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It was 1861. The outbreak of civil war. During the preceding 100 years, the FULKERSON family dispersed and emigrated to almost every state - north and south - and now would be divided just as the nation had been.

  This roster of 210 FULKERSONS who served in the Civil War is based on a variety of government and family records, individual unit rosters published on the Internet by Civil War buffs, and a recently-available resource, the National Park Service's Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System. In addition to these names, there are eleven Fulkersons, former slaves of Fulkerson families, who served in "colored" Union regiments.


US FlagNorth - 152
  1. 1st Lt. Abraham FULKERSON, Missouri, Co. G, 56th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry, listed on the African American Civil War Memorial in Washington, D.C.

  2. Cpl. Abram FULKERSON, Co. C, 114th Illinois Infantry - prisoner at Andersonville

  3. Pvt. Abram FULKERSON, Co. K, 3rd Regiment, New York Infantry

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  4. Pvt. Albert FULKERSON, Co. G, 145th Ohio Infantry

  5. Pvt. Albert Joshua FULKERSON, Co. D, 81st Indiana Infantry

  6. Pvt. Alexander Cowden FULKERSON, Co. A, 76th Pennsylvania Infantry. Enlisted October 1, 1861 from Lawrence Co., PA; discharged November 28, 1864. Also listed on a roster for "Signal Corps, US Volunteers"

  7. Pvt. Alfred A. FULKERSON, Co. C, 35th Kentucky Infantry. Enlisted 9 July 1863, mustered in on 3 Oct 1863 at Owensboro, KY, deserted on 5 Oct 1863 [per the Report of the Adjutant General of the state of Kentucky]

  8. Alfred B. FULKERSON (of Liberty Twp., Tioga Co.), 207th Pennsylvania Infantry

  9. Pvt. Amos A. FULKERSON, Co. L, First Indiana Cavalry Regiment

  10. Pvt. Amos Newton FULKERSON, Co. M, 22nd Indiana Infantry Regiment NOTE: There was also an "Amos FULKERSON" recorded as a permanent-party Garrison Guard, stationed in Indiana.

  11. 1st Lt. Andrew J. FULKERSON, Co. G, 19th Regiment & Co. H, 29th Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry
    POW - listed in the 11 May 1863 edition of Richmond Daily Dispatch as taken at Chancellorsville and transported to Richmond
  12. Cpl. B.F. FULKERSON, Nevill's Regiment, Missouri Home Guard

  13. Pvt. Benjamin FULKERSON, Co. H, 167th Ohio Infantry

  14. Corporal Benjamin F. FULKERSON of Bellevue, OH, Co A., 55th Ohio Infantry - Enlisted 28 Sep 1861, was a POW (at either the Florence Stockade, SC or Salisbury Prison, NC), DIED along with hundreds of other former POWs on 31 Mar 1865 in the burning of the steamer General Lyon while returning home

  15. Sgt. Benjamin F. FULKERSON, Co. G, 25th Kentucky Infantry

  16. Sgt. Benjamin Thomas FULKERSON, Cos. G and K, 17th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry

  17. Pvt. C.F. FULKERSON, Co. L, 6th Illinois - DIED 19 Feb 1864 while prisoner at Danville, VA

  18. Pvt. Caleb FULKERSON, Co. E, 194th Regiment, New York Infantry

  19. Pvt. Calvin Marion FULKERSON, Co. B, 27th Indiana Infantry (Daviess County Rangers) - DIED 26 Dec 1862 of typhoid at Harpers Ferry, VA

  20. Pvt. Charles FULKERSON, 16th Regiment, New York Heavy Artillery

  21. Pvt. Charles FULKERSON, Co. E, 159th Regiment, Ohio Infantry

  22. Charles FULKERSON, Co. E, 98th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry

  23. Pvt. Charles D. FULKERSON, Cos. D and K, 148th Regiment, New York Infantry - Reported in the 17 Jun 1864 edition of the Geneva (NY) Gazette as being wounded in the right shoulder at the Battle of Gaines Farm, near Richmond, VA, 2 Jun 1864 - DIED, buried at Alexandria National Cemetery near Washington, DC, on 12 Nov 1864, Plot 2813

