Confederate Col. Abram Fulkerson
comes to life

Joe Adkins has been writing to me for occasionally over the last several years. He traces his ancestry back to Nancy FULKERSON, who was a second cousin of Colonel Abram FULKERSON, Jr. – a man with a distinguished record in the 19th and 63rd Tennessee regiments during the Civil War, in Virginia's legislative House and Senate, in two law firms that bore his name, and in the United States House of Representatives.

Joe is also a Civil War re-enactor. Recently he combined his historical pursuits with his family connections, and began re-enacting as Colonel Abram Fulkerson. He recently wrote to me:

If you recall, I'm the descendent of Nancy Fulkerson's and John Hilton's son James Milton Hilton, and I'm the one who reenacts with the 19th Tennessee Infantry.

Since August of this year, I'm also reenacting as Col. Abram Fulkerson, Jr of the 19th and 63rd Tennessee Infantry Regiments. I have the uniform and portray him at events, and I've also been presenting his life's story for Sons of Confederate Veterans meetings and historical societies. I've been asked to do his story as the featured guest speaker at the Lee-Jackson Day Dinner in Bristol, TN on January 17. Portraying Abram and telling his story has taken off like a rocket for me. The audiences have loved it and it's reception has exceeded my wildest expectations.

I've attached a couple of photos as the Colonel. One is of the Honor Guard for a grave marker dedication and the old Colonel was asked to command the Honor Guard. That's me on the far right. The second photo is me at the Sullivan County Court House after doing the presentation for the SCV camp there.