Illinois Fulkersons
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Three branches of Fulkersons emigrated to Illinois before the Civil War. It began as early as 1815, three years before Illinois became the 21st state of the Union. The next significant wave of Fulkerson immigration took place almost a quarter-century later. Several other Fulkerson families, not listed here but found elsewhere on the site, moved into or through Illinois toward the end of the 19th Century. For the time being, this page will deal with the first three branches, which moved from Kentucky, New Jersey and Virginia, and settled in three distinct Illinois locations:

Pope County
Fancy Prairie
Cumberland County

Richard FULKERSON.....29 Jan 1789 - 7 Oct 1821, served 6 weeks during War of 1812 (18 Sep-30 Oct 1812) as a Private in Captain Moses Shelby's company, First Regiment Kentucky Mounted Militia, and was discharged at Buserton, TN. He married Grace "Grissie" COWSERT (also variously spelled COUSERT or COUSERY) in KY. Grace was one of 8 children of Thomas and Agnes COWSERT, who emigrated from County Armagh, Ireland in 1790, settled on a 100-acre farm on Turkey Creek in Chester Co., SC. After Thomas died in 1797, Agnes moved her family to Livingston Co., KY. Grace was still in school when her father died, per his will, and probably just past her teens when she married. Richard and Grace moved to Illinois by 1815, finally settling in Pope County. Richard died at the young age of 32, but had already established the rather substantial Pope County branch of the Fulkerson family.

Grace remarried to William BROWN of Pittsburg, PA, in Pope Co. on 2 Aug 1827. He reportedly ran a keelboat on the Ohio and Mississippi rivers. With William, she had 7 children: Mary, Margaret, William, Sarah, Lucinda, Henry, and Charles. Her five children with Richard were:

  • James Frederick FULKERSON.....17 Sep 1811-1875, b. in KY, m. Priscilla FLOYD (b. 16 Dec 1817) on 24 Apr 1834 in Pope Co., IL. Family history describes him as a veteran of the Black Hawk War, which took place in Illinois and neighboring states in 1832. [Linda, a Fulkerson cousin, found a roster of "Capt. Charles Dunn's Company, of Mounted Volunteers, called into the service of the United States by the Governor of Illinois, by his order of May 15, 1S32, from the date of its enrollment to August 13, 1832, the time of mustering out of service" which included the name of James FULKERSON. It noted he was on 'detached service,' which in military terms indicates he was assigned to some other duty or location and did not ride with the rest of the company.] James and Priscilla lived in Pope Co., IL, where he had quite a reputation for his physical abilities. Their nine children were:
    • Richard Spencer FULKERSON.....8 Mar 1835-9 Oct 1914, lived in Pope Co., IL, m. Minerva FINNEY there on 6 Sep 1857. They had eleven children from 1859 to 1883:
      • Amanda FULKERSON.....b. 1859, there was a Pope County, IL marriage of an Amanda V. Fulkerson to Elijah McANNALLY on 19 Sep 1878
      • James Americus FULKERSON......20 Sep 1861-15 Apr 1900, b. in IL, d. in Stoddard Co., MO. He m. Sarah Ann PARKS (1864-16 Aug 1944) in Polk Co., IL on 26 Jul 1882. Listed by his middle name on the 1880 Census.
        • Viola FULKERSON.....9 Jun 1883-, m. Harvey Jasper HENTON (or HENSON?) on 16 Nov 1899 at Bloomfield, Stoddard Co., MO
        • Spencer Burton FULKERSON.....26 Aug 1885-May 1970, b. at Marion, Williamson Co., IL, d. at Bloomfield, Stoddard Co., MO, m. Nellie HENSON (or HENTON?)
          • Louis M. FULKERSON.....b. ca. 1911 in Stoddard Co., MO
          • Vernon J. FULKERSON.....b. ca. 1915 in Stoddard Co., MO
          • Myrtress FULKERSON.....b. ca. 1917 in Stoddard Co., MO
          • Marvin J. FULKERSON.....b. ca. 1918 in Stoddard Co., MO
        • Syrene FULKERSON.....14 Sep 1887-, b. at Marion, Williamson Co., IL, m. Ethel STYLES
        • Mary FULKERSON.....1890-1890
        • Grover Roy FULKERSON....9 Apr 1897-26 Oct 1917, b. at Marion, Williamson Co., IL
        • Orlie Asro FULKERSON....4 Feb 1899-25 Oct 1919, b. at Marion, Williamson Co., IL
      • James Alexander FULKERSON......1864-, b. in Pope Co., IL, m. Mary Ann BRANDON (b. Sep 1865 in IL) on 3 Sep 1884 in Pope Co., IL. Listed by his middle name on the 1880 Census.
