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Line of Descent:
Guillaume VIGNE and Adrienne CUVELIER
Dirck VOLCKERTSZEN and Christina VIGNE
Volkert DIRCKS and Annetje PHILLIPS
Volkert VOLKERSON and Femmetje BUYS

  Fulkard was baptized in New Brunswick, NJ, on 18 Jun 1727, the second of five sons. His brothers were Jacob (bpt. 28 Feb 1725), Johanis (bpt. 17 May 1734), Cornelis (bpt. 13 Aug 1738) and Joseph (bpt. 10 Sep 1741). All were baptized at the Middlesex Dutch Reformed Church in New Brunswick. (see Note #1)

  He was originally named 'Folkert' but this was subsequently "Anglicized" into Fulkard. In 1748 he married Maria BOGART (Bogert) and moved into Somerset County. They traveled to New Amsterdam in 1751 to witness the baptism of Rebecca Duryea, the granddaughter of Rebecca Volkertsen and Joost Duryea, their presence recorded as 'Folkert Folckerse and Maria Bogart, his wife.' The biography of John N. BOWLDS, a later descendant, in a history of Jasper Township, Wayne Co., Illinois, on p. 94 states: "The Fulkersons were an old New Jersey family and settled at a very early day seven miles northeast of Bardstown. General George Washington often stopped with them in New Jersey during the Revolutionary war." This is not yet confirmed by a second source. Washington quartered his troops and lived in the same locale where the Fulkersons lived, for extended periods during the Revolution, and has been documented as often stopping at other local farms.

  His father died in 1780, leaving a considerable estate. After the estate was settled Fulkard and his children moved to Kentucky, which then consisted of three counties under the dominion of Virginia. The end of the Revolution possibly influenced the move. It promised new opportunities and his family was being reunited, with returning son Captain Philip Fulkerson receiving a land grant in Kentucky (on 20 Apr 1782) based on his service in the revolutionary army.

  Fulkard moved onto 300 acres in Nelson Co., KY, as listed on Treasury Warrant #4706 in 1782:

"... on the south side of the Rolling Fork River, 1/2 mi below the mouth of the first branch below Salt Lick Creek, running southward and up the river."

Nelson Co., KY

This region is just south of Louisville, KY. Abraham LINCOLN was born at Hodgenville, KY, a little bit southwest, in 1809. Click on map for Google Map.

  Little is known about Fulkard's wife Maria Bogart except that she survived him, as she is mentioned in his will. Fulkard died in 1807 in Nelson Co., KY.

Fulkard and Maria's five known children were:

1. VOLKERT FULKERSON was baptized on 6 Oct 1750 and married Mary BOYCE on 27 Sep 1772, both at New Brunswick, Middlesex Co., NJ. He may have died relatively young, as he had only one known child, Philip (see Note #2). There was a "Fulkert Fulkerson" on the roster Captain Ten Eyck's Somerset County militia company...unknown if this is the same person. Interestingly, the records of the estate sale of Samuel CARTER, deceased, on the 17th and 18th of January 1810 in Hardin Co., KY, mention his young nephew Peter AND a Fulker FULKERSON. Fulker purchased 3 heifers, 1 hog and 1 hammer for $23.42. If this Fulker is the same as Volkert, then Volkert lived to at least 60 and was not a pauper at that age. It could not have been his father Fulkard, who died in 1807. There is a slim chance it was Fulkerd, son of Captain Philip FULKERSON, who lived two counties away in Ohio County at that time. This requires further investigation.

Philip 1773, m. Elizabeth DYAL about 1800, lived in Nelson Co., KY and died by 1821. They had 8 children:


3. JOHN FULKERSON was baptized 28 Nov 1754 at the Six Mile Run Church at Somerville, NJ, and died on 15 Jan 1835 in Grayson Co., KY. He was a Revolutionary War soldier, for which he applied for pension on Aug. 27, 1832 and was awarded pension number W8836.

On this 27th day of August 1832 personally appeared in open court before George W. Aerghbory, Jon Patterson, William Brunk and Henry Litsey, the court of Grayson County in the state of Kentucky now sitting, John Fulkerson a resident of Grayson County and state of Kentucky aged seventy seven years Who being first duly sworn according to the law doth in his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of congress [passed] June 7th 1832. That he entered the service of the United States under the following named officers Captain Headly & Col Esshvain Martin, Militia officers of the State of New Jersey. That he was first drafted at the Sussex County Military, State of New Jersey for one month, he entered the service in the Year 1776 and in the militia for New Jersey and that he served about four years altogether being Sometimes drafted and some times turned out volunteer and served under The following officers Gen Starling, Gen Miny, Col Martin, Col Howard, Col Freelinghouse, Col Hunt, Captain Hedley, Capt, Hill, Capt Johnson, Capt Beckunth, Capt Guntryman, Capt Logan, Capt Cooper, Capt Stull, Capt Dunlap, Leut Dye & Leut Sutfrin. that he served six months under Capt. Cooper.
  John married Margaret BRUNER (d. 29 Jan 1839) in 1774,
NOTE: It's more or less oral history that both John and his brother Philip married two BRUNER sisters.