  24. Charles H. FULKERSON (age 18, Grand Rapids), Cos. B & E, 2nd Michigan Cavalry

  25. Pvt. Charles Thomas FULKERSON, Co. L., 6th Regiment, Illinois Cavalry, enlisted from Shawneetown, IL on 15 Oct 1861   NOTE: Elsewhere listed as Charles T. and Thomas FULKERSON

  26. Pvt. Charles W. FULKERSON (of Luzerne County), Co. D, 61st Pennsylvania Volunteers

  27. Christopher Columbus FULKERSON (age 27, St. Joseph Co.), Battery D, 1st Michigan Light Artillery, buried at Riverside Cem., Three Rivers, MI

  28. Pvt. Daniel FULKERSON, Co. B, 53rd Regiment, Indiana Infantry. A Perry Co., IN roster of veterans stated he had a "gunshot wound in right hand, Battle of Chickamaunga"

  29. Pvt. Daniel S. FULKERSON, Co. K, 1st Veteran Regiment of Cavalry, New York Volunteers, enlisted at Seneca Falls, NY as a farrier  
    NOTE: Possibly the same as the Pvt. Daniel S. FULKERSON listed in Co. K, 50th Regiment, New York Engineers

  30. Daniel FULKERSON, Pennsylvania, engaged in recruiting during the war

  31. Pvt. Darius FULKERSON, Co. G, 211th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers

  32. David FULKERSON, Pennsylvania

  33. Pvt. David FULKERSON, Co. C., 52nd Wisconsin Infantry, 5 Mar 1865-28 Jul 1866

  34. Pvt. David FULKERSON, Co. K, 26th Regiment, Iowa Infantry

  35. Corporal Edmund FULKERSON, Co. D., 53rd Pennsylvania - Leg amputated due to gunshot wound at the battle of Seven Pines, during the siege of Richmond; soon afterward DIED at Philadelphia, PA

  36. Pvt. Edward W. FULKERSON, Co. C (Ontario County), 148th New York Volunteers

  37. Sgt. Edwin V. FULKERSON, Co. A, 32nd Regiment, New York Infantry...from a listing of Kootenai Co., Idaho, Civil War veterans

  38. Sgt. Elijah Hamilton FULKERSON, Cos. B and F, 7th Regiment, Missouri State Militia Cavalry

  39. Pvt. Elijah S. FULKERSON, Co. C, 40th Illinois Infantry

  40. Pvt. Enoch FULKERSON, Co. K, 98th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, 1864-65

  41. Pvt. Ezra Blodget FULKERSON, Co. E, 2nd Regt. Infantry, California Volunteers

  42. Pvt. Francis Kendrick FULKERSON, Cos. G and K, 17th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry, and Co. G, 25th Regiment, Kentucky Infantry

  43. Pvt. Franklin FULKERSON, Co. G, 30th Regiment, Indiana Infantry

  44. Capt. Frederick De Bow FULKERSON, 5th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry - (Co. H, 1862-1863; Co. I, 1863-65)  SeeThe 1864 Brandy Raid

  45. Pvt. George G. FULKERSON, Co. B, 148th New York Volunteers - from Yates County, DIED of disease

  46. Lt. George Russell FULKERSON (of Adrian, MI), 14th Michigan Infantry & Co. D, 30th Michigan Infantry

  47. Pvt. George W. FULKERSON, Co. B, 198th Regiment, Ohio Infantry.

  48. Pvt. George W. FULKERSON, Co. H, 4th Regiment, Wisconsin Cavalry

  49. Corporal Harvey FULKERSON, Co. I, 2nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry - - Captured at Chickamauga on 19 Sep 1863, DIED at Andersonville on 5 Jul 1864

  50. Pvt. Henry FULKERSON, Co. B, 2nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry

  51. Pvt. Henry S. FULKERSON, Co. C., 76th New York Volunteers (Otsego/Cortland counties), enlisted 5 Nov 1861 - DIED - killed in action 28 Aug 1862 at Gainesville, VA, bur. at Asbury Cem., Tompkins Co., NY

