Line of Descent:
Guillaume VIGNE and Adrienne CUVELIER
Dirck VOLCKERTSZEN and Christine VIGNE
Volkert DIRCKS and Annetje PHILLIPS
Joseph VOLKERSE and Aeltje RAPALJE
Philip FULKERSON and Margrita FARLEY

Our FARLEY Ancestry

Philip FULKERSON married into the New Jersey FARLEY family that had emigrated from England via Massachusetts in the 1600s. His wife Margrita's 4th great grandparents – Thomas FARLEY and Jane HUNGERFORD – lead us into an extensive lineage through the HUNGERFORD, BURNELL and earlier families. That ancestry was passed down to Philip's sons Caleb and Joseph FULKERSON and to all of their descendants.

The FARLEYs in England...and Normandy

There are many American researchers of the FARLEY history, because it was an early and somewhat prominent family of Massachusetts, as well as in New Jersey and Virginia. However, the family seems to have an even longer history:
The FARLEY family in England claims descent from William De Falaise, nephew and ally of William the Conqueror, both of whom were born in the French town of Falaise.

  William De Falaise was listed in the Domesday Book (August 1086) with "holdings in Devon, Dorset, Somerset, Wilts." The family also traces its lineage back at least another four centuries, to Viking Ivar Vidfadine, king of Skaania, who ruled "all Sweden, all Denmark, great part of Saxony....and the fifth part of England" in the first half of the seventh century. [Genealogical and Personal Memorial of Mercer County, New Jersey, Francis Bazley Lee, Lewis Publishing Company, 1907; They Followed the Plume: The Story of J.E.B. Stuart and His Staff, Robert J. Trout, Stackpole Books, 2003]

  Another resource, The Norman People and Their Existing Descendants in the British Dominions [H. S. King, London, 1874] states the FARLEY name derives from Robert De Verlie of Normandy. Another book of that era, The Battle Abbey Roll: With Some Account of the Norman Lineages, [Duchess of Cleveland, London, 1889] tells us that Robert De Verlie lived in Essex, England and founded the Swine Priory.

Take your pick.


The question of who married Philip Fulkerson (b. 1733) and was the mother of Joseph (1755) and Caleb Fulkerson (1762) puzzled their descendants during the past hundred years. The first positive clues came in January 2008, through careful reading of Raritan DRC baptism records and new knowledge about Dutch naming traditions used in colonial New Jersey:
The trail begins with Rebecca FULKERSON, aunt of Philip, older sister of his father Joseph. She married Cornelis MIDDLESWART, son of Cornelis TUNISON. (MIDDLESWART was used as a surname for a brief time in the 1700s, to indicate the family was from Midwout - or Flatbush - in Brooklyn, NY. This roughly followed the geographical naming convention used by some early immigrants, e.g., Van Horn, De Noorman. The direct descendants of Cornelis and Rebecca all adopted the TUNISON surname.)

  Cornelis's sister, Femmitie TUNISON, married George FARLEY. George made a will on 8 May 1720, at the age of 32, naming Cornelis TEUNISON as his father-in-law, and Cornelis's brother Tunis VAN MIDDLESWART and George's brother Caleb FARLEY as his executors. George already died or was near death on 19 Jun 1720 when Rebecca and husband Cornelis were listed as witnesses for a baptism: "Ferlie, Joris and wife, Femmetie - Sara."

  These close relationships between Rebecca and the FARLEY family are interesting for two reasons: First, Rebecca's nephew Philip FULKERSON married an unknown "Maergrite" by 1754 and then named his first two known sons Joseph and Caleb, which would be in accordance with the Dutch tradition of naming the first two sons after their grandfathers. Second, Caleb FARLEY baptized a son named Caleb at the Raritan DRC on 15 Oct 1717, and the younger Caleb FARLEY baptized a daughter there on 12 Nov 1738: "Ferli, Kilp and wife, Febi - Margrita." These were very likely the "Caleb" namesake for Philip FULKERSON's son Caleb FULKERSON and the "Maergrite" who Philip FULKERSON married.

  It would be helpful to have additional proof such as a marriage record, if such existed. Because Philip's descendants have searched for "Maergrite" for a century or more, it is possible that no positive record exists. One other proof of sorts is the process of elimination: there was only one other Caleb found in exhaustive searching of Somerset County records for that time period: he was a cousin of Caleb FARLEY, moved southwest to Hunterdon County, and had no children named Margrita or Maergrite.
In February 2008 came the final piece of evidence, from the current resident of the farm that Caleb Fulkerson founded in 1805:
"While reading that letter you sent to me about naming children after their grandparents I thought about Monroe and Harlans' brother Caleb Farley. Having been born Oct 16,1849, he was the last child born to Jane and Samuel....I actually have no correspondance listing his name as Caleb Farley, He aparrently never used it. I do have a piece of paper listing the names of Janes' children and Farley is written. I am right now looking at his business card when he ran for sheriff in Prescot Ariz: Caleb F Fulkerson."

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