Upstate New York Fulkersons
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Line of Descent:

The known Upstate New York FULKERSON branches descended from a son and grandson of Philip VOLKERTSE (1670-1740): Joseph FULKERSON (b. 1708) and Volkert FULKERSON (b. 1739). Additionally, there were several other Fulkerson families who apparently had New Jersey roots but have not yet been 'connected.'

  These were not a single line of descendants, but separate branches who emigrated north from New Jersey over the span of 40 years following the American Revolution. Many of the lands they moved into were not available until the 1790's, when the Native American population was finally forced to cede the region.

  Some of the families remain in New York State to this day. Many stayed for a generation or two, then moved west with the American tide to Michigan, Ohio, Iowa and even farther west.

Grandson Volkert's

Unconnected Fulkersons in New York

Joseph VOLKERTS....son of Philip VOLKERTSE, b. ca. 1708 in Somerset Co., NJ, m. Aeltje RAPALJE, probably died by 1755 when wife Aeltje - recorded as 'Aelte Voescke' - was alone when she witnessed the baptism of their grandson Joseph. His son Abraham and grandsons Caleb and Joseph emigrated to upstate New York. Their story is told below. Relatively little is known about his other children - they probably remained in New Jersey.
  • Philip FULKERSON....bpt. September 20, 1733 at the Raritan, Somerset Co., NJ, First Reformed Church, m. Margrita FARLEY, dau. of Caleb and Phebe FARLEY. It is likely they remained in the Somerset Co. area.
    • Joseph FULKERSON....7 Mar 1755-11 Jul 1840, bpt. 20 Apr 1755 at Raritan, NJ. A Revolutionary War soldier, he moved to New York after the war, to Pennsylvania by 1810 (census) and then to Ohio by 1840 (census). The rest of his story, and his descendants, will be found on the Ohio Fulkersons page.
    • Caleb FULKERSON....17 Jan 1762-4 Mar 1848, b. at Hillsborough, Somerset Co., NJ, veteran and POW of the American
      From a vantage point along Route 14,
      the Fulkerson vineyards slope eastward
      toward Seneca Lake.
      Grave at Dundee, NY
      John Goundry
      Note on back of photo. Click to see larger copy.
      John Goundry photos courtesy
      of descendant Debra Chan
      Grave at Dundee, NY
      Waterfalls and pools on Caleb's farm.
      The creek was dammed and diverted
      through a millrace during the 1800s.
      Looking east. Store and lumber yard on Glenora Point, Seneca Lake, may years ago. The Point, now residential, was once part of the Fulkerson farm. Click photo to enlarge.
      Looking west from Glenora Point. House, waterfall and covered RR trestle (1858-1896). Caleb sold this land by 1812. Photo probably from 1870s, as house burned in 1881. Old RR tracks still cross the current Fulkerson farm. Click photo to enlarge. Courtesy of Sayre Fulkerson.
      Revolution, m. Deborah TUNISON (bapt. 1 Sep 1771-28 Dec 1859, b. Raritan, NJ) on 6 Apr 1787 when she was just 14 years old. Before 1805 they moved to Newton (Elmira), NY. In 1805 Caleb received 640 acres of bounty land on the western shore of Seneca Lake. Two hundred years later, on the occasion of the farm's bicentennial, it was one of the six oldest family farms in the State of New York. Caleb and Deborah are buried on a vineyard-covered hillside overlooking Seneca Lake, a few hundred yards west of the Fulkerson Winery, on State Route 14 at Dundee, NY. Their twelve children were:
      • Philip FULKERSON....15 Feb 1788 (or 1789)-4 Jun 1829, m. Eunice TORRANCE, lived in Steuben Co., NY. The 1820 Census finds him at Benton, Ontario Co., NY. [Three years later this town became part of Yates County.] The circumstances of his early death are unknown. He is buried next to his father Caleb at Dundee, NY. Based on research done decades ago by an upstate NY Fulkerson, their children are believed to be:
        • Philip V. FULKERSON...4 Jun 1821-26 Jul 1898, b. in Steuben Co., NY, married to Caroline COON on 9 Feb 1846 (unknown if in NY or MI). They lived in Calhoun Co., MI by 1853. Caroline died in May 1862. Philip remarried to Mrs. Naomi BADGEROW (of Canada, b. ca. 1839) in Feb 1863 at Rice Creek, Calhoun Co., MI. One known child from first marriage. His family was reported on the 1880 census for Marengo, Calhoun, Michigan.
          • Willett Terrance FULKERSON....17 Jun 1853-3 Mar 1919, b. in Calhoun Co., MI, d. at Port Huron, St. Clair Co., MI. Willett reportedly m. Hariett J. ROPER of Calhoun Co. (b. in MI about 1860) on 4 Nov 1880, although they are reported as husband and wife on the 1880 Census, living at Marengo, Calhoun Co., Michigan, in the household next to his father. Perhaps the census taker visited them very late in the year. By 1900 they had moved to St. Clair Co., MI. Only one of their many children is known.
            • Dorman LaVerne FULKERSON....19 Oct 1887-, b. at Albion, Calhoun Co., MI. He worked at Henry Ford's first automobile factory.
          • Minerva FULKERSON....age 15 in 1880, b. in MI
          • Electra FULKERSON....age 13 in 1880, b. in MI
          • Laura FULKERSON....age 13 in 1880, b. in MI (twin?)
          • Nellie FULKERSON....age 11 in 1880, b. in MI
          • Millie FULKERSON....age 9 in 1880, b. in MI
          • Elijah B. FULKERSON....age 7 in 1880, b. in MI
          • Theda FULKERSON....age 3 mos. in 1880 census, b. in MI
        • Eunice FULKERSON
        • Caleb FULKERSON....given two children by the Willard FULKERSON family tree made in 1956
          • Helen FULKERSON....
          • Tunison FULKERSON....
            • Claude FULKERSON....
            • Nina FULKERSON....
            • Maude FULKERSON....
        • Harriet FULKERSON
        • Nancy Jane FULKERSON....the Starkey Biographies, pp. 977–978, states that Jared THOMAS, son of Reuben THOMAS (1749-1812) and Lucy HITCHCOCK, married as his second wife, Nancy FULKERSON, daughter of Philip FULKERSON. Jared's sister Lucy married Aaron HURD. [History & Directory of Yates Co., Vol II, Pub 1873, by Stafford C. Cleveland]
      • Margaret FULKERSON....9 Feb 1791-Dec 1869, m. William GOUNDRY. According to the Yates Co., New York history and a family Bible, Margaret and William Goundry were married in Jan. 1811 and lived in Benton, Yates Co. (listed there on 1835 census). Margaret d. while in Dresden, NY. They had six children:
        • George GOUNDRY...d. at age 21
        • Deborah GOUNDRY...m. Henry BARNES
        • Caleb GOUNDRY....1815-1886, m. Electra HURD, daughter of Gen. Timothy HURD of Eddytown. They had two sons and two daughters, and eventually moved to Michigan.
          • John B. GOUNDRY...see photo on right side of page. He m. Sarah HORNER.
            • Clara GOUNDRY....m. Frank A. WORDEN
            • Mabel GOUNDRY....m. (1st) Frank E. BUNTING
            • Nina GOUNDRY....
          • George W. GOUNDRY.....1839-1912, he returned to live in the Finger Lakes of NY and served in the 33rd NY Regiment during the Civil War
        • Agnes GOUNDRY....m. Abijah PERRY, had a daughter named Agnes
        • Margaret GOUNDRY....m. Clement BENNETT and moved to Washington, DC
        • Caroline GOUNDRY....m. George BRUNDAGE
      • Deborah FULKERSON....17 Sep 1793-, m. Richard HURD, Jr., lived in Steuben Co., NY where they had 6 children:
        • Bryant HURD
        • Margaret Ann HURD......m. Warren T. LAFLER (he served in Company K, 15th Michigan Infantry during the Civil War; two of their sons also served in the war)
          • Schuyler Triphagen LAFLER....m. Elizabeth GRUNDHEIM
        • Richard HURD the Third
        • Caleb HURD
        • Letitia HURD
        • Harvey HURD
      • Joseph FULKERSON....23 Oct 1796-4 Jul 1829, m. Mary Ann NORMAN (b. 5 Sep 1800). He was drowned while repairing a mill wheel, probably on the family farm where several water-powered mills were in operation. Joseph is buried with his parents and with his brother Philip, who died 30 days earlier. Their four children were:
        • William FULKERSON....
        • Washington FULKERSON....29 Jun 1823-6 Mar 1888, m. Hannah Selleca BRITTON (d. 19 Apr 1911) in 1855 and had 6 children. They moved to Milo, Bureau Co., Illinois in 1856.
          from Bureau Co IL Voters Tax-Payers Directory-1877 - Biographical Directory, Milo Township: Page 317:
          Fulkerson, Washington, farmer, Section 31; PO Bradford; born in town of Benton, Yates Co, NY, June 29, 1822 and lived in that state about 20 yrs; came to this state, Fulton Co Dec 2, 1833 and came to this county in 1856, and has lived here 20 yrs; has held office of School Director & Constable; Rep; Bapt; owns 124 acres of land, value $7,440; he married Miss Hannah C Britton, March 4, 1855; she was from New York State; they have four children-- two sons and two daughters.
          • Eunice Lorena FULKERSON....19 Apr 1857-20 Dec 1920, born in Bureau Co., Illinois, living with her parents, age 23 and no occupation given, at the 1880 Census
          • Andrew W. FULKERSON....25 Apr 1858-13 May 1941, born in Bureau Co., Illinois, appeared as a 22-year-old farmer living on his father's farm in the 1880 Census. He married a Sarah who was b. Feb 1863 in Ohio.
            • Forest D. FULKERSON....b. February 1890 in Milo, Bureau Co., IL
            • Philip FULKERSON....b. May 1892 in Milo, Bureau Co., IL
            • Beulah M. FULKERSON....b. April 1895 in Milo, Bureau Co., IL
            • James A. FULKERSON....b. May 1897 in Milo, Bureau Co., IL
          • Amos Charles FULKERSON....6 Jul 1864-23 May 1950, born in Bureau Co., Illinois, m. Philadelphia Ellendra WEBSTER. She was b. ca. 1870 in IL, dau. of Joseph WEBSTER of Canada and his wife Susan ____ of Ohio (1880 Census, Osceola, Stark Co., IL). They had 8 children between 1896-1915.
            • Washington Joseph FULKERSON....b. May 22, 1896 in Bradford, Stark Co., IL, d. May 05, 1985 in Rogers, Benton Co., AR
            • Lena Ruby FULKERSON....b. September 03, 1897 in Bradford, Stark Co., IL, d. September 24, 1969 in Wichita, Sedgwick Co., KS
            • Jennie May FULKERSON....b. December 09, 1899 in Bradford, Stark Co., IL, d. November 26, 1975 in Amarillo, Potter Co., TX
            • Charles Elton FULKERSON....b. October 17, 1901 in Conway Springs, Sumner Co., KS
            • Bessie Rosileen FULKERSON....b. May 05, 1903 in Milton, Sumner Co., KS
            • Grace Emily Marie FULKERSON....b. December 07, 1905 in Milton, Sumner Co., KS, d. April 12, 1963 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA
            • Andrew Harrison FULKERSON....b. September 10, 1908 in Milton, Sumner Co., KS
            • Robert Webster FULKERSON....b. 7 Feb 1910 in Milton, Sumner Co., KS
          • Fannie Jane FULKERSON....15 Jul 1872-23 May 1939, born in Bureau Co., Illinois,
          • Joseph Harvey FULKERSON....23 Jun 1878-29 Sep 1964, born in Bureau Co., Illinois, married Belle Inez Grace COULTER (16 Nov 1880-15 Nov 1951, born in IL) in Sedgwick Co., KS on 25 Sep 1902. They appeared on a 1905 Census living at Conway Springs, Sumner Co., KS. There was another, unrelated Fulkerson who appeared in the records of that county: John Richard Avis FULKERSON of the Abraham FULKERSON branch. Joseph was a Fireman for the Missouri Pacific Railroad Company. A very distant cousin, Albert FULKERSON of the Volkert FULKERSON branch, was an attorney for that company.
          • Mary Anzolett FULKERSON....21 Mar 1880-18 Jan 1941, born in Bureau Co., Illinois,
        • Susan Ann FULKERSON....11 Apr 1826-18 Jun 1864
        • Deborah Ann FULKERSON....17 Apr 1829-6 Jul 1871, reportedly m. George Washington ADAMS on 26 Dec 1843 He was b. ca. 1822 in Syracuse, NY, the son of Christopher ADAMS and Lucy CROWFOOT. Deborah and George had 12 children. The 1860 Census found them at North Dansville, Livingston Co., NY, where George was working as a carriage maker. In 1870 they were at Dansville, Steuben Co., NY, and George was still a "Waggon maker." George possibly died at Penn Yann in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York.
          • Lucy Ann ADAMS.....6 Jun 1845-, m. Joseph CASE on 2 Jun 1863
          • Charlotte Louise ADAMS.....29 Sep 1847, m. Stephen Hunt CRAIG, who had an older sister Gertrude Elevitta Fulkerson CRAIG and thus probably a long-standing association with the Fulkerson family (info on this branch received from their descendants in June 1999; prior info stated there was a daughter Lena ADAMS who married a DELONG - this may have been one of the other daughters)
          • Mary ADAMS.....21 Jan 1849-, m. Richard FORDOM (FORDHAM?)
          • Harvey W. ADAMS.....22 Dec 1855-17 Aug 1919. On the 1870 Census he was living in the household of Henry Palmer, in Dansville, Steuben Co., NY. Mr. Palmer was a cheesemaker. Harvey's occupation was "work in cheese factory." He m. Anna Elizabeth (Libby) CHAMBERLAIN on 26 Dec 1877. The 1880 Census found them at Ulysses, Tompkins Co., NY, with 2-yr-old son Floyd. Harvey was working as a farm hand.
            • Richard Floyd ADAMS.....b. ca. 1878 in NY
              • RichardADAMS.....
            • Isabell ADAMS.....
            • Howard C. ADAMS.....
              • Harold ADAMS.....
          • Charles B. ADAMS.....13 Sep 1857-
          • Cora E. ADAMS.....26 Apr 1861-7 Oct 1864 (fell down a flight of stairs)
          • Mamie E. ADAMS.....31 Aug 1870-
          • Henri ADAMS.....died in infancy
      • Anna (Annie) FULKERSON....25 Oct 1799-24 Apr 1880, m. ca. 1818 at Starkey, Yates Co., NY, to Thomas CULVER (12 Feb 1796-13 Feb 1886, son of George CULVER and Sarah RAPLEE), lived near Montour in Schuyler Co., NY. Thomas was a farmer. Anna died at Dix, Chemung Co., NY. Thomas died six years later, at the age of 90 plus one day, at Reading Center, Schuyler Co., NY. They had nine children:
        • Caleb CULVER....15 Feb 1820-13 Apr 1851
        • Wallace William CULVER....13 Jul 1822-1 Apr 1884, m. Janette SEELEY. They are buried at the Moreland Cemetery in Schuyler Co., NY.
        • Joseph Vandervere CULVER....1827-1904, b. at Montour, NY, d. at Wilmington, NC, m. Mary FORSHEE
        • Sarah A. CULVER....18 Jul 1827-6 Feb 1884, m. Algernon S. NEWCOMB, son of Buell and Dorothea NEWCOMB, per the Starkey Biographies: "Algernon S., born in 1821, married Sarah, daughter of Thomas CULVER and granddaughter of Caleb FULKERSON Sr. He has been many years a merchant at Monterey, in the town of Orange, also county clerk of Schuyler county." The Biographies, pp. 978-80, tells an interesting story about his family's emigration to upstate New York:
          "Buell NEWCOMB was a son of Azariah NEWCOMB, of Salisbury, Conn. And was born in 1785. His wife was Dorothea, daughter of Deliverance SAWYER. She was born in 1791. They were married in 1810 in Vermont. They settled in Ormstown, district of Montreal, Canada, and remained there till the outbreak of the War of 1812. Rather than take the oath of allegiance to the British king, they left Canada, and in March 1813, moved into Reading, now Starkey, buying 160 acres on the Little Gore, directly south of Big Stream, and in the locality still know as Canada Settlement, from its being chiefly settled by Canadian refugees. They lived there till 1824, when they moved to Reading, and located on the farm next north of that of David CULVER. In 1832, after selling his Reading farm, he bought the farm of Harry HURD, near Rock Stream, now owned by George A. REEDER. There he died the same year, of consumption. His wife survived till 1834. Their children were: Hiram A., Hester Ann, Sarah, Harvey B., Algerson S., Louisa A., Alvah M. and William M."
          • Caius Cassius NEWCOMB....
          • Marcus Brutus NEWCOMB....
          • Cora A. NEWCOMB....
          • Sarah J. NEWCOMB....
        • Eleanor CULVER....AKA Ellen, 11 Feb 1830-10 Mar 1915, m. a BANKER
        • Wellington CULVER....4 May 1832-11 Apr 1835
        • Samuel N. CULVER....7 Jan 1835-, m. a Mary
        • Letticia CULVER....4 Aug 1837-27 Jan 1915, m. H.E. ROCKWELL
        • Harriet CULVER....AKA Hattie, b. 22 Jan 1840, m. a CRAWFORD
      • Letitia FULKERSON....11 Feb 1802-21 Jan 1866, m. John BROOKS, was living with her mother in 1850