  52. Pvt. Henry Theodore FULKERSON, Co. H, 77th Pennsylvania Infantry - DIED 9 Apr 1865 nr. Nashville, TN

  53. Pvt. Hezekiah FULKERSON, Co. K, 21st Regmt., Kentucky Volunteers

  54. Pvt. Hiram E. FULKERSON, Co. A, 76th Regmt. Pennsylvania Volunteers - DIED while on picket duty near Petersburg, VA.
  55. Pvt. Isaac FULKERSON, Co. C, 14th Regiment, Indiana Infantry (Terre Haute or Indianapolis)

  56. Pvt. Isaac FULKERSON, Co. E, 44th Regiment, Indiana Infantry (Ft. Wayne)

  57. Pvt. Isaac H. FULKERSON, Co. K, 21st Kentucky Infantry

  58. Pvt. Isaac FULKERSON, Co. A, 27th Kentucky Infantry - DIED

  59. Sergeant J. G. FULKERSON, Co. A, 134th Pennsylvania Infantry. Enlisted from Lawrence Co., PA on August 9, 1862; discharged May 26, 1863.
  60. Pvt. J. Thornton FULKERSON, Co. A, 76th Pennsylvania Infantry. Enlisted from Lawrence Co., PA on October 1, 1861; discharged September 2, 1862, on surgeon's certificate.

  61. Jacob H. FULKERSON, 10th Illinois Cavalry

  62. Pvt. James A. FULKERSON, Guard at Barracks Three, Fort Douglas War Prison, Chicago, Illinois

  63. Sgt. James B. FULKERSON, Co. G, 9th Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry

  64. Pvt. James C. FULKERSON, Co. B, 19th Indiana (the "Iron Brigade") - DIED 8 Sep 1861 at Washington

  65. Pvt. James D. FULKERSON, Co. K, 6th Regiment, Missouri Cavalry

  66. Pvt. James D. FULKERSON, Co. B, 12th Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry

  67. Pvt. James H. FULKERSON, Co. F, 4th Kentucky Infantry (from Mercer County)

  68. Pvt. James H. FULKERSON, Co. B, 1st Battalion, 8th Kentucky Volunteer Cavalry Regiment (org. in Logan County), 13 Sep 1862- 17 Sep 1863, and in Co. B, 30th Kentucky Mounted Infantry, 1864-65

  69. Pvt. James M. FULKERSON, Co. H, 80th Regiment, Ohio Infantry   NOTE: also recorded as Josiah M. FULKERSON

  70. Captain James Ridgeway FULKERSON, 45th & 50th Regiments, Missouri Infantry

  71. Pvt. James W. FULKERSON, Co. B, 8th Cavalry, Pennsylvania Volunteers, enlisted 27 Feb 1864 - DIED of illness 2 May 1865

  72. 2nd Lt. James W. FULKERSON, Cos. C and E, 8th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and Co. A, 136th Ohio Wounded at Antietam

  73. Pvt. James W. FULKERSON, Co. C, 197th Regiment, Ohio Infantry

  74. Pvt. Jasper FULKERSON, Co. F, 81st Regiment, Indiana Infantry. Enlisted 16 Aug 1862, discharged 24 Jan 1863.

  75. Pvt. Jeremiah FULKERSON, Co. E, 15th New Jersey Volunteer Infantry. Enlisted 6 Aug 1862 at the age of 20

  76. Pvt. Jesse C. FULKERSON, Co. D, 8th Regiment, Tennessee Cavalry

  77. Pvt. John FULKERSON, Co. K, 35th Regiment, Kentucky Infantry

  78. Pvt. John FULKERSON, Co. A, 3rd Regiment, Missouri State Militia Cavalry (NE Missouri)

  79. Pvt. John FULKERSON, Co. I, 6th Regiment, Missouri State Militia Cavalry (southern Missouri)

  80. Sgt. John A. FULKERSON, Co. B, 93rd Indiana - - DIED at Andersonville 14 Nov 1864 -marker #12012

  81. 2nd Lt. John A. FULKERSON, Co. C, 50th Regiment, Missouri Infantry

  82. Pvt. John A. FULKERSON (Luzerne Co., PA), Co. F, 53rd Pennsylvania Regiment, 23 Feb 1864-30 Jun 1865

  83. Pvt. John B. FULKERSON, Cos. G and I, 23rd Regiment, Ohio Infantry

  84. Pvt. John C. FULKERSON, Co. L, 2nd Regiment, Ohio Cavalry NOTE: Possibly the same person as the Pvt. John C. FULKERSON reported in the 9th Regiment, Ohio Cavalry

