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A Tennessee Fulkerson Connection

Page Initiated: 2 May 2010

Sarah Jane MYERS had a first son named John Fulkerson MYERS in Campbell County, Tennessee in 1855. There were Fulkersons in Campbell County and throughout Tennessee in the early to mid-1800s, and thus her son's middle name is viewed as a clue that his grandparents must have been Fulkersons. Record and census searches have thus far been unable to disclose a linkage to a Fulkerson branch.

Sarah Jane was born Sarah Jane BRATCHER, daughter of Ferrill H. BRATCHER of Campbell County, Tennessee (b. ca. 1805 in TN). She was listed as his daughter on the 1850 Census. Ferrill remarried on 11 December 1847 to Anne E. NEWGENT (NUGENT ??). There is no known record of the name of his first wife, Sarah's mother. Ferrill died by the 1870 Census, in which his widow Anne and one of his older sons, John F. BRATCHER, were found farming in Rhea County, Tennessee.

Further Info, received in 2011 via e-mail, indicates there may have been another generation involved:

Bob, I have contacted you before a long time ago. A cousin has also been in touch. Our ancestor Sarah Jane Bratcher Myers was the daughter of Ferrell Haynes Bratcher. We have searched for her mother for years. Sarah was born in 1834 in Campbell County TN. She married William Henry Myers in 1852 in Campbell. Sarah and William named their first son John Fulkerson Myers. This gave us a clue that Sarah's mother might have been a Fulkerson.

Your site gives John Fulkerson who may have married a Jane Jones. He dies about 1818, and Jane married David Murray (Mury). John and Jane had two children, John and Sarah. David and Jane Mury are mentioned in the indenture paper of Abraham Fulkerson.

My theory is that the young Sarah Fulkerson married Ferrell Bratcher, had several children (including Sarah Jane b. 1834) and died abt 1840+. And when Sarah Jane married Wm Myers she named her son after her grandfather John Fulkerson.

Whoever gave you the info on the possibility of a Sarah marrying a Bratcher left out a generation. John and Jane Fulkerson are parents of Sarah Fulkerson who marries F. Bratcher. They in turn have daughter Sarah Jane Bratcher b. 1834, who marries WM Henry Myers. It might be possible that young Sarah Fulkerson was adopted by David Mury?

I have a photo of John Fulkerson Myers and his family. He was my mother's "Uncle Bud".

I hope this makes sense to you. What do you think?


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