        Upstate New York place names and boundaries changed constantly in the early 1800s. For example, the 1820 census shows Caleb and John FULKERSON as close neighbors in Reading, Steuben Co., and Philip FULKERSON living at Benton, Ontario Co. Both towns later became part of Yates Co. Another example: Ontario County was subdivided into Steuben county in 1796, Genesee in 1802, Livingston and Monroe in 1821, and Wayne and Yates counties in 1823. Interestingly, rural Ontario County was once the site of a battlefield where millions died – and where the Book of Mormon was discovered – according to the Mormon faith developed in that county by Joseph Smith in 1823. Smith himself was investigated in Illinois and arrested in Missouri by Fulkersons.
      • Eleanor FULKERSON....21 Jun 1804-, m. Richard HOWARD
      • Peter M. FULKERSON.....16 May 1807-25 Apr 1882, m. Lucinda POTTER (1808-1869), daughter of Simeon POTTER and Catherine KLICE, in May 1828. Her grandfather was Judge William POTTER (1721-1814) of Rhode Island who later moved to Potter, New York ["Past and Present of Clinton County, Michigan" by Judge Sherman B. Dabell, 1906, reported on a WELTER family site.] An 1855 census for the town of Orange, Schuyler Co., NY, showed them with two of their younger children, Ruby and Frank, ages 10 and 2. They later moved to Ovid, Clinton Co., Michigan, where they were mentioned in a county history written after 1870. Peter died in Kalamazoo Co., MI, per state death records. Their nine children, most of whom lived brief lives, were:
        • Deborah Tunison FULKERSON....18 Apr 1829-1 Nov 1878, b. at Starkey, Yates Co., NY, m. on 8 Jun 1857 to William Henry FAXON (1821-1871??). She was his 2nd wife. The first was a Bathsheba. William was an attorney, being a partner in the firm of Pearl and Faxon. From 1866 to 1871 the firm was "Faxon, Potter and Swarthout," per WELTER family research, and then became "Potter and Swarthout." They had one known child:
          • Carrie Lucinda FAXON....1861-1930, m. Elmer A. BOWLBY (1859-1930), had four children per a BRATTIN family history web site.
            • Elizabeth Hope BOWLBY....1891-1969
            • Jay Faxon BOWLBY....1893-1974
            • Grant Halstead BOWLBY....1896-1973
            • George Marcus BOWLBY....1898-1918
        • Penelope P. FULKERSON....11 Apr 1831-, b. at Starkey, Yates Co., NY, m. J.S. BENNETT on 25 Sep 1851
        • George G. FULKERSON....30 Aug 1833-7 Mar 1864, b. at Starkey, Yates Co., NY. Served in the Civil War in Co. B, 148th New York Volunteers, from Yates County. The company roster indicates he died of disease.
        • Mary Augusta FULKERSON....17 Aug 1835-, b. at Starkey, Yates Co., NY, m. H.C. BARBER on 26 Sep 1855
        • Jerome FULKERSON....11 Oct 1838-14 Sep 1841
        • William FULKERSON....4 Jul 1841-4 Mar 1853
        • Ruby Lucinda FULKERSON....5 Aug 1844-, b. at Starkey, Yates Co., NY, m. S.J. Fitzherbert BULLER on 24 Dec 1867
        • Zachary T. FULKERSON....2 Feb 1847-6 May 1848
        • B. Franklin FULKERSON....3 Jul 1853-Oct 1877, listed on the 1855 Census as Frank, born in Steuben Co., NY.
      • Samuel FULKERSON (twin)....16 May 1807-30 Apr 1851, m. Jane NORMAN (16 Oct 1808-29 Aug 1883) in 1831. Jane was the daughter of Solomon Norman (b. 8 Feb 1761) of the Parish of West
        Grave of Ellen Fulkerson DAVIS
        Portion of blanket made by
        Jane Norman FULKERSON,
        about the 1830s.
        Grave of Wallace W. FULKERSON in Victor, Montana
        Grave of Wallace FULKERSON
        in Victor, Montana

        On SR 14, nine miles north of Watkins Glen
        On SR 14, nine miles north of Watkins Glen
        Harlan Monroe Fulkerson
        Harlan Monroe FULKERSON
        Click to enlarge
        Bertha Johnson Fulkerson
        Bertha Johnson FULKERSON
        Click to enlarge
        Acklam, Linthorpe (a small town near the river Tees), Cleveland, Yorkshire, England, and Susanna Charles (b. 10 Aug 1785) of Delaware. [Click here for a transcription of the family Bible.] Samuel and Jane lived on his father's farm, near the current location of the Fulkerson Winery. The only male Fulkersons (heads of household) appearing on an 1835 census of Yates Co. were Samuel and his father, Caleb. Samuel died at age 44.
        • Ellen FULKERSON....11 Feb 1833-20 Oct 1886, born in Eddytown, Yates Co., NY, m. George DAVIS on 8 Nov 1864, reportedly lived at 'Boss City', Idaho. [Some ten years after I wrote this, researcher Kathleen Bretton of Boise, Idaho sent the picture of her headstone, at right, and also her obituary.] Ellen Fulkerson DAVIS was buried at Masonic Cemetery, which later became Pioneer Cemetery, in Boise, Idaho.
        • Wallace William FULKERSON....3 Oct 1834-22 Mar 1891. Resided in Starkey during the first half of his life. Served in the Civil War, but may not have enlisted until the war was winding down. He m. Ann Mariah GANUNG of Dix, NY on 16 Dec 1863.. She was born in 1836 in Chemung Co., NY, dau. of John G. GANUNG. The Ganung/Genung/Guenon family dated back to New Amsterdam. They moved to Independence, Iowa, and later to Victor, MT where he worked as a mail carrier (per 1880 census) in the Missoula and Bitterroot Valley region. He is listed as an exhibitor at the 3rd Annual Western Montana Fair at Missoula in 1878.
        • Norman FULKERSON....1837-8 Mar 1890, served in the Civil War, moved to Michigan and reportedly remained a bachelor
        • Samuel Tunnison FULKERSON....13 Dec 1840-29 Sep 1879, moved to Victor, MT with brothers Caleb and Monroe in late 1860s.
        • Harlan Paye FULKERSON....19 Sep 1842-12 Mar 1915 (as reported in the Penn Yann Democrat). The 1870 Census showed him on his grandfather Caleb's farm, which was valued at $8100, with $2000 in personal property. Also living there were a 65-yr-old female - probably his mother, Jane, although it is listed as "James E." - and a laborer, Thomas Bankman. The 1880 Census listed him as 'Hilan', aged 36, a farmer living with his mother Jane, aged 71. He m. Phebe A. HILDRETH on 9 Sep 1883. (Phoebe also reported as a STERLING) They lived on the family farm at Dundee, NY.
          • Harlan Paye FULKERSON, Jr.....31 Jul 1886-27 Mar 1953, m. May DRUMMOND on 21 Dec 1914; his grandson Sayre Fulkerson continues to operate the family farm as the Fulkerson Winery and Juice Plant on State Route 14, nine miles north of Watkins Glen, NY. The Fulkerson Winery produces award-winning wines (more than 25 varieties) and sells wine-making supplies (including more than 30 kinds of grape juice). Click here to view a map of the area.
        • Monroe D. FULKERSON....24 Aug 1844-6 Dec 1923, b. at Starkey, Yates Co., NY, served in the Emigrant Protection Service on the Oregon Trail in 1863 and in the Nez Perce War of 1877. Moved to Bitterroot Valley, Missoula Co. (later Ravalli Co.), Montana by 1869. He m. Lucinda HARRIS (b. 1857 at Fort Owen, Montana), 'half-breed' daughter of  Thomas HARRIS on 1 Jul 1873. They lived on a farm north of Victor, MT, on Fulkerson Lane. Lucinda was killed in 1904 when her horse was startled while crossing a bridge. Monroe turned his ranch over to son Harlan by 1910 and moved to Cle Elum, WA but often returned to Montana and New York for visits.  He died at Omak, WA. Lucinda and Monroe had 8 children:
          • Harlan Monroe FULKERSON.....19 Jun 1874-8 Dec 1927, m. Bertha JOHNSON in 1892. Both are pictured at right. Click on either image to see a family portrait, circa 1904. Harlan served as a deputy sheriff in Ravalli Co., MT, then lived in numerous towns in the northwest US before dying at the young age of 53.
          • George D. FULKERSON.....18 May 1876-24 Nov 1957
          • Thomas A. FULKERSON.....25 Sep 1877-18 Sep 1934, was listed as a hotel clerk in Victor, MT on the 1900 census, m. Lena J. SCHMITT on 22 Jan 1912 in Eureka, CA. They lived in the logging camp at Bullwinkle, Humboldt Co., CA, where he introduced gas welding.  NOTE: A 15-part silent (of course) movie serial was filmed around Bullwinkle in 1916 by the Signal Film Co. It was Lass of the Lumberlands, starring Helen Holmes.
            • Charles FULKERSON....1918-March 1999, longtime music professor and conductor at Humboldt State University, for whom the Fulkerson Recital Hall was named. His obituary appeared in the North Coast Journal:
              Fulkerson was born in Eureka and raised in Bullwinkel (now Crannell). While attending Arcata High School, he worked making ice cream at Varsity on the Plaza in Arcata and shared banana splits with friends ever since.

