or Coat of Arms


The FULKERSON family that arose in the United States and Canada does NOT have a family crest.

Anyone who tries to sell you anything concerning a FULKERSON family crest
is practicing pure bunkum and is only interested in taking your money.

  There are TWO indisputable reasons why we do not have a family crest:
  1. First, the Scandinavian VOLCKERTSZEN name from which our Fulkerson name evolved was a PATRONYMIC name. The surname of his children was DIRCKS. We didn't have a continuous family surname that we can attribute to European origins

  2. Second, our family adopted the English "Fulkerson" spelling more than a century after we came to America.

  NOTE: Our ancestor Dirck Volckertszen de Noorman came to America with a sort of family symbol. He used this symbol as his "signature" on several documents dating from 1651, 1658 and 1661. Back in the 1990s, two Norwegian genealogists interpreted Dirck's mark as a bumerke, which was a type of family symbol -- similar to a brand -- used in 16th-century Norway. (See Dirck's 'signatures' -- perhaps that little bumerke is the very status symbol you were seeking!)

Examples of some IRRELEVANT web sites offering the Fulkerson coat of arms, merchandise and more:
  • House of a rarely-seen display of honesty, it acknowledges that the "Origin Displayed" is Scottish and asks, "Where did the Scottish Fulkerson family come from?" Be aware that this page refers only to the surname whose spelling we borrowed, and there is no actual family connection for 99.98% of North American Fulkersons. (If you live in California and don't know where North America is, feel welcome to visit the site and buy everything there....just call it karma.)

  • Coat of Arms Store...."We have over One Million family crests on file. If your Surname is not in our files, Order anyways and we will research it ..... You will only be charged if we find your Coat of Arms...Our Family Crests are of the highest quality & we have the best prices anywhere on the web." Even if you only skimmed through the upper part of this page, you're now smart enough not to fall for these slick promises. And you just saved $19 for an e-mailed image of the 'coat of arms' -- the same Scottish heraldic image that's visible (and free) on the site above.

  • Free Coats of's free until you get halfway down the page. Then you find out they want at least $5.00.

  • Family Crests - Coat of Arms Store....their e-mailed images of coats of arms cost $26.99. And they had trouble spelling 'genealogy.' Their cluster of web businesses include "Family Crest Search," "Coat of Arms Rings" and "Family Crest Rings" -- and all of those sites are 'free starter pages' from GoDaddy.Com. The mailing address is a Spokane strip mall that's anchored by a Subway and a massage parlor.

  • Family English site run by blokes too lazy to alphabetize beyond the third letter of your surname. Clicking on 'Fulkerson' produces a '404' error.

  • Coats of Arms ....Their opening page lists the 10,000 most common coats of arms that they sell. Get ready to do some heavy-duty scrolling.

  • Historical you with the exciting news that, "We have the name 'Fulkerson' in our database!" It then goes on to tell you about the Scottish origins, etcetera. If it really applied to you, you'd likely have first or second cousins surnamed Fulkerson living in the UK.

  • All Family 'F' page jumps from Fulker to Fulkes, virtually ignoring the lucrative Fulkerson market. Or maybe they know we know.

  • Make Your Coat of Arms....if you STILL haven't satisfied your desire to own a coat of arms, you can create your own fictional coat of arms at this site.