        • Marion FULKERSON.....b. Sep 1885
        • Freeman FULKERSON.....Jan 1893-1977, d. at Carrier Mills, Saline Co., IL
        • Lora FULKERSON.....b. Mar 1896
        • Wiley FULKERSON.....Jul 1898-1974, d. at Carrier Mills, Saline Co., IL
        • George FULKERSON....1902-1996, lived in Pope Co., IL and later moved to Michigan
        • Della FULKERSON
      • Nancy FULKERSON.....b. 1866
      • William Green FULKERSON......27 Feb 1867-25 May 1927, born in Pope Co.,IL, m. Mattie GEE on 26 Jan 1890 in Pope Co. [IL Marriage Index], died in Carbondale, Jackson Co., IL. Listed by his middle name on the 1880 Census. Their ten children were:
        Pope County, Illinois
        Civil War Enrollments

        "Enrollment of all able bodied male citizens of Pope County, Illinois between the age of 18 and 45 years of age. Subject to military duty to enroll all without regard to excuse. Excuses will be hereafter heard and attended to."

        Charles H. Fulkerson 18
        John S. Fulkerson 20
        Wm. Fulkerson 28
        Richard Fulkerson 43
        Courtesy of Linda Wheaton
        • Mattie Isabell FULKERSON......b. 9 Dec 1890
        • William A FULKERSON......b. Apr 1892
        • Lorenzo FULKERSON "Renco"
        • Mary Frances FULKERSON......b. 10 Sep 1895
        • Joseph Oscar FULKERSON......b. 30 Apr 1898 at Harrisburg, Saline Co., IL
        • Bertha Marcella FULKERSON
        • Mable Ruth FULKERSON
        • Richard Spencer FULKERSON
        • Roy Lee FULKERSON
        • Jewell FULKERSON

      • Mary FULKERSON.....b. ca. 1870, age 10 on 1880 Census
      • Andrew FULKERSON.....b. ca. 1872, age 8 on 1880 Census
      • David L FULKERSON.....b. 1875
      • Philip FULKERSON.....b. 1878
      • Wiley F FULKERSON......b. 1881
        • Ernest FULKERSON ("Speck")
      • George FULKERSON.....Apr 1883
    • Jonathan Floyd FULKERSON.....23 Feb 1837-1872, m. Martha Ann GILBERT on 7 Jan 1858 at Golconda, Pope Co., IL
    • William Brown FULKERSON.....8 Mar 1838-6 Nov 1906, b. at Golconda, Pope Co., IL, m. (1st) Mary WHITESIDE (1840-1878, b. in VA) on 6 Sep 1857 in Pope Co., IL. After Mary's death in Stockton, Rooks Co., KS, William m. (2nd) Mary E. Loveall BROCKMAN (b. 1848 in MO) about 1879. The 1880 Census found them in that town. The 1900 Census reported them living at Wild Horse, Graham Co., KS with their four youngest children. He died in Bogue, Graham Co., KS. [NOTE: The 1912 RL Polk directory for Graham County includes two businesses in Bogue: JN Fulkerson (general store) and Fulkerson & Chiles (hardware).]   His fifteen reported children by both wives were:
      • Richard Johnson FULKERSON.....23 Nov 1858-1951, b. at Golconda, Pope Co., IL, m. Clarabell HUTCHINGS (b. 1862 in Iowa) on 12 Jul 1878. They were on the 1880 Census at Stockton, Rooks Co., KS, with one daughter. The 1900 Census found them renting a home at Park City, Summit Co., Utah (site of the 2002 Olympics) with three more children. They reported his birthdate as November 1859, and Clara's as October 1864. Richard was a railroad section farmer, and son Herbert was a railroad laborer.