              He attended Humboldt State University and graduated from San Jose State. He became a professor of music at HSU from 1941 through 1977 and conducted the Humboldt Symphony for more than 30 years.

              He and his wife Jean, who preceded him in death, often hosted informal musical gatherings in their home which later grew into the Chamber Music series at HSU. He also co-founded the nationally acclaimed Summer Chamber Music Workshop at the university.

              He is survived by his son, Tom Fulkerson of Trinidad, and his daughter, former Humboldt County supervisor, Julie Fulkerson of Arcata.
          • Alice FULKERSON.....29 Feb 1880-, m. Arthur MOWATT (a Norwegian surname) in 1898
          • Ellen Jane FULKERSON.....22 Feb 1883-, m. Albert RALLS on 11 Jul 1906
          • Maud FULKERSON.....20 Apr 1887-, m. Alvin M. GERBER
          • Ruby FULKERSON....21 Apr 1887-, m. in 1906 to George PRICE, an heir to the Sunshine Biscuit Company fortune, and lived in a large house in Spokane, WA
          • Raymond Leroy FULKERSON.....21 Jul 1889-5 Nov 1923 (his father survived him by 30 days)
          • Nina FULKERSON.....19 Nov 1892-16 Feb 1894
        • Caleb Farley FULKERSON....16 Oct 1849-14 May 1885, served from New York in the Civil War, moved near Victor, MT in the late 1860s with his brother Monroe. There he bought the ranch of Frank Ess, begun in 1870 north of Big Creek, in 1871. It is the site of the current Running ET Ranch. (No relation to the 1982 Spielberg movie.) He later moved to Arizona and attempted to run for sheriff there, but his fortunes ran out and he returned to upstate New York where he ended his life.
      • Caleb FULKERSON Jr.....12 Jul 1809-, m. Cordelia WEBSTER (23 Dec 1811-4 Nov 1889, b. in Wayne, Schuyler Co., NY) on 7 Feb 1838. He paid cash for 40 acres of land at Section 30, Township 5-N, Range 5-W, in Ionia Co., MI on 1 Jun 1845 (#5098, source: BLM Land Records - see the LINKS page). However, he must have remained in New York for at least five years afterward: The Penn Yan Democrat reported on 31 May 1853 that Caleb was summoned for duty as a "petit juror" to appear on 14 Jun 1853 "at the Court House, in the village of Penn Yan" in Yates County. The listing reported he was a farmer. Both Caleb and Cordelia reportedly died at Grand Blanc, Genessee Co., MI. Both were still alive, actively farming at that place, on the 1880 Census. Click to see portion of document. The reported birthdates of their children may be estimates:
        • Lydia Ann FULKERSON....24 Feb 1839-Feb 1933, b. at Starkey, Yates Co., NY , d. at Elmira, Chemung Co., NY. Lydia m. William Davis STOW (1 May 1833-18 Sep 1907, b. at Portland, Middlesex Co., CT)
          • Clara D. STOW....9 Oct 1860-30 Aug 1949
          • Fred STOW....14 Oct 1863-21 Dec 1950, d. at Horseheads, Chemung Co., NY
          • Ernest STOW....15 Oct 1865-2 Jan 1952, d. at Elmira, Chemung Co., NY
          • Edgar STOW....24 Oct 1867-Mar 1952, d. at Odessa, Schuyler Co., NY
          • William Jewitt STOW....22 Feb 1875-18 Dec 1923
        • Margaret FULKERSON....8 Oct 1840-21 Dec 1909, b. at Starkey, Yates Co., NY, d. at Grand Blanc, Genesse Co., MI. She m. Reuben GOULD (d. 30 Mar 1914) on 28 Dec 1865 at Fenton, Genesee Co., MI
          • Louise May GOULD....
          • Herbert Vance GOULD.... b. 4 Apr 1867
          • Caleb Charles GOULD....23 Oct 1869-15 Jun 1935
          • Myrtle Ann GOULD....b. 21 Mar 1873
        • Mary Louise FULKERSON....10 Sep 1842-5 Jun 1905, b. in Starkey, Yates Co., NY. She m. Goin M. KENNEDY (7 Oct 1841-5 Jun 1919) on 21 Jan 1864 at Fentonville, Genesee Co., MI
          • Cora Dell KENNEDY...b. 22 Sep 1865
          • Alva Raymond KENNEDY....20 Nov 1871-30 Apr 1924
        • Joseph Vandevere FULKERSON....20 Nov 1844-12 Oct 1912. His family was reported in the 1880 census at Ovid, Clinton Co., Michigan in 1880. He worked in lumber at that time, and was married to Marinda RAPELEE (b. in NY ca. 1853) on 8 Dec 1870 in Clinton Co., MI. [A Joseph F. FULKERSON purchased 40 acres of land at Section 9, Township 25-N, Range 14-W, in Benzie Co., MI on 5 Mar 1867 (#3158, source: BLM Land Records).] He died at Freeland, Saginaw Co., MI
          • Lillian Ann FULKERSON....b. 21 Aug 1873. The 1880 Census recorded her as Lilly A. FULKERSON, age 7, in the Ovid, Clinton Co., MI, household of her grandparents Joshua and Hannah RAPALEE (both b. in NY ca. 1822)
          • Ruth Ann FULKERSON....b. 18 Jul 1874 at Ovid, Clinton Co., MI
          • Jessie C. FULKERSON....female, age 2 in 1880, b. at Ovid, Clinton Co., MI
        • Deborah FULKERSON....17 Mar 1847-25 Feb 1913, b. at Wayne, Schuyler Co., NY, m. Frank KENNEDY on 6 May 1868 in Genesee Co., MI
          • Iva KENNEDY....
        • Letitia FULKERSON....28 Feb 1849-25 Oct 1918, b. at Wayne, Schuyler Co., NY, she was living at Grand Blanc, Genessee Co., MI, with her parents and working in a millinery shop at the 1880 Census.
        • William Jewett FULKERSON....31 Aug 1850, b. at Benton, Yates Co., NY, m. Winifred E. TUPPER on 16 Mar 1882 in Genesee Co., MI
          • Caleb Farleigh FULKERSON....b. 26 Jul 1882. (Did the "Farleigh" come from the FARLEY family with whom the Fulkersons were connected in New Jersey? Is this further proof that his great-grandmother was Margrita FARLEY?) (Click here for a page about the FARLEYs on this Fulkerson site. )
        • Prudence FULKERSON....26 Dec 1853-22 Sep 1914, b. at Starkey, Yates Co., NY. She m. Dean Wright MUNGER on 27 May 1875 in Genessee Co., MI
          • Cordelia MUNGER....b. 6 Aug 1877
          • Maude May MUNGER....b. 1 Aug 1885
      • Rebecca FULKERSON....9 Nov 1811-14 Nov 1811
      • William G FULKERSON....11 Sep 1813-, m. Ruby ROYCE, dau. of Reuben ROYCE (d. 1839) and Lucinda BOOTH. (Ruby's sister Maria and brother-in-law Philip DRAVE kept the “Yates Hotel” at Eddytown, at the time when there was a line of stages running from Elmira through Eddytown to Geneva, per the Starkey Biographies. The ROYCE family moved to the area by 1804, per local histories.) The Penn Yan Democrat reported in its issue of 5 Apr 1853 that William was on the list of Grand Jurors to be empaneled on 18 Apr 1853 "at the Court House, in the village of Penn Yan" in Yates County. The listing noted he was a farmer. William and Ruby later moved to Ovid, Clinton Co., Michigan. The 1880 census reported them living there, with William working as a "nursery man." Other members of the household were a niece, 18-yr-old Ruby WHITE, and two carriage-makers with their respective wives: Robert FLANAGAN (age 28, of Scotland), Harriet FLANAGAN (26, of Canada), Joshua VLIET (age 23, MI) and Ella VLIET (23, MI).
    • Female1 FULKERSON....moved to VA per 1960 letter from Willard FULKERSON. New Jersey marriage records tell us "Barnabas McGRAW & Philip FOLKERSON (FAULKENSON), both of Roxbury in the Co. of Morris... [bound to] William LIVINGSTON, Governor... 500 pounds... 5 Aug 1777. ... Contract of Marriage between Barnabas McGRAW... and Elizabeth FOLKERSON..." The name Barnabas McGRAW is found next in the "CHRONICLES OF THE SCOTCH-IRISH SETTLEMENT OF VIRGINIA," by Lyman Chalkley, Vol 2, pp 390 - 399, in Augusta Co., VA, court records, apparently deceased: "18th July, 1786--Mary McGraw, administrator of Barnabas McGraw."
    • Female2 FULKERSON....m. John SWICK
  • Abraham FULKERSON....son of Joseph VOLKERTS and uncle of the brothers Joseph and Caleb listed above. He was bapt. 23 May 1747 in Raritan, Somerset Co., NJ First Reformed Church. He d. 4 Jun 1818 in Tompkins Co., NY, and is buried in Ludlowville Cemetery near [about 5 miles north] Lansing, Tompkins Co., NY (located on the eastern shore of Cayuga Lake in the Finger Lakes district). Abraham m. (1st) a VAN DYKE, with whom he had one son before she died. He m. (2nd) to Mary STARK (1747-1828, b. in NJ, d. at Hector, Schuyler Co., NY). Abraham and Mary lived near Stanhope, Sussex Co., NJ prior to 1810 and until about 1815, when they and daughter Sally moved to Lansing, Tompkins Co., NY. Click here to read a typed copy of the family history, begun by Abraham and compiled by Willard FULKERSON in 1956.
    • Abraham FULKERSON....b. ca. 1768 in NJ, moved to New York State about 1810 when he was about 40.
    • Aaron FULKERSON....18 Dec 1771-10 Jun 1858, was b. in the Town of Newberry, NJ. He may be the Aaron FULKERSON listed as a "tenant in common" with Daniel COOPER, Jr. (deceased, of Morris Co.) in a Sussex County court record pertaining to the estate of William BURNETT in Newton Twp., Sussex Co., NJ, recorded on 24 May 1794. Aaron m. Julianna JENNINGS in 1799. In 1811 Aaron and Julianna were listed as executors, along with Joshua JENNINGS, for the will of Elizabeth DOTY of Mendham, Morris Co., NJ. They lived in Stanhope, Sussex Co., NJ until 1813, when they moved to the area of Lansing, Tompkins Co., NY. They moved their family to the eastern shore of Seneca Lake in 1821, settling at Hector, Schuyler Co., NY. In 1836 they made their last move, to South Bradford, Steuben Co., NY. Aaron was a farmer, school teacher and stone mason. He d. at the age of "86 Yrs. 5 Months, 23 Days" in South Bradford, Steuben Co., NY. (NOTE: There were several JENNINGS family members buried near his parents, Abraham and Mary FULKERSON, in the old Ludlowville, NY cemetery.) Aaron and Julianna had 8 children:
      • Joshua J. FULKERSON.....1805-??, he helped to build the Erie Canal, later moved to White Pigeon, St. Joseph Co., MI (E. of Niles) about 1845. He's shown on the 1870 Census at Porter, Cass Co., MI, age 65, with a 54-year-old wife Catherine (born PA ca. 1816) and a 13-year-old girl Esther FULKERSON (b. in Ohio). A widowed Joshua, age 75, is listed on the 1880 Census, living in White Pigeon in the household of Stephen SWEET, a Justice Of The Peace and former New Yorker. Several other Fulkersons appeared in St. Joseph Co. in the mid-1800s, possibly his children?:
        • William Fulkerson.....1823-9 Apr 1873, listed on 1850 census as age 27, b. in Ohio, with a wife Charity, also 27, b. in PA, living in Lockport Township, St. Joseph Co., MI. An 1858 directory for St. Joseph County listed a W. Fulkerson & Co. flour mill and a Wm. Fulkerson in Lockport. [The same directory listed an E. Fulkerson in the town of Fabius and a business named Fulkerson and Abbott in Burr Oak. These may have been the unattached FULKERSON branch from Busti, NY.] William was a captain in Co. C, 25th Michigan Infantry during the Civil War. He is buried at the Riverside Cemetery in Three Rivers, St. Joseph County, Michigan.
        • Columbus C. FULKERSON....1835-1900, also listed as Christopher Columbus FULKERSON and Columbus FULKERSON, lived in St. Joseph Co., MI, served in the Civil War. He is buried at the Riverside Cemetery in Three Rivers, St. Joseph County, Michigan.

