Revolutionary War Pension Claim

Line of Descent:
Volkert DIRCKS

  Caleb was born at Hillsborough Township, in Somerset County, New Jersey on January 17, 1762. From the age of 15 he served four times during the American Revolution, and was a prisoner of war when he was only 18. Years later, in 1832, the United States enacted a pension for veterans of the Revolution. Here is Caleb's claim for pension.

State of New York
Yates County

    On this twenty fifth day of September in the year of our Lord one Thousand eight hundred and thirty two personally appeared before me in open court before the justices of the Court of Common pleas of the said county of Yates (illegible) Caleb Fulkerson, a resident of the town of Starkey in said county Aged seventy one years ...

    (next few sentences illegible)

    ... Caleb was born in Hillsborough, New Jersey where he was in the year Seventeen Hundred and Seventy Six or Seven, he thinks in the fall of that year (illegible) being near the town of Bridgewater in Somerset County he enlisted as a Fifer for five months in a company commanded by Captain James Wheeler in the Regiment of Col. Frelinhuysen and he passed that term of Service in the Army of the United States at Elizabeth Town where he was discharged.

    That about two years time after (illegible) Caleb again enlisted as a fifer for nine months in a company of troops commanded by Captain William Van Angle in the Regiment of Col. Mathias Ogden in the brigade of Genl Maxfield and faithfully served at Elizabeth Town where the troops were stationed after the Battle of Monmouth. That at said Battle the Brigade to which this Caleb Fulkerson was attached was held as a reserve (illegible) excepting their artillery which was engaged. And immediately after the battle he marched with his company to Elizabethtown and then remained until duly discharged at the expiration of the said term of nine months. That the year following he now thinks (illegible) he again enlisted as a fifer in company of six months (illegible) commanded by one Captain Isaac Smalley in the detachment of one Major Gooches or Gooch [Goetschius]. That towards the close of this period of service while on duty at a place called (illegible) Barbadoes Neck near the Hackensack River New Jersey (illegible) said Caleb was in a skirmage with a party of Refugees [Tories] as they were called, together with his (illegible) company except two were taken prisoner and conveyed to the City of New York and then confined in the Sugar House and other prisons in this City for nine months and about a half when he was exchanged ~

    That the said Caleb on being liber then returned home to Somerset County and again enlisted at Hackensack as a musician he thinks some time in the year eighty one in a company of three months (illegible) as a substitute for sone one whose whose name is not now (illegible). That about one half of this time of three months had (illegible) ... Commanded by one Captain Ward and was stationed at Hackensack ~ That from this period of service he was duly discharged.

    That after that he again performed a months service as a musician (he thinks it was longer) under Captain Lott at Elizabeth Town ~ At this time he thinks one Seely was his Col. ~

    That the said Caleb about thirty eight years ago left New Jersey and moved into the Western part of New York where he has since resided and that he does not know of any one except his brother Joseph living in New York acquainted with his services herein detailed nor in (illegible) in New Jersey but I should think by making a Journey there that testimonial proof might be provided.

    And he hereby relinquishes any claim whatever to a pension or annuity offered at present and declares that his (illegible) of the agency of any state.

Sworn and subscribed
the day and year aforesaid                     Caleb Fulkerson
T. J. Nevins Dep. Clerk

    Mr. James Taylor and David Hawkins, residents of the Town of Starkey in the County of Yates hereby certify that (illegible) are well acquainted with Caleb Fulkerson and do believe him to be of the age by him set forth in his declaration and that being a man of unimpeachable integrity. We fully believe him to have been a soldier of the Revolution.

    Jas Taylor

    David Hawkins (his X)