BERRY
  6. Virginia.....b. 1804 in VA, m. Caleb BERRY abt. 1823 in Callaway Co., MO
  7. Bathsheba V........married John A. BURT on 27 Feb 1827 in St. Charles Co., MO
  8. Margaret A.......b. 1814 in Femme Osage, St. Charles Co., MO married Gordon H. WALLCE on 19 Nov 1835 in St. Charles Co., MO
  9. Catherine H......b. 12 Apr 1812 in Rockingham Co., VA, m. Capt. Shapley ROSS (b. 1811, d. 1889) on 14 Nov 1830 in St. Charles Co., MO and later became The Governor's Mom