The BOGART Connection

  A NUMBER OF THE COUSINS who have contacted this site descend from the union of Caleb FULKERSON and Deborah TUNISON. Deborah's grandmother was Rebecca VOLKERTS, daughter of Philip VOLKERSE. Deborah's great-great-grandparents were Sara RAPALJE, the first European girl born in New Netherland, and Tunis Gysbertse BOGAERT. Thus, those descendants of Caleb and Deborah share a common ancestor with one of the famous personalities of the 20th Century.
  Here's looking at YOU, kid!

BOGAERT Generations FULKERSON Generations
  1. Tunis Gysbertse BOGAERT and Sara RAPALJE (b. 1625)
  2. Gijsbert Teunisse BOGAERT (b 1668) and Jannetje Simonse VAN ARSDALE
  3. Gijsbert BOGAERT (b. ca. 1697) and Marretje BERGEN
  4. Jacob BOGAERT (b. 1723) and Ann STRYKER
  5. Gilbert BOGART (b. 1748) and Metje BROKAW
  6. Jacob BOGART (b. 1772) and Mary BROKAW
  7. Peter Brokaw BOGART (b. 1793)
  8. Adam Welty BOGART (b. 1829)
  9. Belmont de Forest BOGART (b. 1865) and Maud HUMPHREY
  10. Humphrey BOGART (b. 1899)
  1. Tunis Gysbertse BOGAERT and Sara RAPALJE (b. 1625)
  2. Neeltje BOGAERT ( b. 1665) and Cornelis TEUNISEN
  3. Cornelius TUNISON , and Rebecca VOLKERTS (b. 1698)
  4. Philip TUNISON (b. 1720) and Deborah DE LA GRANGE
  5. Deborah TUNISON (bpt. 27 July 1772) and Caleb FULKERSON