  85. Cpl. John E. FULKERSON, Co. K, 11th Michigan Cavalry, buried at Riverside Cem., Three Rivers, MI   NOTE: Possibly the same as the Cpl. John E. FULKERSON reported in Co. A, 8th Regiment, Michigan Cavalry

  86. Pvt. John G. FULKERSON, Cos. E and K, 32nd Regiment, New York Infantry, enlisted 6 Jun 1861 - DIED of disease at Alexandria, VA on 12 Dec 1861, bur. at Asbury Cem., Tompkins Co., NY

  87. Pvt. John H. FULKERSON, Co. K, 33rd Regiment, Missouri Infantry   NOTE: Name also recorded as John F. FULKERSON

  88. Lieutenant John Richard Avis FULKERSON, Co. G, 45th Missouri Infantry

  89. Sgt. John Van Buren FULKERSON, Smallwood's Company, Scouts and Guides, Missouri Cavalry (3 months, 1861) and Co. F, 7th Regiment, Missouri State Militia Cavalry

  90. 2nd Lt. John W. FULKERSON, Co. , 45th Regiment, Missouri Infantry

  91. Pvt. Joseph FULKERSON, Co. H, 56th Regiment, Illinois Infantry (Mechanic Fusileers)

  92. Pvt. Joseph FULKERSON, Co. K, First Veteran Regiment of Cavalry, New York Volunteers, enlisted 10 Aug 1863 at Seneca Falls, NY

  93. Pvt. Joseph FULKERSON, Co. A, 33rd Regiment, New York Infantry

  94. Pvt. Joseph FULKERSON, Bennett's Jamison's Company, Union Light Guard, Ohio Cavalry

  95. Pvt. Joseph A. FULKERSON, Co. I, 81st Regiment, New York Infantry

  96. Pvt. Joseph F. FULKERSON, Co. F., 7th Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry, age 26 at enlistment

  97. Pvt. Joshua J. FULKERSON, Co. H., 6th NY Artillery - DIED 1 Sept 1864, was buried at Arlington National Cemetery, Plot 8561 (that cemetery saw it's first burial a few months earlier, on 13 May 1864)

  98. Captain Joshua F. FULKERSON, Missouri Militia

  99. 1st Sgt. Josiah M. FULKERSON, Co. B, Marine Regiment, US Volunteers. Afterward designated as the 1st Regiment, Mississippi Marine Brigade Infantry, this unit served on the Union ram fleet on the Mississippi River.

  100. Pvt. Lewis FULKERSON, Co. K, 151st Regiment, Indiana Infantry   NOTE: Possibly the same person as Pvt. Lewis D. FULKERSON, Co. C, 5th Regiment, Veteran Reserve Corps (Indiana).

  101. Pvt. Lewis FULKERSON, Co. E, 87th Regiment, Ohio Infantry and Co. E, 2nd Regiment, Ohio Heavy Artillery   POW when 87th surrendered at Harper's Ferry, 15 Sep 1862; paroled on following day.

  102. Lewis D. FULKERSON, Co. I, 2nd Michigan Volunteer Infantry

  103. Pvt. Loriston A. FULKERSON, Co. A, 11th Michigan Infantry, from Three Rivers, MI - DIED 15 Feb 1862 nr. Bardstown, KY; age about 26, buried at Lebanon, KY.

  104. Pvt. Louis D. FULKERSON, Cos. A and L, 4th Michigan Cavalry

  105. Lieutenant Martin FULKERSON, Quartermaster of the 39th Kentucky Infantry, a regiment raised at Peach Orchard, KY between Nov 1862 and Jan 1863. He resigned due to casualty on 17 Jun 1863.