          To All Whom It May Concern:
          THIS IS TO CERTIFY, That Columbus Fulkerson who was enrolled on the 30th day of September, one thousand eight hundred and sixty one, to serve three years, was discharged on the 1st day of November, 1864, by reason of muster out of Detachment at Nashville, Tennessee, while holding the grade of Private in Co. D, 1st Regiment of Michigan Light Artillery, and serving Honorably in the military service of the United States.
        • John E. Fulkerson.....1849-21 Apr 1935, served in Company A, 8th Michigan Cavalry during the Civil War. He may have been a drummer or in some other military occupation then permitted for persons of his age. He is buried at the Riverside Cemetery in Three Rivers, St. Joseph County, Michigan.
        • Esther Fulkerson.....listed on 1870 census, possibly his daughter
      • Douglas FULKERSON.....lived to manhood & died...
      • Rachel FULKERSON.....m. unknown, died before middle life
      • Samuel FULKERSON.....b. ca. 1818, married & raised a large family -- it may be fact or legend that four of his sons died in the Civil War. He was listed on the 1870 Census at Thurston, Steuben Co., New York, with a farm valued at $1,500 and $500 in personal property. On the 1880 census (same location) he reported that both his parents were born in New Jersey. His wife was Diadama Lucinda in 1880, and just plain Lucinda in 1870, born ca. 1822.
        • Helen FULKERSON....age 26 on 1870 Census
        • Wilbur FULKERSON....age 20 on 1870 Census. Not found on 1880 Census.
        • Edwin FULKERSON....age 18 on 1870 Census.
        • Mary Ardella FULKERSON....age 15 on 1870 Census. She was a 24 yr old unmarried teacher at the 1880 Census. [There was a 24-yr-old Idella FULKERSON on the 1880 Census, listed as "Idellie" on the 1870 Census, who was originally assumed to be Mary Ardella. However, in 1880 she was a servant in the Henry Briggs household at Bath, NY. Henry was an 80 yr old farmer with a 32 yr old wife.]
        • Samuel Layton FULKERSON....age 12 on 1870 Census (listed as "Laton"). He was age 21 at the 1880 Census, working on his father's farm.
        • Edith FULKERSON....age 7 on 1870 Census, and 17 at the 1880 Census.
        • Gertrude FULKERSON....age 5 on 1870 Census (age 14 on 1880 Census). She m. John KILLIGREW by 1890.
          • Grace E. KILLIGREW....20 Nov 1890, b. in Caton, Steuben Co., New York [Steuben County, New York Historical Center]
      • Mary Elizabeth FULKERSON.....m. a HUNT, had 1 son who died as a young man
      • Nathaniel FULKERSON.....9 Feb 1814-14 Mar 1834
      • Aaron FULKERSON Jr.....24 May 1819-30 Mar 1888, b. at South Lansing, Tompkins Co., NY. Aaron m. Sarah Jane BOOTH (8 Oct 1817-28 Jun 1896) on October 20, 1842. They lived at South Bradford, Steuben Co., NY until Nov 1869. Both were listed on the 1870 Census at Big Flats, Chemung Co., NY, living with 6 of their children (Clara, 22; Marion, 21; Fremont, 19; Eva, 14; Sarah, 12; and Frank, 8). Aaron was a farmer and a stone mason, like his father. He and Sarah were buried in the Fulkerson plot at the Rural Home Cemetery, Big Flats, Chemung Co., NY. Aaron and Sarah had 10 children, seven of them girls:
        • Alice Amelia FULKERSON....6 Apr 1844-2 Mar 1923, m. Albert SMALL (b. ca. 1842 in NY, son of John SMALL and Polly DEMERITT) on April 08, 1863. In 1870 they were living in Catlin, NY (census). The 1880 Census found them living at Big Flats, Chemung Co., New York, where he was employed as a 'piano agent.' The only child in the household was 12-yr-old niece Celia WARRING, daughter of Alice's sister Harriet, listed as a school student. By 1900 and again in 1910 they were living in Corning, NY (census).
        • Harriet A. FULKERSON....20 Dec 1845- 15 Jan 1881. She married Albert F. WARRING ca. 1865-67. They had 2 children, but only Mary was in their household when the 1880 Census found them living at Bath And Bradford, Steuben Co., New York. Harriet died less than a year later.
          • Celia WARRING....b. 1868, m. _____
          • Mary A. "Mattie" WARRING....b. 1870, m. unknown, had a daughter named Hazel
        • Clara P. FULKERSON....5 Oct 1847-16 Jun 1931. She married John W. MONKS (1844-1934) on May 15, 1872, had 5
          • Alice MONKS....b. March 20, 1874, m. Charles LOWE, March 25, 1896
          • Harriet MONKS....b. February 29, 1876.
          • Lillian MONKS....b. January 25, 1877
          • Evangeline MONKS....b. December 10, 1880, m. Devillo BRYANT, March 25, 1902
          • Margaret MONKS....b. January 13, 1891 or 1892
        • Marion Montgomery FULKERSON....b. April 23, 1849 in New York, d. December 1936 at Whitehall, Muskegon Co., MI. Listed as a laborer on his father's NY farm on the 1870 Census, m. Harriet (Hattie) HINCHMAN (b. 20 Oct 1853 in PA,, d. in Whitehall, Muskegon, Michigan) on 1 Jun 1870. They apparently remained in NY until at least 1877. By the 1880 Census they were living at Whitehall, Muskegon Co., MI. Marion was then a carpenter, and they had two children, William and Jesse.
          • William Ney FAULKERSON....b. May 05, 1872, d. December 16, 1954, b. in NY per 1880 Census, m. Estella May TENNANT on July 12, 1900 in Elbridge, Michigan. Estella was b. 12 Aug 1876 in Elbridge, Michigan, d. 30 Aug 1968 in Carlinville, IL. They had two children.
          • Jesse FULKERSON...b. ca. 1877 in NY, per 1880 Census; m. a Patricia, 2 sons
          • Floyd Bertie FAULKERSON....m. Bernice, had twins
          • Mamie FULKERSON....1896-1918, not married
        • Albert Fremont FULKERSON....24 May 1851-29 Oct 1918. Also known by his middle name. He was listed as a laborer on his father's NY farm on the 1870 Census. He married Mary BRADSHAW (14 Oct 1855-23 Apr 1914, b. in NY of English parents) on July 05, 1872. In the 1880 census he was recorded as a farmer, living at Big Flats, Chemung Co., New York. Mary died in 1914. Both are buried at the Rural Home Cemetery on the south side of Big Flats, where Albert goes by his middle name. Their 7 children were:
          Joseph Fulkerson of Big Flats,
          at age 81, with wife Ali
          • Mary FULKERSON....b. 27 May 1873, m. Fred HAVENS.
            • Chester HAVENS....
            • Ralph HAVENS....
          • Laura FULKERSON....20 Aug 1874-28 Jun 1935, m. Loren CLARK.
            • Luella CLARK....
            • Bernice CLARK....
            • Marion CLARK....
            • Mary CLARK....
          • Arthur FULKERSON....age 1 year in 1880 census, possibly died young
          • Joseph FULKERSON....13 Sep 1878-2 Nov 1965, m. Alice "Ali" AXTELL (1877-Dec 1963) and lived in the Big Flats vicinity. A descendant tells us that "Joseph was a 'compact' but mighty fellow - very strong, very fit - and peppy...He had an amazing sense of humor, and was particularly proud of his gift for exaggeration and 'tall tale' telling." The AXTELL family came from England to Sudbury, MA in 1643. A brother left behind in England was Colonel Daniel AXTELL (1622-19 Oct 1660), Captain of the Parliamentary Guard at the trial and execution of King Charles I at Westminster Hall in 1649. Shortly after the restoration of the English monarchy he was hanged, drawn and quartered for his part in the Regicide. Joseph and Ali are buried at the Rural Home Cemetery, Big Flats, NY.
            • Robert FULKERSON...
          • Edith FULKERSON....20 Mar 1880-, m. Harry GREEN on 14 Oct 1920, no children
          • Nellie FULKERSON....17 Jan 1884-7 Jan 1955, m. Fred KNETTLES, no children
          • Chester FULKERSON....17 Nov 1886-1981, m. Rose JONES (d. 1977), no children. Both are buried at the Rural Home Cemetery, Big Flats, NY.
        • Olivia J. FULKERSON....25 Nov 1853-20 Feb 1864
        • Evangeline G. FULKERSON....28 Dec 1855-23 Jan 1950. She married Walter E. LYON on 19 Oct 1881.
          • Leslie W. LYON.....m. Viola _____, had two children
          • Hartzell G. LYON.....had two children
        • Sarah J. FULKERSON....18 Jun 1858-8 Oct 1924, possibly in the Penn Yan, NY area. She married John CASTERLINE (1839-1925) who had at least one daughter, Cora, by a previous marriage. They had 3 children of their own:
          • Estella CASTERLINE....3 Nov 1882, m. Charles LONGWELL
          • Susie CASTERLINE....15 Sep 1884-, m. Clarence DUNNING
          • Nellie CASTERLINE....25 May 1888-, m. Ellery CARR
        • Frank Aaron FULKERSON....27 Aug 1861-4 Sep 1930 (twin), b. at South Bradford, Steuben Co., NY, d. at Olivet, MI. Like his father and grandfather, he was a farmer and stone mason. He married (1st) Ruth C. STARR (17 Jun 1865-2 Jul 1891, daughter of Leander and Annis STARR) of Big Flats on June 16, 1887. They had 3 sons before her death on 2 Jul 1891. They lived at Big Flats until the spring of 1890 when they moved to Catherine, Schuyler Co., NY. Ruth was buried at the Rural Home Cemetery, Big Flats, NY, as was their second child. Frank married (2nd) Cora CASTERLINE of Bluff Point, Yates Co., NY, on 13 Sep 1893. She was his sister's stepdaughter, and thus his brother-in-law was also his father-in-law and his sister was his stepmother-in-law, and Cora's husband was her uncle by marriage.
            Frank and Cora went to the Moody Bible Institute in the late 1890's and he became a minister. In the early 1900's they served at churches in Colorado, started a church in Yuma, AZ, and had their only child, a daughter. About 1910 they went to Grand Haven, Michigan and in 1913 moved to Grand Rapids. During WW1 he was a US Navy Chaplain, spending time in France. About 1920 he was called to pastor a church in Olivet, MI and there spent his final decade.
          • Willard Lee FULKERSON.....b. May 19, 1888, (twin), b. at Big Flats, Chemung Co., NY. Like his father, he served in the Navy during WWI - as a quartermaster in Ireland, England and France. He lived at Interlaken, NY, beginning in 1906, where he was a plumber, an electrician and in later life a school custodian. He was active as a Fulkerson family historian. Click here to see the family history compiled by Willard FULKERSON in 1956.
          • Wayland M. FULKERSON.....b. May 19, 1888, twin, d. September 29, 1888, Big Flats, NY. He is buried at the Rural Home Cemetery, Big Flats, NY.
          • Ray STARR (FULKERSON)....b. June 25, 1891, like his father, graduated from Moody Bible Institute, was ordained in 1919. His mother died after giving birth to him. Raised by his maternal grandmother, took his mother's name.
          • Marian Joye FULKERSON....b. June 08, 1901
        • Flora A. FULKERSON....b. August 27, 1861 (twin); d. September 02,
      • Joseph A. FULKERSON....14 Mar 1821-, never married. In the 1880 Census he was 58 and living in the Bath-and-Bradford, Steuben Co., NY household of new parents George W. SMITH (age 21) and his wife Frankie (17).
    • Joseph FULKERSON....29 Sep 1776-26 May 1806. His estate was inventoried at Byram Twp., Sussex Co., NJ, 2 Jul 1806 [File 1110-S, NJ Archives] by Simeon and John DICKERSON. The inventory, valued at $392.43, was sworn to by the administrator - his brother, Aaron FULKERSON.
    • Sally FULKERSON.....b. 1 Sep 1789, d. 3 Jul 1818 at age 28, was also buried in Ludlowville Cemetery near Lansing, Tompkins Co., NY


