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New Jersey-Pennsylvania FULKERSONS

  This page has grown over a period of ten years - with help from a number of cousins - to include a substantial branch of Fulkersons who originated in New Jersey around the time of the Revolution. It begins with two brothers or near relatives, David and John FULKERSON of Warren County, NJ. Their descendants settled in Luzerne, Wayne and Wyoming counties in Pennsylvania.

We know the generations of their descendants, including some who served in Pennsylvania regiments during the Civil War and others who migrated westward. We just haven't been able to trace these families backwards to the other known FULKERSON branches, almost all of whom were in New Jersey at the time of the Revolution. One other factor that may complicate this research is that part of the family changed their surname to FULKERSIN...according to one descendant, it was a change that arose from a falling out between two brothers many generations ago.

David FULKERSON........b. ca. 1775 in NJ, m. Mary YATES (b. ca. 1775 in NJ), had one known child:

John FULKERSON........lived in Warren County, NJ, m. Sarah _____, who was probably of NJ (per later Census reports). The 29 Nov 1805 edition of the Luzerne Federalist reported that John was in court: Common Pleas Court of Luzerne Co., Dec. Term next - the following has made application for the benefit of the laws of this Commonwealth relative to insolvent debtors: John FULKERSON. They had four known children, according to "The Genealogical and Family History of Wyoming and Lackawanna Valleys, Pennsylvania, Volume 2". In that issue his name was spelled FULKERSIN, a common variant of Fulkerson in Pennsylvania from the late 18th Century to the present. The article refers principally to his daughter Ackey, spelled Acca, and her husband Joseph SHOTWELL. It states that Joseph and Acca Fulkerson Shotwell were married in Warren County, New Jersey. Joseph's parents were reported to be Samuel and Pheobe Shotwell, and Acca Fulkersin's parents were John and Sarah Fulkersin of Warren County, NJ. Acca had 3 siblings: John, Samuel and James. Based on later Census information, there is one other presumed son, Charles, whose 1880 Census listing shows his mother was born in NY. This appears to indicate that his father had another wife after Sarah, and possibly had other children as well.


One WELTER family descendant sent the following lists, transcribed from old newspaper clippings, to show the number of Fulkersins and Fulkersons who attended Welter family reunions in the early 1900s. This clearly shows that these families remained connected for a very long time.

1905-2nd Welter family reunion: Mr & Mrs Burdett Fulkerson of Pittston, PA; Mrs Sarah Schooley; Mr& Mrs MC Honeywell of Parsons, PA; John Shotwell of Beaumont 1908-5th Welter family reunion: Mr & Mrs Mack Honeywell of Parsons, PA; CW Fulkerson and Natalie Fulkerson of Parsons, PA 1909-6th Welter family reunion: Mr & Mrs Berdett Fulkerson and Miss Cora Fulkerson of Pittston, PA 1910-7th Welter family reunion: CB Fulkersin of Pittston, PA elected vice president; Mrs CB Fulkersin of Pittston, PA; SG Fulkersin; Helen Fulkersin; Mrs John Fulkersin of Shickshinny, PA; Mrs GA Fulkersin of Shickshinny, PA; Zelda Fulkersin of Skickshinny, PA; Mr & Mrs Mack Honeywell of Pittston, PA; WJ Honeywell of Dallas, PA; Mrs & Mrs Clinton Honeywell

Unknown year (possibly 191_) Welter family reunion: CB Fulkerson of Pittston, PA Vice President; Mr & Mrs George Shotwell of Vale, NJ; Mr & Mrs David J Shotwell of Vale, NJ

1914-11th Welter family reunion: CB Fulkerson Vice President; Mrs CB Fulkerson of Pittston, PA

1915-12th Welter family reunion: Mr & Mrs CB Fulkerson of Pittston, PA

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