        • Alice FULKERSON.....age 5 months at 1880 Census, b. in KS (birth reported as Dec 1880 on 1900 Census)
        • Herbert FULKERSON.....b. Sept 1882 in Kansas
        • Lottie FULKERSON.....b. June 1889 in Kansas
        • Florence FULKERSON.....b. Oct 1897 in Utah
      • John Barnett FULKERSON.....1862-1878, b. at Golconda, Pope Co., IL,
      • James Frederick FULKERSON.....6 Jun 1864-1940, b. at Golconda, Pope Co., IL, m. Fanny ____
      • Jonathan Floyd FULKERSON.....17 Feb 1867-1950, b. at Lusk, Pope Co., IL, m. Fanny HUGHES, d. at Somis, CA
      • Lillie Adele FULKERSON.....6 May 1869-1928, b. at Golconda, Pope Co., IL, m. Fred HURRELL
      • Leonard FULKERSON.....?
      • Elnora Elizabeth FULKERSON.....12 Jul 1872-12 Dec 1928, b. at Springfield, IL, m. Joseph CROOK
      • Lafayette Armstrong "Fay" FULKERSON.....26 Jul 1874-1954, b. at Stockton, Rook Co., KS. He was the Union Pacific R.R. station agent at Carter, Uinta Co., Wyoming when he met and m. Mary Ann DELANEY (1878-1964, b. at Joliet, IL) on 12 Dec 1898 at Fort Bridger, Uinta Co., Wyoming. Mary's family, from Joliet, IL, had moved to Rock Springs, WY and later began ranching near Fort Bridger. She had worked as a waitress at the Pacific Hotel in Evanston, WY and lived for a year with one of her brothers at Lima, Montana. She met Lafayette when she came to do housework at the boarding house where he was living. Lafayette died at Logan, Cache Co., UT.
        • James Michael FULKERSON....16 Oct 1899-1977, b. at Salt Lake City, UT, m. Emma ____ . A son, Michael, died in breach birth in Dec 1928 at Logan, Cache Co., Utah.
        • Catherine Elizabeth FULKERSON....1902-, b. at Salt Lake City, UT
        • Mabel Lucille FULKERSON....1904-, b. at Downey, ID
        • Robert L. FULKERSON....1905-, b. at Downey, ID, m. a Loraine, lived at Smithfield, Cache Co., UT. His 2-year-old son Robert drowned there in October 1937 per death certificate. The informant was James Michael FULKERSON.
        • Mary Geraldine FULKERSON....1907-, b. at Trenton, UT
        • Lois FULKERSON....1909-, b. at Trenton, UT
        • Jennie Ruth "Bonnie" FULKERSON....b. at Smithfield, Cache Co., UT
        • Dorothy FULKERSON....b. at Smithfield, Cache Co., UT
        • Jenness FULKERSON....b. at Smithfield, Cache Co., UT
      • William Penn FULKERSON.....17 Sep 1877-1963, b. at Stockton, Rook Co., KS, m. in uncertain order to Mary FRANK, Maud ____, and Ida May FRANK. The 1900 Census reported he m. to 18-yr-old 'Ida M.' in 1899 and was living in Morlan Twp, Graham Co., KS.
        • Roy L. FULKERSON.....age 3 months at time of 1900 Census
      • Andrew B. FULKERSON.....22 Aug 1879-10 Dec 1951, b. in Illinois, d. at Monterey, Monterey Co., CA. He was the first child of William and Mary LOVEALL. The March 30, 1902 edition of the Stockton Sentinel contained the following entry: "A.B. Fulkerson and Miss Grace Minor were married Monday at Hill City, returning to Stockton Monday evening. They will go to housekeeping as soon as they can get a house."
      • Jacob Emmett FULKERSON.....23 Sep 1881-20 Mar 1882, born and died at Stockton, Rooks Co., KS
      • Jasper Newton FULKERSON.....28 Jan 1883-18 May 1946, b. at Stockton, Rooks Co., KS, d. at Long Beach, Los Angeles Co., CA. He m. Eva Hazel _____. Per an entry above, he probably operated a general store in Bogue, KS in 1912. They were found on the 1915 Kansas Census living at Wild Horse in Graham Co. The 1925 Kansas Census found them at Gettysburg in the same county. By the 1930 Federal Census they moved to Ft. Collins, Larimer Co., Colorado.