Volkert FULKERSON....grandson of Philip VOLKERTSE and son of Philip FULKERSON, was b. September 10, 1739 in Raritan, Somerset Co., NJ First Reformed Church. Volkert died in 1804 in Cayuga Co., NY, leaving a will that named his children:

Fulkerd Fulkerson of Milton being of weak in body but of sound mind make my last will. I give my beloved wife, Sarah, the use of my real and personal estate on which I now live - Lot 70 in the town of Milton - to remain in her possession until my youngest son, Sylvester, shall come of age, he now being nine years next October, After Sylvester comes of age, my wife Sarah, shal have her one-third and use of the household furniture, I give my beloved son, Benjamin, $15.00. I give ny beloved son, Josias, $15.00. I further give my beloved sons: Lemuel, Andrew Chapman, John, Philip, and Sylvester, and their heirs my estate, real and personal. I give my beloved daughter, Anna, one bed and bedding and one cow and the privilege of living in my house as long as she shall think proper. I give my daughter, Elizabeth, and daughter Gertrude, one bed and bedding and one cow and the privilege of living with my wife. I appoint my beloved wife, Sarah Fulkerson, and Danial Cane [Daniel Cain] executors. 5 April 1804. (Recorded 17 August 1804, pp. 108-111, Will Book A, Surrogate's Office, County Court House, Auburn, Cayuga Co., NY)

He m. (1st) Sara Ann JENNINGS, with whom he had 3 children in the 1770's, and m. (2nd) Sarah SHELLENGER about 1780. With Sarah he had 8 additional children. She was probably the Sarah listed on the 1810 Census at Genoa in Cayuga County. His 11 (or 12?) children were:
  • Ann FULKERSON....b. 1770, prob. in NJ
  • Josias FULKERSON....b. 1772, prob. in NJ, d. August 20, 1834 in Tompkins Co., NY, m. Mary COOK
    Spafford's N. Y. State Gazetteer, 1813:

    "DRYDEN - A post-township in the southeastern extremity of Cayuga county, 35 miles S. of Auburn, 170 west of Albany; bounded N. by Locke, E. by Virgil in Cortlandt county, S. by Tioga county, W. by Seneca county and the town of Geneva.

    It is 10 miles square, being one of the military townships, and has a considerable diversity of surface, soil and timber.

    Fall Creek of Cayuga Lake with several branches spreads over the northern and central parts, and Six Mile creek, a fine mill stream, rises in the S. E. corner, runs into Tioga county and returns across the S. W. towards the head of Cayuga Lake. There is also another small stream, and there is an abundance of mill seats with considerable tracts of alluvion; though the general character is hilly with pretty lofty ridges. The soil of the alluvion is warm, rich and productive; that of the uplands rather wet and cold, but excellent for pasture and meadow. There are two grain mills and carding machines.