However, confirmation of John's marriage to Margaret came to us on page 25 of John's Revolutionary War pension application, in which his son Philip reported both the year they were married and her maiden name, BRUNER.

Further information on the origin of the Bruner sisters comes to us in 2010, in the form of research by a Bruner descendant.

Please click here to view it.
and moved to Nelson Co., KY in the late 1780's (according to his son Fulkard, who was born about 1778 and stated he moved to KY at the age of 11). The family later moved to Big Clifty Creek in what is now Grayson Co. He was mentioned in brother Philip's will in 1813, from which he received some property. He and Margaret had 10 children, of whom seven were living when the following was recorded at Grayson County in 1852:
J. Edwin Thomas, Clerk of the county, Court for the county aforesaid, do certify that it has on this day Satisfactorily Appended to me that Margaret Fulkerson the widow of John Fulkerson (who was pensioner of the United States, at the value of Eighty Dollars per annum, and died on 15th day of January 1835) desd on the 29th day of January 1839 , and left seven Children towit Peter, Phillip, James, Polly McGrew, Sophia Richardson, Margaret Richardson & Phebe Harris, who are her only living Children, and that Benjamin O. Fulkerson is the administrator of her estate.
Grandson Benjamin, administrator of Margaret's estate, filed with the Grayson County court on 23 Mar 1852 to obtain a benefit based on John's service and her widow's pension. [click to see]

4. JANNETJE FULKERSON........ b. 7 May 1758.
Jannetje or Jane FULKERSON (1758-1798) married Jeremiah NEWMAN (1760-1854) and lived in Monmouth Co., NJ, remaining with her husband rather than moving to KY with her parents and brothers. Jane died during a complicated childbirth on 29 Jul 1798 (her 8th baby). Jeremiah remarried to Rebecca WHITE (1780-1849) and had 13 more children. He reportedly married one further time, to a Ruth who also predeceased him. Jeremiah died at age 94 and is buried in the Newman Burial Ground, Belmar, NJ. The known children of Jannetje and Jeremiah were:


5. JACOB 1760-July 1812. Two family researchers have stated his middle initial was "I." He m. Abigail _____ in 1788. He and Abigail had 10 children. Jacob was first documented in Mercer Co., KY in February 1792 when he and brother Philip appraised the estate of John Gordon. Jacob was named executor of his father's will, along with brother Philip, in 1807 [ pg. 634-644, Will Book A.]. He inherited 1/3 of his father's land. Jacob's father left 450 acres to be divided three ways between his wife, Mary, and sons Jacob and Philip. Jacob and Abigail lived on Plum Run Road, near Bloomfield, Nelson Co., KY. On 9 Apr 1799, they sold a part of Plum Run to Zachariah AUD.

Jacob died following an attempted surgery by Dr. Walter BRASHEAR of Bardstown to remove a bladder stone which weighed nearly a half pound. It had made Jacob suffer for many months, such that he wished to either die or have it successfully removed. It proved too large (a 6 inch x 7.5 inch oval) to be grasped by medical instruments. Click here to read about his operation in the Transactions of the Kentucky State Medical Society.

His will was written on 20 Jul 1812, presumably immediately before the surgery, and probated in August 1812 [pg. 65, Nelson Co. Will Book C]. His will listed his "Beloved wife, Abigail," his three sons John, Jacob, and Philip, and his seven daughters Mary, Ann, Jane, Phebe, Elizabeth, Abigail, and Mahala. It also mentioned his mother, who was living with him. Among the property he left was land in Hardin County. His will was witnessed by Lewis B. WITT, John P. BLANDFORD and Martha LUDWICK The executors were wife Abigail and William DAVIS. Abigail was last found, living in Nelson Co., on the 1850 Census.


Note #1

  In some family genealogies, Fulkard is reported as having been baptized on 10 Jan 1725 and is placed among the siblings of Captain James Fulkerson, who did have a brother named Volkert  - who was baptized 10 Jan 1725 at the Dutch Reformed Church, Raritan, New Jersey.  However, that entire family moved to North Carolina in 1752.

  Captain James' brother Volkert remained in North Carolina from 1752 to 1770, when he moved to Halifax Co., VA.  There are 7 land titles (1754-1768) and 6 court records (1772-1777) that attest to his whereabouts.  Fulkard, the subject of this page, was living and having children in New Jersey during this time period, and thus could not have been the same person as Captain James' brother.

  Another coincidence is that Captain James and his siblings had a father named Volkert, and Fulkard's father was a Volkert, but there were about a dozen people named 'Volkert Volkertson' living in New Jersey in the first half of the 18th century.

Note #2

  This association is speculative, based on subtraction:  when you subtract all the other Philips on the county census, this was the only Philip remaining who had no known associations.