        • Eugene FULKERSON....b. ca. 1912 in KS
        • Donald H. FULKERSON....b. ca. 1917 in KS, lived in southern California after 1940
      • Ella FULKERSON.....8 Apr 1885-?, reported by at least one other researcher as 'Mary Ellen.' Listed on 1900 Census as 'Ella.' She m. (1st) Jack CUCHMAN and (2nd) ____ BLAGG.
      • Etta Ethel FULKERSON.....11 Dec 1887-1971, listed as 'Ettie' on 1900 Census.
      • Grover Cleveland FULKERSON.....7 Jun 1891-30 May 1921, m. Bessie May BRADFORD, d. at Boulder, Boulder Co., CO.
      • Betty FULKERSON.....reported by another researcher, but did not appear on the 1900 Census.
    • Mary J. FULKERSON.....9 Apr 1840-11 Oct 1886, b. at Lusk, Pope Co., IL, aka "Polly." She m. Jacob S. BARGER (SHUFFLEBARGER) on 4 Apr 1858 in Pope Co.
    • Julia FULKERSON.....12 Jul 1842-24 May 1903, b. at Lusk, Pope Co., IL. Also known as Juliette, her date of death has also been reported as 22 Mar 1905. She m. Green Berry HART (b. 1835 in TN) on 1 Mar 1860 at Golconda, Pope Co., IL [Pope Co., IL Book B 109]. At the 1880 Census they were listed immediately after the household of Richard Spencer FULKERSON in Union Twp, Pope County. They had 12 children, per HART family history.
      • Jasper Newton HART....29 Dec 1860-, b. in Pope Co., IL, m. Martha Jane KING (b. 20 Jan 1863 in Pope Co., IL) on 8 Dec 1889 in Pope Co., IL [Pope Co., IL Book A-1/0139 1004] Listed by his middle name in the 1880 Census.
        • Alsie G. HART....
        • Elizabeth Ann HART....16 Oct 1892-, b. in Pope Co., IL
        • Carrie Lee HART....1895-, b. in Pope Co., IL
        • Gertrude Estelle HART....29 Oct 1898-, b. at Golconda, Pope Co., IL
        • Ozro HART....1902-, b. in Pope Co., IL
      • William Joshua HART.....20 Oct 1862-, b. in Pope Co., IL, m. India A. ELAM (b. 14 Jul 1862) on 16 Nov 1890 in Pope Co., IL [Pope Co., IL Book A-1/0151 1160]
        • Van Buren HART.....
        • Julia HART.....19 Aug 1891-, b. in Pope Co., IL, m. Norval FULKERSON
        • John C HART.....1896-
        • George Green HART.....13 Feb 1898-
        • Laura B HART.....19 Feb 1900-
      • Prisilla HART.....1865-, b. in Pope Co., IL, probably Priscilla, m. Nathaniel Green MOYERS on 29 Mar 1883, had 9 children
        • Edna MOYERS.....
        • Fanny MOYERS.....
        • Allie Retta MOYERS.....
        • Julia MOYERS.....
        • Janie MOYERS.....
        • William J MOYERS.....
        • Stella MOYERS.....1884-
        • Till G MOYERS.....27 Jan 1899-
        • Peoria MOYERS.....15 Dec 1900-
      • Minerva HART.....1867-, b. in Pope Co., IL, m. Thomas PARKS
      • Francis Marion HART.....1868-, b. in Pope Co., IL, m. Alice Gertrude BLANCHARD in 1891
      • Richard HART.....1871-, b. in Pope Co., IL, m. Elva Frances JENNINGS
      • Ezra HART.....1874-, b. in Pope Co., IL, m. Mallie GULLETT (b. 1878 in IL) on 28 Feb 1895 in Pope Co., IL [Pope Co., IL Book A-1/0204 1857]
        • Flossie HART.....1896-
      • Martha HART.....1876-, b. in Pope Co., IL
      • James Nathan HART.....26 Dec 1878-, b. in Pope Co., IL, m. Emma SHOOK (b. 1 Apr 1881 at Moultrie, IL) on 15 Nov 1900 in Pope Co., IL [Pope Co., IL Book B/0033 2708]
        • Isham HART.....9 Feb 1905-
        • Greenberry HART.....
        • Joel HART.....
        • Spencer HART.....
        • Jesse HART.....