    There are some congregations of Baptists and Presbyterians who have houses of worship, but I am not informed of their number; and 4 or 5 school houses. The settlements were commenced about 1800, and in 1810 the population amounted to 1,890, when there were 310 families and 213 senatorial electors. The whole taxable property, as assessed in 1810, $84,099. There are 3 turnpike roads that cross this town, besides common roads in various directions. The inhabitants are principally farmers whose farms and looms supply much of their common clothing. - N. T. R. P."
    (29 Dec 1775-13 Jul 1845). The 1800 Census found Josias with a wife and a son and daughter under age 10 in the town of Milton, Cayuga Co., NY. They were recorded in the 1810 Census, living at Dryden, NY. Both are buried there at the George Cemetery. An abstract of his will, probated July 1835 at Dryden, listed his survivors, their shares and their location at that time: Widow, Mary 1/3. Burnet Fulkerson, Dryden, 1/9th; Silas Fulkerson, Dryden, 1/9th; Benjamin Fulkerson, Dryden, 1/9th; Electa Jane, wife of Hiram Snyder, Dryden, 1/9th; Calvin Fulkerson, Dryden, 1/9th; Maria Fulkerson, Dryden, 1/9th; Sally George, deceased, left children,viz. Joel, Mary, Josiah, Emily, to each 1/36th; Lot Fulkerson 1/9th; Eliza Ann, wife of Sheldon W. Sharp, 1/9th. All persons of Dryden.
    • Burnett Cyrus FULKERSON....1797-1877, b. and d. in Tompkins Co., NY, m. Parintha SUTLIFF (ca. 1802 - 4 Dec 1892) about 1820. In 1822 he received a portion of his father's farm of seventy-five acres, on which he built a house and raised a family of thirteen children. That property was occupied by the family for the remainder of the century. The 1850 Census showed him with 12 children, farming with land valued at $4,350. The 1868 Dryden Business Directory listed him as a farmer in West Dryden.
      • Sylvia M. FULKERSON....28 Jul 1823–23 Jan 1904, b. in Dryden, Tompkins Co., NY. She married Oakley ROBERTSON (24 Apr 1820-10 Apr 1890) on 28 Apr 1844 in Dryden, N. Y. Both died in Ithaca, Tompkins Co., NY.
        • Burnett F. ROBERTSON....12 Apr 1845-, b. in Dryden, Tompkins Co., NY.
        • Philip R. ROBERTSON....28 Jul 1846-20 Jun 1890, b. in Dryden, Tompkins Co., NY. He m. Emma DOUGLASS (b. 9 Oct 1858) on 12 Dec 1883 in Dryden.
          • James O. ROBERTSON....7 May 1886-, m. Minnie SEAGAR on 7 May 1905
          • Dudley P. ROBERTSON....12 Sep 1888-, b. in Dryden, Tompkins Co., NY.
        • Perry D. ROBERTSON....20 Sep 1850-, b. in Dryden, Tompkins Co., NY; m. Mary ANTHONY (b. 31 Oct 1849 at Chattenango Falls, Madison Co., NY) on Valentine's Day, 14 Feb 1872.
          • Maud L. ROBERTSON....2 Jul 1873-, m. Harry B. HAMILTON on 20 Sep 1893 in Ithaca, Tompkins Co., NY
      • William Morrison FULKERSON....b. 1826, d. October 29, 1863. He m. Sarah Vaughn MANNING (10 Aug 1832-27 Dec 1897, b. in NJ, d. in Tompkins Co., NY) on 15 Mar 1859. William died during the Civil War while serving as a Private in Co. D, 189th Regt., New York Volunteers, leaving a widow and 2 children. Sarah m. (2) Charles SHERWOOD, probably after 1868. The 1868 Dryden Business Directory lists her as a farmer in West Dryden.
        • Emily FULKERSON....
        • Martin Lamont FULKERSON....b. 31 May 1860, he m. Alice A. BOWKER on 11 Sep 1878 at Groton, Tompkins Co., NY. Known as Lamont rather than Martin. He was listed as a farmer at Dryden, Tompkins, New York in the 1880 census, age 20, married to Alice with a 1-yr-old daughter, Betty.
          • Betty FULKERSON.....1878-
          • Bert G. FULKERSON.....4 Sep 1879-1967, m Flora L. METLER, bur. at the Curtis Cemetery (Danby Rural Cemetery), Town of Danby, Tompkins Co., NY (information on this family from cousin Chuck's Family Tree Maker web site)
            • Charles FULKERSON....13 Sept 1899-1965, b. at Dryden, Tompkins Co., NY, d. at Ithaca, Tompkins Co., NY
            • Lester FULKERSON....8 Dec 1900-1967, b. at Danby, Tompkins Co., NY, d. at Ithaca, Tompkins Co., NY. Married and had one son.
            • Rena May FULKERSON....14 Jul 1905-
          • William Jackson FULKERSON....19 Jan 1881-20 Nov 1929, b. at West Dryden, Tompkins Co., NY, m. Daisy Marguerite CRANCE on 16 Feb 1903. In August 1903 he bought land in Lansing, Tompkins Co., from "Elizabeth A. Minier for $1 and assumption of $450 mortgage." His mother-in-law Mary CRANCE was listed as a co-signer. William and Mary were listed on the 1910 Census at Lansing, living with her parents. By 1920 they had moved to Ithaca, Tompkins Co., NY.
            • Harold Ellsworth FULKERSON....1 Apr 1907-1970, b. at Ithaca, Tompkins Co., NY, d. at Syracuse, Onondaga Co., NY
            • William Jackson FULKERSON....1914-
          • Elmer Burnett FULKERSON.....4 Nov 1884-1954, b. at Dryden, Tompkins Co., NY, m. Mabel LEWIS, had two children
      • Mary FULKERSON....b. 1828
      • John G. FULKERSON....24 Jul 1830-12 Dec 1861, m. Chloe M. EVERHART
      • Henry S. FULKERSON....1832-28 Aug 1862, served in Co. C., 76th New York Volunteers (Otsego/Cortland counties), killed in action at Gainesville, VA. His mother's pension application is on file in the National Archives.
      • Susan FULKERSON....b. 1835 (this is possibly the Susan who married Charles A. TOWNLEY on 10 Dec 1856 at Dryden, NY.)
      • Lott FULKERSON....b. 1837 in NY, the 1880 Census found him at Athens, Bradford Co., PA with a wife, Elizabeth, b. ca. 1842 in NY, and an 18-yr-old stepson, Walter SUTLIFF. There are Sutliffs, apparently her son's grandparents, living next door.
      • Merilla FULKERSON....b. 1839
      • Sophia 1841-1877, m. S.M. SHILLINGS about 1865, lived in Dryden, had one son:
        • Fay SHILLINGS
      • Parintha FULKERSON....b. ca. 1841, listed on the 1880 census as a 39-yr-old school teacher, living with her widowed mother
      • Lavetta FULKERSON....b. ca. 1844
      • Calista FULKERSON....b. ca. 1846
      • Talmadge FULKERSON....10 Dec 1846-11 Mar 1914, b. in Dryden, NY, m. Elerene (Rena) GASTON about 1871. He farmed on his father's estate in Dryden, to which he added further acreage. He and Elerene had one known child:
        • Leroy H. FULKERSON....5 yrs old in the 1880 census
    • Sally FULKERSON....b. ca. 1800, per her father's will, she was deceased by 1834 after having married a GEORGE. She left four children who received 1/36th of their grandfather Josias Fulkerson's estate.
      • Joel GEORGE....b. before 1834
      • Mary GEORGE....b. before 1834
      • Josiah GEORGE....b. before 1834
      • Emily GEORGE....b. before 1834
    • Silas FULKERSON....b. 1805, m. Ruth PRIMROSE, moved to Hillsdale Co., Michigan by the 1840s (Michigan became a state in 1837). The 1850 census showed them living there with 5 children. He apparently moved his family to Casnovia, Muskegon Co., later that year. A Casnovia (founded 1848) history site lists Silas and Newton Fulkerson among the new settlers of 1850. On the occasion of the first town meeting on 4 April 1853, Silas was one of two citizens elected to the office of "overseer of the poor." His son Newton was elected as one of three "Commissioners of Highways." The same history tells us that a "W.H. Fulkerson" built a shingle mill on Crockery Creek near Casnovia in 1861, and that a B. Fulkerson was one of the city officers when Casnovia incorporated in 1874. His wife Ruth did not fare well. Michigan death records report: "Ruth M Falkerson Date of death Aug 1871, Ledger Page 286, Record No. 92, Place of death Insane Asylum, County of Death Kalamazoo MI, married, died age 63 yrs of exhaustion, born in NY." Silas is found in 1880 in the home of his son Smith FULKERSON at Casnovia. A later story, reported in a Michigan newspaper in 1903, possibly referred to a descendant of Silas's branch:
      Heroic Acts Attend Sad Fatality Near Grand Rapids
      The Third Boy Broke Through The Ice While Trying To Aid His Companions.
      Grand Rapids, Mich., Dec. 29-- A double drowning, which occurred Sunday afternoon on Half Moon lake, near Casnovia, was accompanied by acts of greatest heroism. Albert Hultgreen, aged 16 years, broke through the ice while skating. Henry Fulkerson answered his appeal for help and he, too, was soon struggling in the water. Hultgreen soon sank from sight, but Fulkerson managed to keep afloat for a time, and Thomas Devin, another youth, went to his assistance. He, too, broke through, but managed to pull himself out again. In the meantime Fulkerson went down and was drowned. The two bodies were recovered.
      • Phoebe FULKERSON....b. 28 Jul 1827 in Tompkins Co., NY. She m. on 5 Nov 1848 to Nathaniel F. WESTCOTT (born in Niagara Co., NY on 13 Jul 1826). The Muskegon County, MI Genealogical Society's "History of Muskegon-Casnovia Township" states they settled on section 26k in Casnovia in 1850. Mr Westcott served as Road Commissioner for fifteen years and also as Township Treasurer. He died July 18, 1879.
      • Newton L. FULKERSON....4 Aug 1832-10 Jun 1867, b. at Dryden, Tompkins Co., NY, d. at Casnovia, Muskegon Co., MI. His grave (undated) is at Moorland Cemetery, Moorland, Twp, MI, which is located between Muskegon and Casnovia. Research of Michigan death records by a Fulkerson cousin reveals: "Ledger Page 324, Record number 7, died Casnovia, Muskegon Co., MI, age 34 years 10 months 6 days. Cause of Death: Drowned. Born in NY, farmer. Date of record 25 June 1868." Was he the father of the "Fred Fulkeran" — 11 yrs old, born Michigan — living in the Casnovia (Trent) household of John and Evaline HEALIHER in the 1870 Census for Muskegon County, MI?
      • Martha Ann FULKERSON....8 Apr 1835-10 June 1891, b. at Dryden, NY, she d. at Independence, Buchanan Co., IA. She married a possible distant cousin, Jepta Clark ROSENCRANS.
      • Smith Burnett FULKERSON....22 Jun 1843-24 Mar 1916, b. at Dryden, NY, died at Grand Rapids, Kent Co., MI. He married Adelia WHITNEY (b. ca. 1847 in IL). The 1870 Census shows them living at Casnovia (Trent Postoffice) in Muskegon Co, MI, with two children.
        • Jimmy FULKERSON....age 3 in 1870
        • Mattie FULKERSON....recorded as Nettie in the 1870 Census, b. on 23 Mar 1868 at Casnovia per Muskegon County Genealogical Society birth records.
      • Charles FULKERSON....b. ca. 1844 in MI
      • Amazilla M. 1846-29 Jun 1932, b. in Hillsdale Co., Michigan, per Ocean Springs, Mississippi archives She m. Chauncey S. BELL about 1866. For a time, he operated a successful lumber business in Michigan. They moved to Ocean Springs in 1896, where he managed one of the world's first grafted pecan orchards. Their home was at 1112 Iberville Drive. (The Jackson County Times, April 18, 1925, p. 3).
    • Electa Jane FULKERSON....m. Hiram SNYDER by 1834
    • Eliza Ann FULKERSON.....m. Sheldon SHARP by 1834
    • Benjamin FULKERSON....18 Nov 1804-, m. Sarah M. PRIMROSE (b. ca. 1810 in NY; these PRIMROSE sisters were also the sisters of Dayton PRIMROSE who m. Elizabeth FULKERSON). The 1850 Census showed them living at Dryden, NY, with children George (13), Corrilla (6) and Lousette (2). Benjamin was a farmer with land valued at $1500. Both are buried at George Cemetery, Dryden, NY
      • Emeretta (?) J. FULKERSON......3 Jun 1834-17 Sep 1846 (daughter), buried at the George Cem. in Dryden, NY
      • Corydon FULKERSON......21 Dec 1836-2 May 1842, buried at the George Cem. in Dryden, NY
      • George FULKERSON....b. 1837
      • Corrilla FULKERSON....b. 1844
      • Lousette FULKERSON....b. 1848
    • Maria FULKERSON..... She was still listed by her maiden name on her father's will in 1834. Maria m. James SNYDER (ca. 1814-1893, son of George SNYDER who settled in Dryden about 1800) about 1840. They lived on a homestead at Dryden and had four children [Landmarks of Tompkins County, New York, by John H. Selkreg, 1894; D. Mason & Co., Publisher]. He was possibly a brother of the Hiram SNYDER above. The publication noted here says he owned and farmed his homestead in common with his brother Ira J. SNYDER (d. 1891), which might have been a misheard Hiram.
      • George SNYDER....b. 16 Oct 1842-after 1893
      • Giles SNYDER.....deceased by 1894
      • Hiram SNYDER.....deceased by 1894
      • Emily J. SNYDER.....deceased by 1894
    • Lott FULKERSON....b. 1810 in Dryden, NY, was living there in 1834, d. in 1888 in Casnovia, Muskegon Co., MI. He m. Calista Maria SWANSBORO, moved to Michigan Territory by 1836. He purchased 40 acres of land on 30 May 1837 in Section 25, Township 5-S, Range 2-W, in Hillsdale Co., MI (doc. #7897, Monroe Land Office)
      • Harrison FULKERSON....b. 1834 at Dryden, NY
      • Burnett FULKERSON....b. December 3, 1836 at Moscow, Hillsdale Co., MI. On 15 Jan. 1865 at a school house in Tyrone, Kent Co., MI, Burnett FULKERSON and Lydia FULKERSON were witnesses at the wedding of "Lucius B. MURRAY of Tyrone and Sarah E. PROBASCO of Cazenovia, Muskegon Co., during religious services by Burton W. Smith, Min." [Kent County Court Files, 1845-1870]. One of his occupations was with the railroad, as later reported by the Grant, MI, Independent in 1904: "During the seasons of 1872-73, nine million feet of logs were drawn to Grand Rapids, mostly from Ashland Station, at the rate of 100,000 a day. Burnett Fulkerson of Casnovia was conductor on that train, and the crew had many a hustling time to fill the contract of delivering the required scale each day. This was the first log train in central or northern Michigan." [NOTE: The 1880 Census finds a dressmaker, Lydia FULKERSON, divorced, age 42, b. in NY, living with a 12-yr-old daughter Carrie at Bailey, Muskegon Co., Michigan. It's unclear if this is the same Lydia.]
      • Henry FULKERSON....b. 1839
      • Sarah FULKERSON....m. Joseph KIES
    • Calvin B. FULKERSON....1817-?. The 1850 Census showed him farming at Dryden, NY, age 32, with wife Jane (28) and children Josiah (7) and Mary (6). The 1868 Dryden Business Directory lists him as a farmer in West Dryden. The 1880 census stated he was 65, married to Jane who was a year younger. His son Josiah lived with them as a widower, along with his daughter Orra and a Miss Anna NICKOLS, a 25-yr-old unmarried female whose occupation was recorded as "Lewd Woman."
      • Josiah FULKERSON....b. ca. 1843 per the 1850 Census. He was reported as 35 years old on the 1880 census, when he was already widowed. Did he later move to Michigan? The Cass City Chronicle reported on 6 Nov 1914: "Estate of Josiah FULKERSON, late of Fairgrove, will admitted to probate and Ruby TAGGETT of Care appointed administratrix."
        • Orra FULKERSON....female, age 8 in 1880 census
      • Nancy FULKERSON....b. 1844
  • Benjamin FULKERSON....b. 1775, d. 1807 in Tompkins Co., NY, m. Sarah GILES. Sarah m. (2nd) Simeon VAN NORTWICK (1765-1842) after 1816 and had 2 daughters. He was possibly a descendant of the VAN NOORTWYCK who married a Fulkerson half-sister. Benjamin died intestate (without a will) and with 500 acres of property. The issue went to Probate at Dryden, NY, on 24 Feb 1806. His wife, listed as "Sally Fulkerson," was named as executor.
    • Phoebe FULKERSON....m. Henry WHITE
    • Benjamin FULKERSON....b. October 19, 1804, d. December 01, 1841, m. Emily DOUGLAS. He left her a widow, and she later married John TONE, who was once a widower of Sally FULKERSON.
      • Amazilla FULKERSON....b. 1837, m. J.B. GEORGE
  • John FULKERSON....b. 1780 in Steuben Co., NY, d. in Huron Co., OH by 1837. Probably the John listed as a farmer on the 1820 Census at Catharine, Schuyler Co., NY, with a household that included his wife, a son and daughter less than age 10, and one additional male 26 to 45. His story and descendants appear on the Ohio Fulkersons page.
  • Lemuel FULKERSON....b. 1782 in NY, listed on the 1810 Census at Genoa, Cayuga Co., NY. The 1820 Census finds him at Catharine, Schuyler Co., NY, listed next to John FULKERSON who was probably his brother, above. He is reported as a farmer, aged 26 to 45, with a wife the same age, a son and a daughter aged 10 to 15, and 5 daughters under 10 years old. He reportedly married (1st) Sophia BROWN about 1808. She died by 1809, probably in childbirth. He married (2nd) Zaniah ____ after 1809. Both wives were born in New Jersey. Lemuel's one documented child (out of seven on the Census) was:
    • Gertrude FULKERSON....8 Mar 1809-4 Mar 1884 (age: 75y, 11m, 26 da). Born at Lansing, NY, buried at Moreland Cemetery, according to Town of Dix cemetery records, from which her information was obtained and which reported her father as "Samuel" FULKERSON (b. NY) and mother as Sophia BROWN (b. Brunswick, NJ). She was m. to Noble CLEVELAND (d. Jan. or Jun. 9, 1884, Townsend, NY, age 84yr, 3m, 2da., b. CT. Father: Ephraim CLEVELAND and Mother: Ella J. DRAKE - b. Troupsburg, NY. - per cemetery record) by 1826. Her children, as listed or constructed per cemetery records, were:
      • Ephraim CLEVELAND....Jul 1826- d. Aug. 4, 1901, ae 75 yrs, 11 da; b. Town of Dix. Son of Noble CLEVELAND and Gertrude ________.
      • Ann Louise CLEVELAND....b. ca. 1840, d. Feb 24, 1903 at the Town of Dix, age 62; buried in Moreland Cemetery.
      • William CLEVELAND....(probable child), married Caroline VANZANDT
      • Nathan CLEVELAND....(probable child), b. ca. 1835, his cemetery record reads: "d. Dec. 29, 1891, Town of Dix, ae 55yr., 11m, 26da. Father = Noble CLEVELAND and Mother = Hannah PARSONS?" [either an error or an interesting story]
  • Chapman FULKERSON....1785-24 Dec 1849, b. in NJ, d. in Lansing, NY, m. Esther BROWN (1788-21 Jan 1869). He came to the town of Lansing on Tompkins Co., NY with the first settlers. He settled at Dryden by the time of the 1810 Census (which also lists a Jonas FULKERSON with a wife, five sons and a daughter). Chapman was drafted for military service in the War of 1812, but being married, he arranged to send a substitute in his place. He reportedly took his own wagon to haul provisions to the army, and assisted the army in various ways. In 1856, part of his property was sold to a W.E. BROWN, probably a relative of Chapman's wife. Esther is buried at George Cemetery in Dryden. She and Chapman had the following known children:
    • Elizabeth "Betsy" FULKERSON....8 Feb
      Elizabeth Fulkerson
      1808-1869, b. in Dryden, NY, m. Dayton PRIMROSE, moved to Iowa in 1850's.
      • Harrison PRIMROSE....1834-
      • Malvina PRIMROSE....1832-9 Apr 1846
      • Ellen PRIMROSE....1836-
      • Sarah PRIMROSE....1838-
      • Esther PRIMROSE...7 Apr 1840-1926, m. Johnston ELLIOTT on 21 Mar 1860, lived in Cedar Rapids and Marion, Iowa
      • Emma PRIMROSE....1842-
      • George PRIMROSE....1844-
      • Adelaide PRIMROSE....1846-
    • Sarah FULKERSON....m. Philip ROBERTSON, settled in western Pennsylvania NOTE: There was also a "Sylvia M. FULKERSON" reported on a Sweazey family site, who married Oakley ROBERTSON, son of Philip Schuyler ROBERTSON, born in 1774 and "one of the first settlers of Dryden, NY," and Elsie SWEAZEY.
    • Miranda FULKERSON.....February 26, 1810-4 June 1855, buried at the George Cemetery in Dryden, NY, apparently never married. She was still living in her mother's home at the time of the 1850 Census.
    • Stephen B. 1816-15 Feb 1889. The will of Elijah VANDERHOOF of Dryden (died 28 May 1837, age 75 yrs, dated: 14 March 1837 and proved: 22 June 1837) was witnessed by Henry B. WEAVER, Lewis PRIMROSE and Stephen FULKERSON. The 1868 Dryden Business Directory listed him as a farmer in West Dryden. The Census of 1850 showed him as 'Stephen R. Fulkison,' age 34, head of the household that included his mother Esther (62), sister Miranda (40) and sister Louisa (24). He was a farming, apparently on his recently deceased father's farm, which was valued at $7,000. The 1880 census showed him in Dryden, aged 64. His wife Betsey was 15 years younger. His descendants remained on his father's original farm, at least into the 1930's.
      • Edwin FULKERSON...age 22 in 1880, a farmer in his father's household. Edwin m. Mabel "Belle" GROVER of Dryden on 30 Sep 1880. She was b. 5 Jul 1856, dau. of Mabel FOX and Major Andrew Jackson GROVER (b. 1831) who were m. on 8 Oct 1851. Mabel's father, an officer in the 76th Regiment N. Y. Volunteers, died on 1 Jul 1863 - the first day of battle at Gettysburg, PA. The 1880 Census listed the elder Mabel as a widow in Dryden. It listed Belle as a 23 yr old "person of leisure" while her older sister Julia was assigned the occupation of "housework." Their grandparents, Chester and Julia FOX, also lived in the household. SPOFFORD family records list Mabel's groom as "E. F. FULKERSON."
      • George FULKERSON....age 18 in 1880
    • Malvina FULKERSON....20 Oct 1817-14 Dec 1885, b. in Dryden, NY, m. Albert TWOGOOD on 31 Dec 1835, moved to Iowa in 1850's, d. in Marion, Iowa
      • Maria Antoinette TWOGOOD...5 May 1837-5 Mar 1926, b. in Dryden, NY, m. Henry Prather ELLIOTT (brother of Johnston ELLIOTT, above) on 14 Oct 1857 in Marion, Iowa, lived in Chicago, d. in New Rochelle, NY
      • Deborah TWOGOOD
      • James TWOGOOD
      • Sarah TWOGOOD
      • Frank TWOGOOD
      • Mary TWOGOOD
      • Delia TWOGOOD
    • Daniel S. FULKERSON....b. 1826 in NY. The "History of Seneca County, New York" (Everts, Ensign and Everts, Philadelphia, 1876) lists him as serving as a farrier in "Company K, First Veteran Regiment of Cavalry, New York Volunteers, commanded by Colonel R. F. Taylor, mustered October 10, 1863, for three years unless sooner discharged, comprising only those who enlisted at Seneca Falls" Two dates follow his name: "August 6, 1863; discharged October 9, 1862" – making it difficult to discern his actual time in service. The same Daniel S. FULKERSON was also listed on the rolls of Co. K, 50th Regiment, New York Engineers, as a Private. Daniel moved to Missouri by 1868 and then to Ohio by 1874. The 1880 Census found Daniel, now 53 yrs old, working as a teamster and living with wife Mary A. in Geneva, Ashtabula Co., Ohio. Mary was age 28, b. in OH, probably a second wife. Their household included 5 children, 1 servant (Ella ABBY, age 16) and two boarders. The 1910 Census found Mary living alone in Geneva, age 58. It is possible that Daniel had additional children by a first wife.
      • Winfield S. FULKERSON....age 12 in 1880, b. in MO; m. Cora M. BROWN (b. 1874). He was living in Ashtabula township, on Lake Erie, in 1920 (census index). His funeral notice appeared in the Cleveland Press on 2 Mar 1953: FULKERSON, Winnie, beloved uncle of Edith ROSS, Luella ROSSIE, Ida Mae STEPP, Ivadell MESTON, passed away Feb. 28. Services and burial in Ashtabula, O.
        • Victor FULKERSON....19 Aug 1901-, b. in Cuyahoga Co., near Cleveland, OH.
        • Mabel FULKERSON....b. ca. 1909,
      • Frank C. FULKERSON....age 10 in 1880, b. in MO
      • Jacob R. FULKERSON....age 8 in 1880, b. in MO
      • Albertus N. FULKERSON....age 6 in 1880, b. in OH; he was found on the (January) 1920 Census living on E. Bridge Street in Berea Village, Middleburg Twp, Cuyahoga Co., OH. He was a 46-yr-old meat-cutter with a wife Ella M. (age 47, b. in PA with parents b. in NY) and seven children.
        • Floyd M. FULKERSON....b. in OH, in 1920 was age 28 and a widower, working as a railroad brakeman
        • Edith H. FULKERSON....b. in OH, in 1920 was age 19
        • Luella M. FULKERSON....b. in OH, in 1920 was age15
        • Vernetta FULKERSON....b. in OH, in 1920 was age 10
        • Albertus FULKERSON....b. in OH, in 1920 was age 9
        • Ida M. FULKERSON....b. in OH, in 1920 was age 6
        • Ivadelle FULKERSON....b. in OH, in 1920 was age 1 yr, 8 mos
      • Myrtle FULKERSON....age 1 in 1880, b. in OH
    • Sophia FULKERSON....m. Abram ANTHONY, settled in Iowa
    • Samuel C. FULKERSON....19 Jul 1823-1905, b. in West Dryden, NY, m. Lucinda HILL about 1849. In 1852 he bought the Andrew HILL property of 100 acres, which he exchanged for Win. MINAH's in 1864. The 1868 Dryden Business Directory lists him as a farmer in McLean. In 1871 he bought the R. J. LANY homestead. In 1889 he bought sixty-eight acres of the Oliver CADY estate and he also owned a farm of sixteen acres in Marion, Linn Co., Iowa. A Tompkins Co. history (in 1894) reported he was "one of the prominent men of his town being recognized as a man of sterling worth and integrity." Samuel and Lucinda's five children were:
      • James B. FULKERSON.....m. Elizabeth Fitch ____ (or FITCH?), d. 4 Apr 1932, is buried at Green Hills Cemetery, Dryden, Tompkins Co., NY. His wife died on 6 Feb 1940, is buried next to known daughter:
        • J. Elizabeth FULKERSON....d. 11 Feb 1964, also buried at Green Hills Cemetery. She wrote the following letter in response to an enquiry about the Fulkersons of Dryden:

        November 11, 1935

          The librarian of our library handed your letter to me as I am the only living Fulkerson in Dryden now, except my mother who does very little letter writing.

          My grandfather was Samuel Fulkerson and the only of his children living is Joseph Fulkerson of Marion, Iowa. He might be able to give you information of the family which I couldn't. I will tell you what little I know from our town history.

          I know that three brothers, Benjamin, Josiah [Josias] and Chapman came from New Jersey and settled in the town of Lansing, Tompkins County about 1790. [Benjamin moved on to Ohio.] The brother, Chapman, was my great grand father. He is buried in the Willow Glen cemetery about three miles west of Dryden. His son, Samuel, my grandfather, had the body removed from the burying ground in West Dryden when he, Samuel, bought a lot in our Dryden cemetery. I suppose his wife, Hester Brown, was buried in the West Dryden plot. For some reason her body was never removed to Dryden. These two came to this part of the country from Lansing where they had settled first when they emigrated from New Jersey. A descendant lives on the original farm half a mile south of West Dryden. Their children were: Betsy who married, Miranda, Stephen whose descendants are on the original farm in West Dryden, Sarah who married Philip Robertson and settled in the western part of Pennsylvania, Malvina who married Albert Twogood and went to Marion, Iowa (some of her descendants living in Cedar Rapids, Iowa now), Daniel who removed to the West, Sophia married Abram Anthony and settled in Iowa. My grandfather settled here, as did the sister, Louisa, and the brother John went to Iowa where he was still living the last that I heard.

          You may know this, but it is all I can give you. And as I said perhaps my uncle Joe in Marion can assist you more than I can. If there is any other information that I can give you about the family, I shall be very glad to do so.

        Yours very truly,          

              J. Elizabeth Fulkerson
      • Joseph FULKERSON....still living in Iowa in 1935, per the above letter by his niece
      • Elias FULKERSON
      • Sarah FULKERSON
      • Esther FULKERSON
    • Louisa FULKERSON....b. ca. 1826, living with her mother at the 1850 Census, m. Elliott FORTNER, remained in New York
    • John FULKERSON....b. ca. 1827 in NY, moved to Iowa, reported as probably still living in the 1935 letter above. Later note - per a descendant, John married a Julia (b. ca. 1836 in NY, of Pennsylvania parents), probably in NY, then moved to Iowa and had four children there during the 1860s-1870s. The 1880 census places him at Oneida, Tama Co,, Iowa, a farmer with wife and his three youngest children.
      • Frank FULKERSON....nothing further known
      • George FULKERSON....b. ca. 1865 in IA, m. Alta LAPHAM in Hamilton Co., Iowa in 1884
      • Bertha FULKERSON....b. ca. 1868 in IA
      • Sophia FULKERSON.....b. ca. 1873 in IA, m. Henry RICHMOND in Hamilton Co., Iowa in 1894
  • Gertrude FULKERSON....b. 1783, m. as his first wife, Abraham B. STRONG, had two known children, probably died by 1830:
    • Rensselaer STRONG....b. 1823 in Lansing, Tompkins Co., NY
    • Chapman STRONG....b. 1825 in Lansing, Tompkins Co., NY
  • Andrew FULKERSON....b. 1787
  • Philip FULKERSON....b. 1789
  • Elizabeth FULKERSON....b. ca. 1794 (this is probably the Elizabeth of Lansing, Tompkins Co., NY who m. Benajah STRONG of that same place)
  • Sylvester FULKERSON....b. 1795
  • Jonas FULKERSON...., b. after 1774, presumed brother of Chapman FULKERSON and others in this line, probably about the same age as Chapman, listed living near Chapman on the 1810 and 1820 Census for Dryden, Tompkins Co., NY. In 1810 he was between the ages of 26 and 44, had a wife, 5 sons, 1 daughter. In 1820 he was still younger than 45, he had a wife, 6 sons, 2 daughters.