  106. Michael D. FULKISON, Cos. A and C, 11th Regiment, US Infantry (Regular Army)

  107. Pvt. Milton FULKERSON, Co. E, 154th Regiment, Indiana Infantry

  108. Corporal Nelson FULKERSON (of Liberty Twp., Tioga Co.), Co. A, 171st Pennsylvania Infantry, served 1861-65, promoted to Corporal, April 1, 1863

  109. Pvt. Norman FULKERSON, Co. K, 3rd Regiment, New York Infantry

  110. Pvt. Peter D. FULKERSON, Co. H, 6th Regiment, US Volunteer Infantry

  111. Pvt. Peter James FULKERSON, Missouri

  112. Cpl. Philip L. FULKERSON, Co. B, 22nd Regiment, Ohio Infantry

  113. Cpl. Phillip FULKERSON, Co. F, 81st Regiment, Indiana Infantry. Enlisted 16 Aug 1862, mustered out on 13 Jun 1865

  114. Pvt. Richard C. FULKERSON, Co. C, 12th Regiment, Missouri State Militia Cavalry, and Co. H, 5th Regiment, Missouri State Militia Cavalry

  115. Pvt. Richard H. FULKERSON, Co. K, 1st Regiment, Illinois Cavalry

  116. Pvt. Richard H. FULKERSON, Battery B, 2nd Regiment, Missouri Light Artillery   Probably the same Richard H. FULKERSON reported in the 1st Regiment, US Reserve Corps, Missouri Home Guard

  117. Pvt. R. H. FULKERSON, Co. F, 12th Pennsylvania Infantry. Enlisted from Lawrence Co., PA on April 25, 1861; discharged August 5, 1861.
  118. Pvt. S.M. FULKINSON of Owensboro, KY, Co. H, 4th Regiment, Kentucky Mounted Infantry - DIED 1 Jan 1865 while a prisoner at Andersonville, GA. Probably Sylvester M. FULKERSON

  119. Pvt. Samuel J. FULKERSON (of Pontiac, MI), Co. K, 3rd Michigan Infantry

  120. Pvt. Seymore R. FALKERSON of Co. H., 143rd New York Infantry, died...."mortally wounded at Peach Tree Ridge, GA, 20th July 1864"
  121. Pvt. Smith FULKERSON, Co. K, 1st New York Cavalry, Army of the Potomac.

  122. Pvt. J. Smith FULKERSON of Lawrence Co, PA. 9th Pennsylvania Reserves.

  123. Theodore FULKERSON, Co. H, 77th Infantry. Enlisted February 14, 1865 from Lawrence Co., PA; died in service
  124. Pvt. Theophilus FULKERSON, Cos. K and M, 1st Regiment, Missouri State Militia Cavalry

  125. Pvt. Thomas FULKERSON, Co. F, 81st Regiment, Indiana Infantry. Enlisted 16 Aug 1862, mustered out 13 Jun 1865

  126. Cpl. Thomas FULKERSON, Co. F, 7th Regiment, Missouri State Militia Cavalry

  127. Pvt. Thomas B. FULKERSON, Co. A, 122nd Regiment, Ohio Infantry

  128. Pvt. Thomas FULKERSON, Co. G, 211th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers

  129. Thomas Benton FULKERSON, Missouri

  130. Pvt. Thomas R. FULKERSON, Cos. E and L, 2nd Regiment, Indiana Cavalry

  131. Pvt. Thomas W. FULKERSON, Co. F, 11th Regiment, Indiana Infantry

  132. Capt. Unknown FULKERSON, of Henderson Co., KY - gunboat captain

  133. Pvt. Uriah P. FULKERSON, Co. A, 27th Kentucky Infantry

  134. Corporal W. FULKERSON, Co. K, 18th Ohio - DIED 16 Aug 1864

  135. Corporal W. FULKISON, Co. I, 2nd Ohio - DIED July 1864

  136. Capt. William FULKERSON, Co. G, 25th Regiment, Michigan Infantry (from Lockport, MI)

  137. Cpl. William FULKERSON, Co. B, 187th Regiment, New York Infantry (1864-1865)   NOTE: Possibly the same person as Pvt. William H. FULKERSON, Co. C, 8th Regiment, New York State Militia (3 months, 1862)

  138. Pvt. William FULKERSON, Co. B, 78th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

  139. Pvt. William A. FULKERSON, Co. E, 34th Ohio Volunteer Infantry - escaped from capture at Beverly, VA, 11 Jan 1865, reassigned to 36th Regiment, Ohio Infantry