      • Green Berry HART.....b. ca. 1880 in Pope Co., IL
      • Joel HART.....b. ca. 1882. in Pope Co., IL
      • Esco HART.....b. ca. 1884 in Pope Co., IL
    • James Lafayette FULKERSON.....20 Feb 1848-26 Jun 1913, b. at Lusk, Pope Co., IL, m. Nancy FRIZZELL (b. ca. 1850 in IL; both parents b. in TN). The 1880 Census found them at Monroe, Pope Co., Illinois with three children:
      • Florence FULKERSON.....b. ca. 1869, m. Ephus Raybourn STEAGALL in Pope Co., IL on 30 Nov 1886
      • Martha FULKERSON.....b. ca. 1875
      • James Lewis FULKERSON.....8 Apr 1878-24 Dec 1966, m. Minnie Ann WASSON (28 Jun 1882-26 Nov 1918) of Hartsville, Pope Co., IL on 5 Dec 1899 in Pope County. That couple reportedly had a son named Lewis. [An unresolved entry in the Pope County marriage records is Onie E. FULKERSON (7 Mar 1874-1 Nov 1950, b. in KY) who m. Edward WASSON on 24 Dec 1893.]
        • Tessa FULKERSON....married Earl J. ESTES
        • Lewis Ross FULKERSON....Juanita SHEELEY
    • America "Mattie" FULKERSON.....16 Jan 1855-, b. at Lusk, Pope Co., IL
      NOTE: There were four America Fulkersons in Pope Co., and two Pope Co. marriage records listing that name: one marriage was to Andrew J. BLACKMAN in Pope Co. on 27 Oct 1872, the second to William J. FLEMING on 31 Oct 1897. There was also a 27 April 1892 marriage of a Mattie A. Fulkerson to Milo STORY. Take your pick.
    • Jasper FULKERSON (twin).....15 Nov 1857-10 Feb 1928, b. at Lusk, Pope Co., IL, m. Esther FLANNERY in Pope Co. on 25 Jan 1877, had six children:
      • Loren FULKERSON.....b. Feb 1879
      • Gracie FULKERSON.....b. May 1883
      • Grover FULKERSON.....b. Dec 1884
      • America FULKERSON.....b. Jan 1888
      • Roy FULKERSON.....b. May 1891
      • Loyd FULKERSON.....b. Nov 1892
    • Newton FULKERSON (twin).....15 Nov 1857-23 Mar 1929, m. Verba BLACKMAN (b. 10 Dec 1857) on 10 Dec 1877. Their ten children were:
      • Julia FULKERSON.....1 Dec 1877-, m. Virgil WILLIAMS in Pope Co., IL on 7 Jun 1896
      • Della FULKERSON.....18 Feb 1879, m. Jacob A. EAGLETON on 12 Apr 1896 in Pope Co., IL
      • William Otis FULKERSON.....27 Feb 1882-
      • Priscilla FULKERSON.....17 Jan 1887, m. HEALY
      • Ethel FULKERSON.....28 Sep 1884, m. GULLET
      • Ella FULKERSON.....2 Sep 1889-, m. HUEY
      • Lon R FULKERSON......Sep 1891-
      • Urista FULKERSON.....24 Feb 1892, m. ALCORN (or ALCOM?)
      • James Herman FULKERSON.....10 Dec 1894-
      • Mabel FULKERSON.....14 Jan 1901, m. GABER
  • Thomas FULKERSON..... 19 Aug 1813-2 Jan 1902, born in KY, died in Pope Co., IL. He m. Mary ARMSTRONG on 22 Dec 1836 (per his family Bible). The 1860 Census found them living in Pope Co., IL. A widowed 66-yr-old Thomas FULKERSON, born in KY with parents born in VA, is found on the 1880 Census at Monroe, Pope Co., Illinois, living with several of his children. Per daughter Sarah's 1934 obituary, "in 1838, he purchased a tract of land on the old trail from Ford's Ferry to Fort Kaskaskia, near Lusk, Ill., in Pope County. These deeds we still have signed by Pres. Martin Van Buren salable at Shawneetown. A huge double log house was erected in which the family lived continuously until the date above mentioned. Thomas Fulkerson soon became prominent in the community. His dealings were fair and his friends were many. The principles upon which he stood were those tht promoted individual and universal morality, and when on Jan. 2, 1902, Grandfather Fulkerson passed away the neighbors and friends of this family will bear me witness that Pope county lost one of her best loved citizens."