Unconnected Fulkersons in New York

  1. Abram FULKERSON...b. ca. 1822, was listed on the 1880 Census at Lodi, Seneca County, New York, age 58. His wife Julia was age 59. A 5-yr-old grandson, Chauncy FULKERSON, was reported in their household. There were also an Abraham and Julia on the 1870 Census at Covert, in the same county, age 42 and 41. He is listed on coroners records at Lodi, 10 Apr 1905. Based on his known location, it is possible he was a related to the Abraham FULKERSON branch above.
  2. Amos FULKERSON....b. ca. 1841, listed on the 1870 Census at Covert, Seneca County, NY, with wife Mary E. and 1-yr-old daughter Luella. He was a 29-yr-old farm laborer, she was 26, both born in NY. Based on his known location, it is possible he was a related to the Abraham FULKERSON branch above.
  3. Catherine FULKERSON.....m. a Thomas SWICK, had at least one son, Henry SWICK, who was born 20 Jul 1839 in New York and died 15 Aug 1920 in Twin Falls, Idaho. In the "History of Early Chicago" by Albert D. Hager, page 836 tells of "THOMAS SWICK, farmer, PO Palatine, who was born in New Jersey in 1809. When he was six years old his parents removed to NY State, where he lived until 1846, when he came to Cook County and located on a farm containing sixty acres, two miles west of Palatine, where he now resides. He was married in 1836 to Miss Catharine Fulkerson. They have had eight children, four now living--Hiram L, Henry F, Hudson C, and Thomas." SWICKs and FULKERSONs lived together at Covert Twp, Seneca Co., NY, including a Henry FULKERSON....might he have been the namesake of her son Henry F?
  4. David FULKERSON........NY Genealogical and Biographical Society Record, Vol VIII, lists David marrying Mary Ann KIP, daughter of Garrit KIP and Ann LEECH. Garrit was bapt. on 19 Jul 1772, which places David's birth somewhere around 1800.
  5. David C. FULKERSON........on the 1880 census for Brooklyn, Kings Co., a 36-yr-old liquor dealer. He and both his parents were born in NY. Household included wife Sarah (33, NY), daugher Mary (15, NY) and brother-in-law Charles W. BARTON (27, NY).
  6. Edward FULKERSON....b. ca. 1829. On the 1880 Census he was living in Manhattan, age 51, a canal boat man. Wife Mary was 45. Son Edward was 19, listed as a "hand." There was a Private Edward W. FULKERSON from Ontario County, NY who served in the Civil War in Company C, 148th NY Volunteers.
  7. Edwin W. FULKERSON....b. ca. 1849-. The 1880 Census reported him at Clyde, Wayne Co., NY, working as a boatman and living with his widowed mother, Harriet E. TIBBETTS.
  8. Frances FULKERSON, born in England ca. 1810, possibly the widow of a related FULKERSON from above. Lived at Hamilton, Madison Co., NY in 1870 with 3 children:
    • Elizabeth FULKERSON....age 32 on 1870 Census
    • Sarah J. FULKERSON....age 29 on 1870 Census
    • Franklin FULKERSON....age 19 on 1870 Census
  9. Freeman FULKERSON........b. in NY about 1821, listed on the 1850 census for Covert Twp., Seneca Co., NY with wife Margaret (b. ca. 1826) and children Mary Ann (9), Amos (5) and Wade (1). The 1870 census lists a farmer named "F. FULKERSON" with same approx. birthyear and a wife Margaret E., b. ca. 1822. The name of their 9-yr-old daughter appears to be Iola. Listed on Dundee, Yates Co., NY vital records index, associated with a Wade. Based on his known location, it is possible he was a related to the Abraham FULKERSON branch above.
  10. Hannah FULKERSON....b. 1817 in NY, married (per SWICK records and at least one other researcher) to Tunis B. SWICK on 20 Aug 1834. Tunis, born in 1813, was a son of Martin SWICK and Elizabeth (Betsey) KELLY.
  11. Henry FULKERSON........the Teunis and Freeman listed here may have been his sons or grandsons, as they lived close together on the 1850 census for Covert Twp., Seneca Co., NY (Freeman FULKERSON lived next door). Henry was b. in NJ in 1777. By 1850 he was widowed, living with a Clara FULKERSON who was 25 years old. His other next-door neighbor was Martin SWICK, age 76, and wife Elizabeth, age 70. Other nearby neighbors include patriarchs born in NJ, with surnames like Rapalye and Tunison. It is possible Henry was related to the Abraham FULKERSON branch above.
      NOTE - There was a will for a Wintye BUYS, dated 4 Feb 1794 in Somerset Co., NJ, which stated in part: "To Julius Christie BLACKBURN (son of Mary GORDON, wife of Archibald GORDON), bed and furniture and 1/2 of residue. To sister, Elizabeth Buys, wearing apparel and other 1/2 of residue. Should said BLACKBURN die before 21, his share to Hendrick Fulkerson (son of said Mary GORDON)" - apparently this Henry's mother Mary remarried to an Archibald GORDON. [Additional Note: The names of Henry FULKERSON and Julius BLACKBURN appeared on the will of a Rachel SWICK, made at Ovid, Seneca Co., New York in 1817.]
  12. Isaac FULKERSON....the 1868 Dryden Business Directory listed him as a farmer in Dryden.
  13. Jacob FULKERSON........on the 1810 Census for Scipio, Cayuga Co., NY, but not known to be a descendant of Volkert VOLKERSON who moved his family to that county years earlier. Possibly the father of Joseph, below. There were also two reported Jacobs (father and son) tentatively linked to the unattached Canadian Fulkersons.
  14. James FULKERSON...27-yr-old clerk listed in 1880 census, living at Dryden, Tompkins, New York in the household of Marcus Holton. This was possibly a large boarding house, as others listed there included 7 railroad men and 6 servants.
  15. Peter FORGISON....bapt 20 Oct 1795 at the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of Caughnawaga, Fonda Twp., Montgomery Co., NY. His parents were Jeremiah FORGISON and Elizabeth SHOE.
  16. John FULKERSON........listed on 1810 Census in Genoa, Cayuga County
  17. Joseph FULKERSON........b. in the village of Aurora, in the Town of Ledyard, Cayuga Co., NY in 1818, possibly the son of a Jacob FULKERSON, m. Elizabeth FRITTS (Dec 1815-1 Mar 1887) in 1840 and lived in Ledyard and Ingleside, NY. By the 1880 census he was living at Woodhull, Steuben Co., NY. Living with him were Elizabeth and two younger Fulkersons. The first was Albert R. Fulkerson, age 22, relationship listed as "other." The second was 23-year-old Hattie M. Fulkerson, listed as a daughter-in-law. Elizabeth is buried at Old Ingleside Cemetery, Prattsburg, Steuben Co., NY. Albert appeared on the 1900 Census in Steuben Co., NY, with wife Carrie and children Guy, William M. and Sarah.
    • Frances E. FULKERSON...b. 1844, m. R. Milo VAN DUSEN (1831-1882, b. in Scoharie Co., NY, son of Walter VAN DUSEN and Betsey THORNE). By 1880 they lived at Farmington, Tioga Co., PA. After his death, Walter's farm was lost and she became a teacher at Eddytown, Starkey Co., NY. Her two oldest daughters attended school there, while the two youngest lived with their grandmother Elizabeth. Later she married Rev. Samuel BRAND and lived in Naples, Ontario County, NY.
    • Alonzo FULKERSON...b. 1842
    • John FULKERSON...b. 1849
    • William FULKERSON...b. 1851, married a Sarah, became a prominent physician in that area; his son Lynn was also a doctor in NYC
    • Albert FULKERSON...b. 1858
  18. Joseph B. FULKERSON........listed on 1880 census in Clyde, Wayne Co., New York. Born about 1835, his wife was Hannah, 11 years younger. Children were
    • Edward FULKERSON...age 15
    • Jacob FULKERSON...age 12
    • Frank FULKERSON...age 9
    • Anna FULKERSON...age 5
    • Joseph FULKERSON...age 2
  19. Laurana FOLKERSON.....listed in a Delaware County, NY history as the daughter of a Joseph FOLKERSON and wife of Sherman SUTTON of Hancock, NY. Sherman and Laurana briefly ran a hotel on Trout Creek Road and were in the lumber business. Their daughter Helen m. a Caleb BRUNDEGE [BRUNDAGE?] of Tompkins, NY on 26 Nov 1855.
  20. M. FULKERSON....appeared on 1870 Census at Bath, Steuben Co., as a 21-yr-old farm laborer
  21. Marie FULKERSON....married per SWICK records to John Alonzo SWICK (13 Jan 1804-20 Jun 1901, son of John SWICK and Magdaline COVERT) as his first wife.
  22. Mary FULKERSON....listed on 13 Dec 1777 marriage license. Her intended was a William COLLINS [Province of New York - Marriage Licenses: Names of persons for whom Marriage Licenses were issued by the Secretary of the Province of New York, previous to 1784]
  23. Mary FULKERSON....b. ca. 1762-65, m. John ATHERTON, Sr. (b. 1762 in Amenia, Dutchess Co., New York, and d. 18 Apr 1841)
  24. Oscar FULKERSON....b. ca. 1829 in NY, and both parents were b. in NY, per 1880 Census for Macon, Lenawee Co., Michigan. There was a George R. FUKERSON listed at that place in 1830. He had an older relative Edwin who was born in PA and also lived in Macon.
  25. Sally FULKERSON....probably "Sarah" - b. ca. 1800 (?); per a TONE family history, she m. John TONE (1796-1858), the first of his three wives. He later married Emily (Douglas) FULKERSON, widow of Benjamin FULKERSON.
  26. Samuel FULKERSON....deeded land to James WADSWORTH in Ontario County, NY in 1813. See the Edward W. listed above, and the Samuel on the New Jersey page. Note that Ontario County was subdivided into Steuben in 1796, Genesee in 1802, Livingston and Monroe in 1821, and Wayne and Yates in 1823.
  27. Sarah FALKERSON....born 26 Feb 1813 at Dryden, Tompkins Co., NY, was married there on 4 July 1842 to Henry P. SUTLIFF who was born 26 August 1813.
  28. Sarah M. FULKERSON.....m. Mr. Cirril HILL (age 24) of Dryden, NY, on 29 Sep 1850 at Etna, Tompkins Co., NY.
  29. T. FULKERSON........b. in NY ca. 1826, listed on the 1870 census at Colchester, Delaware County, NY, as a 44-yr-old farmer. His wife was Elizabeth, age 42. An Able (Abel?) FULKERSON, age 49, was also listed in the household. Children were
    • Charlotte FULKERSON...age 10
    • Asa FULKERSON...age 8
    • Annie FULKERSON...age 7
    • Ellen FULKERSON...age 6
    • Seymore FULKERSON...age 4
  30. Teunis FULKERSON........b. in NY about 1804, on the 1850 census for Covert Twp., Seneca Co., NY. His wife Elizabeth was 50, b. in NJ.
      He was listed in Covert again as Tunis FULKERSON, age 66, on the 1870 Census, this time living with a carpenter, Abraham FULKERSON, age 42, and his wife, Julia, age 41. This couple's children were Anders (sp?), age 18 and Carrie, age 13. The 1880 Michigan census shows a Tunis Fulkerson, age 77, b. in NJ, living with daughter Jane HATT (age 51, b. NY) and son-in-law Nathan HATT (59, NY) in Napoleon, Jackson Co., Michigan. Based on his known location, it is possible he was a related to the Abraham FULKERSON branch above. His children in 1850 were listed as:
    • Abram FULKERSON.....b. ca. 1828 in NY
    • Jane FULKERSON.....b. ca. 1829 in NY
    • William FULKERSON......b. ca. 1834 in NY
    • Sarah FULKERSON.....b. ca. 1839 in NY
  31. William FULKERSON........possibly of Ulster Co., NY, served as a Private in General Edward Laight's 1st Regiment, New York Militia, during the War of 1812 [Index to the Compiled Military Service Records for the Volunteer Soldiers Who Served During the War of 1812, M602, National Archives and Records Administration] There is also a pension list from the County of New York, naming a William Fulkerson, drummer, 41st Regular Army Infantry, whose pension commenced on 6 Apr 1814 and was placed on the pension rolls in Sep 1817 ($64 per year).
  32. William FULKERSON........found on the 1870 Census employed as a laborer at Casnovia Muskegon Co, MI, age 30, born in MI. His wife Martha Ann was 30, born in PA. Their son Charles W. was 8, born in MI. This may have been the Charles FULKERSON listed above, using a middle name — or perhaps the Charles above was really a William, and later family researchers confused him with his son.