  140. Cpl. William B. FULKERSON, Co. C, 114th Regiment, Illinois Infantry - DIED 30 Sep 1864

  141. Pvt. William F. FULKERSON, Co. C, 15th Regiment, Kansas Cavalry

  142. Pvt. William F. FULKERSON, Co. D and Battery H, 2nd Heavy Artillery, 112th Pennsylvania Volunteers. Enlisted February 27 1864. Promoted to Artificer, November 24, 1865; mustered out with Battery, January 29, 1866
    NOTE: The roster of the 151st Pennsylvania Regiment lists a Pvt. William F. FULKERSON who was captured at the Battle of Gettysburg on 1 Jul 1863.

  143. Pvt. William Isaac FULKERSON, Co. C, 14th Indiana (7 Jun-11 Oct 1861)

  144. Quartermaster Sergeant William J. FULKERSON, Co. F, 7th Regiment, Missouri State Militia Cavalry

  145. Pvt. William L. FULKERSON of Lawrence Co., PA.
  146. Pvt. William M. FULKERSON, Co. A, 27th Regiment, Kentucky Infantry

  147. Pvt. William M. FULKERSON, 184th Regiment, New York Infantry (1864-1865)

  148. Pvt. William Morrison FULKERSON, Co. D, 189th Regiment, New York Infantry (from Madison Co., NY) - DIED 29 Oct 1863

  149. Pvt. William P. FULKERSON, Co. E, 2nd Battalion, Missouri State Militia Cavalry

  150. Pvt. William T. FULKERSON, Co. D, 3rd Regiment, US Volunteer Infantry

  151. Pvt. William Wallace FULKERSON, Co. K, 3rd Regiment, New York Infantry Also recorded as Walllace W. FULKERSON

CSA Battle FlagSouth - 66
  1. Pvt. A.H. FULKERSON, Cos. E and H, 25th Texas Cavalry (3rd Texas Lancers) - DIED 23 Feb 1863, buried at Camp Butler Cemetery, Illinois

  2. Pvt. A.I. Polk FULKERSON, Co. C, 60th Tennessee Infantry Regiment

  3. Pvt. A.J. FULKERSON, Co. C, 60th Tennessee Infantry Regiment He was taken prisoner at Brig Black River Bridge on 17 May 1863, removed to the Union prison at Pea Patch Island in New Jersey, transferred to the hospital at Fort Delaware and DIED there on 30 Jun 1863. He was imprisoned with a relative who served in the same company, Thomas N. FULKERSON (see below) who died two months later.

  4. Colonel Abram FULKERSON, 19th & 63rd Tennessee Volunteer Infantry, wounded at Shiloh - captured 17 Jun 1864, imprisoned at Fort Delaware, Morris Island (among 600 Confederate officers used as a human shield during the battle of Charleston) and Fort Pulaski (under starvation rations in retaliation for conditions at Andersonville) until 25 Jul 1865

  5. Adam Marion FULKERSON, Musician, Co. E of Hurst's Regiment and Co. E., 4th Missouri Regiment - prisoner of war at Alton, Illinois

  6. Dr. Albert Preston FULKERSON, Asst. Surg., of Virginia, 16th Missouri Infantry

  7. Sergeant Major Arthur Armstrong FULKERSON, Co. F, 19th Tennessee Infantry - DIED leading a charge

  8. Pvt. C. E. FULKERSON, Co. B, 6th Missouri Cavalry

  9. 2nd Lt. Chatham Lee FULKERSON, Williams' Regiment, Missouri Cavalry

  10. Charles F. FULKERSON, Tennessee - his widow Virginia Gill Fulkerson made Confederate Pension application #W7059 in Montgomery County, TN

  11. Charles H.C. FULKERSON, Unknown - at Point Lookout Prison Camp, MD, Dec. 1863

  12. Cpl. Charles Thomas FULKERSON, Co. E, 49th Tennessee Volunteers - captured at fall of Fort Donnelson in 1862

  13. Pvt. Daniel FULKERSON, Clifton's Company, Barbiere's Cavalry Battalion, Armistead's Cavalry Brigade, District of Central Alabama

