EDWARD SMYTH AND HANNAH SMYTH W-9301 Bounty Land Warrant 73591-160-55 Virginia. The soldier Edward Smyth personally appeared in court, Washington Co. Va. 8-27-1833. He states he entered service as a volunteer in the spring of 1775 under Capt. James Dysart by order of Capt. Campbell, who was the Col commandant of Washington Co. and discharged in 1776 in the spring. And again enlisted under same Capt. and served six months, discharged in 1877 volunteered six weeks tour tour under Ensign Andrew Kincanon in persuit of Tories in that part of the country bordering on New River, discharged, in 1778 volunteered under Capt. James Dysart and marched to Rocky Station in Powells Valley, then they joined Capt. Martin and served two months when he was discharged in the fall of 1780 - again volunteered under Capt. Andrew Colvill on expedition under Col. William Campbell to the south which terminated in the capture of Ferguson at Kings Mountain in South Carolina and was in that battle. After his capture said Edward and William Snodgrass were sent by Col. Campbell to meet that part of the militia who were following on foot to direct them to halt which service we performed. We were then permitted to pass down the Catawba and approach the lines of Cornwallis - in this service we were nearly taken by Tarleton's horse. After surmounting many difficulties we joined the troops under Gen. Davis and Sumpter and they sent us as an express to Col. Campbell, whom we came up with at the Marovian Towns. - Served 19 1/2 mos. - mentions that several affidavits are given, - Jonas Smyth, of this county, Col. William Snodgrass of Sullivan Co. Tn., and Jacob Crabtree and John Fulkerson of Lee Co. Va.


I, David Campbell, clerk of the court of Washington County do hereby certify that the foregoing contains the proceedings of the said court in the matter of the application of Edward Smyth for a pension.Testimony whereof I have here unto set my hand and seal of office this 28th day of August 1833 in the 58th year of the Commonwealth. State of Kentucky Owsley County

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