  14. Pvt. E.M. FULKERSON, Co. F, 50th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry

  15. 3rd Lt. Emmett B. FULKERSON, Captain T.A. Young's Company of Cavalry, 6th Division, Missouri State Guard. (His cemetery record [1906] states he served with Captain T.A. Young's Company of Cavalry, Parsons TX Brigade. The Federal Civil War roster places him in the Missouri State Guard and also in the 4th Regiment, Missouri Cavalry, whose history states it included former members of the Missouri State Guard)

  16. Pvt. F.M. FULKERSON, Co. C, 63rd Tennessee Infantry (also listed in Fain's Regiment, 74th Tennessee Infantry)

  17. Frederick FULKERSON, Missouri State Guard - DIED 18 Oct 1862

  18. Frederick Eberle FULKERSON, 1st Tennessee Cavalry

  19. Pvt. George FULKERSON, Co. C., 29th Tennessee Infantry - DIED July 1862 per "The Military Annals of Tennessee, Confederate" By John Berrien Lindsley (Published 1886).

  20. Captain George Hardin FULKERSON, 16th Mississippi Regiment, Featherston's Brigade - lost right arm at Fredericksburg, 13 Dec 1862

  21. Pvt. George W. FULKERSON, Co. B., 19th Tennessee Infantry - DIED January 1862 per "The Military Annals of Tennessee, Confederate" By John Berrien Lindsley (Published 1886)

  22. 1st Sgt. George W. FULKERSON, Co. G, 29th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry

  23. Pvt. Henry B. FULKERSON, Co. F, 60th Tennessee Infantry Regiment and (Crawford's) 79th Tennessee Infantry Regiment

  24. Corporal Horace S. FULKERSON, Louisiana - prisoner at New Orleans, Oct-Dec 1864

  25. Isaac FULKERSON, Missouri State Guard - DIED 27 Oct 1862

  26. Colonel Isaac FULKERSON, Lee's Army of Northern Virginia

  27. Pvt. Isaac FULKERSON, Co. A, 63rd Regiment, Tennessee Infantry and Fain's 74th Infantry

  28. Captain Isaac FULKERSON, Terry's Texas Rangers

  29. Captain Isaac D. FULKERSON, Confederate Navy, Missouri

  30. Pvt. Jacob J. FULKERSON, Army of Northern Virginia - was a POW but escaped after a short while

  31. Major Jacob Van Hook FULKERSON, Virginia

  32. Pvt. James FULKERSON, Co. C, 9th Infantry Regiment, Louisiana Volunteers ("Louisiana Tigers") - enlisted 27 May 1863, deserted 5 Oct 1863. NOTE: This company is also listed as Co. C, 1st Regiment, Louisiana Cavalry ("West Feliciana Parish")

  33. James FULKERSON, Co. K of Burford's 19th Regiment, Texas Cavalry.NOTE: Discovered thru a state record in which his family was listed as indigent due to his absence during the war.

  34. Pvt. James FULKERSON, Co. F, 60th Tennessee Mounted Infantry Regiment (later the 79th Regiment)

  35. Pvt. James F. FULKERSON, Co. A, 8th Arkansas Cavalry (Morgan's Rgmt.) - - this unit was redesignated as the 10th Cavalry, then as the 5th and finally became the 2nd

  36. James Finley FULKERSON, Co. G, 25th Virginia Cavalry

  37. Pvt. James Knox Polk FULKERSON, 3rd Battery, Maryland Artillery

  38. James M. FULKERSON of Missouri, signed a Confederate Application for Presidential Pardon in 1866.   NOTE: This may be the James FULKERSON recorded in Co. H of the 10th Regiment, Missouri Cavalry

  39. Pvt. James N. FULKERSON, Co. F, 60th Tennessee Infantry Regiment (later the 79th Infantry)

  40. Pvt. James P. FULKERSON, Co. H, 7th Regiment, Louisiana Infantry

  41. Pvt. James Polk FULKERSON, Co. G of the Confederate Missouri Cavalry

  42. Captain James Whitehill FULKERSON, Co. C, 29th Tennessee Infantry Regiment - DIED of wounds received at Missionary Ridge, Nov 1863

  43. Pvt. Jesse C. FULKERSON, Co. C, 60th Tennessee Infantry Regiment (later the 79th Infantry)

  44. John H. FULKERSON of Missouri, signed a Confederate Application for Presidential Pardon in 1865.

  45. Leonidas S. FULKERSON, 25th Virginia Cavalry

  46. Pvt. Louis L. FULKERSON, Co. K, 10th Regiment, Missouri Infantry

  47. Corporal Milton M. FULKERSON, Co. C, 60th Tennessee Infantry Regiment

  48. 1st Sgt. Nicholas Houx FULKERSON, Co. E, 5th Missouri Infantry, also listed in Co. A, 3rd Battalion, Missouri Infantry, and 6th Regiment, Missouri Infantry

  49. Pvt. Peter D FULKERSON, Co. D, 31st Regiment, Tennessee Infantry (A. H. Bradford's)   - Org. in October, 1861, at Camp Trenton, Gibson Co., Tennessee. Its members were recruited in the counties of Weakley, McNairy, Haywood, Gibson, Madison, and Decatur.

  50. Peter Graham FULKERSON, Tennessee - served with General Price's guerillas in Missouri, was captured and about to be hung, but through family connections was deported to Pennsylvania for the duration of the war

  51. Capt. Philip W. FULKERSON, Co. B, 3rd Regiment, 8th Division, Missouri State Guard   Elected Lieutenant on 26 Jun 1861. Promoted to Captain on 4 Apr 1862

  52. Dr. Putnam FULKERSON, Surgeon, Parson's Brigade, Elliott's 9th Missouri Cavalry Regiment, Shelby's Division

  53. Pvt. Reuben Bradley FULKERSON, Co. E, 2nd Missouri Cavalry

  54. Captain Robert Francis "Frank" FULKERSON, Co. F, 1st Tennessee Cavalry Regiment (Carter's)

  55. Pvt. Samuel McBryde FULKERSON, Co. C, 4th Regiment, Mississippi Cavalry

  56. Colonel Samuel Vance FULKERSON Commanding Officer, 37th Virginia Regt. (Stonewall Jackson's cavalry brigade) - Wounded on 27 Jun 1862 at the battle of Gaines Mill, near Richmond, VA. DIED 28 Jun 1862. Buried at Sinking Spring Cemetery, Abingdon, VA.

  57. Pvt. T.M. FULKERSON, Co. C, 60th Tennessee Infantry Regiment

  58. Sgt. Thomas Catlett FULKERSON, Co. D, 6th Regiment, Missouri Cavalry

  59. Sgt. Thomas Graham FULKERSON, Co. A, 63rd Regiment, Tennessee Infantry (Fain's) ( later the 74th Infantry), and Cos. F and H, 1st Regiment, Tennessee Cavalry

  60. Pvt. Thomas N. FULKERSON, Co. C, 60th Tennessee Infantry Union prison records show he was taken prisoner at Brig Black River Bridge on 17 May 1863, held at Pea Patch Island prison, NJ, and died on 5 Sep 1863. He was buried at Finn's Point National Cemetery, NJ with a Confederate marker. Company roster also listed him as Pvt. Thomas K. FULKERSON

  61. Pvt. W. FULKERSON, Co. B, 30th Regiment, Arkansas Infantry

  62. 2nd Lt. William B. FULKERSON, Lewis' Company, Mississippi Infantry   Also recorded as William P. FULKERSON

  63. Lt. Col. William Houston FULKERSON, 63rd Tennessee Volunteer Infantry

  64. Pvt. William Thomas FULKERSON, Co. A, 10th Regiment, Arkansas Cavalry (Witt's)   - From Van Buren, Arkansas, he was a prisoner at Rock Island, IL, from which he enlisted in the 3rd US Volunteer Infantry on 15 Oct 1864 and was sent to protect Western settlements against Indian attack as a 'Galvanized Yankee.' He received a pension for his Union service. Also recorded as Thomas W. FULKERSON

  65. Sgt. William Walden FULKERSON, Co. E, 49th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry - This Kentuckian and his brother Charles Thomas served in the Confederate cause, while their brothers Albert Joshua and John A. fought for the Union

  66. William Whitehill FULKERSON, Cos. I and G, 25th Virginia Cavalry, 18 Apr 1863-28 Apr 1865

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