    • Edith Ann FULKERSON.....b. 1838, m. Wiley CUMMINS on 8 Dec 1859 in Pope Co., IL
    • Dr. Richard Martin FULKERSON....1839-1912. Per Pope County marriage records, he m. (1st) to Eliza Jane BLANCHARD on 21 May 1863 [Book B, p. 303], and (2nd) to Mary Ann TAYLOR on 20 Jul 1870 [Book C, p. 379]. He is bur. at Rushing Cem., Ozark, IL
      Grave of Mary Ann, 2nd wife of Dr. Richard M. FULKERSON
      Marker of Otto and Ethel FULKERSON
      Grave of Mary Arminta (Fulkerson) COPELAND
      Headstone of Harry FULKERSON
      Obituary of Mary Lucinda (Fulkerson) BLANCHARD

      Joseph, Mary Jane (Fulkerson) and William R. BUCHANAN, circa 1877
      Images above contributed by a descendant
      • America FULKERSON....1873-, m. William J. FLEMING on 31 Oct 1897 in Pope Co., IL
      • Otto FULKERSON....1875-1936, m. Ethel COLE (2 Feb 1881-26 Jan 1954), both are buried at Rushing Cem., Ozark, IL
        • Ruth Janet FULKERSON....27 Nov 1909-2000, buried at Rushing Cem., Ozark, IL, beside the graves of Otto and Ethel. Presumed to be their daughter.
      • Mary Arminta FULKERSON....16 Oct 1877-10 May 1973, often called Arminta or Minta, she m. Charles Samuel COPELAND (1871-1965) on 28 Aug 1900 in Johnson Co., Illinois
        • Ruby Mary COPELAND....married to Aloysius C. (Dutch) BUCHER. His father was Karl B. BUCHER. A descendant contributed some interesting if unconfirmed stories about Karl BUCHER which Mary Arminta told her granchildren: "As a wagon maker, Karl would prepare the lumber for the tongue of the wagon by chopping it into shape with an axe. Karl cut into his knee with the axe and after treating it by pouring turpentine into the wound he developed gangrene. He had a number of amputations and the story is that it was nine, but he continued to have gangrene. His doctor, a Doctor Stevenson, was a big drinker. On his last visit he said that Karl had died and covered him with a sheet, leaving a death certificate for the family. Karl made a lot of wine at Oehler's cellar. General [Arthur] MacArthur, father of General Douglas MacArthur, used to come by and get a supply of Karl's wine to take to the Philippines where he was sent for duty. He happened to come by at this time and he was told about the death certificate by Karl's family. He rushed Karl to the US Marine Hospital, got several doctors and they saved Karl's life."
      • Martha FULKERSON....Jan 1880-2 Apr 1958, (twin) [A descendant reports these twins each married a CRAWFORD]
      • Amanda FULKERSON....Jan 1880-31 Oct 1971, (twin)
      • Armisie FULKERSON....about 1881
      • Carrie FULKERSON....about 1882
      • Otis E. FULKERSON....Mar 1885
      • Harry R. FULKERSON....May 1892-20 Jun 1929, he served in WWI in the 78th Division, 309th Machine Gun Battalion
    • Mary Lucinda FULKERSON.....29 Sep 1841-25 Aug 1912, m. Charles BLANCHARD, died at brother John's home where she was born and raised
      • Richard at Jonesboro, AR in 1912
      • Potter BLANCHARD....lived at Simpson, IL in 1912
      • Ada BLANCHARD....m. 2nd cousin William Richard BUCHANAN on 2 Apr 1898, lived in Carrsville, IL in 1912
    • Nancy Jones FULKERSON.....b. 1844
    • James Lewis FULKERSON.....b. 1847
    • Priscilla Elizabeth FULKERSON.....b. 1848, m. Jasper ROBERTSON in Pope Co., IL on 13 Oct 1870
    • Sarah Margaret FULKERSON.....11 Nov 1852-19 Oct 1934, b. and died in Pope Co., IL. She and brother John cared for their father on the family homestead until 1902, neither one marrying. Per her obituary, written by her nephew, "This home was never closed to those seeking food and shelter. The needs of the community were looked after. There were none quite so ready to aid a fallen brother as were those two sainted people." Click here to see her amazingly historical obituary (opens in new window).
    • America Eleanor FULKERSON.....b. 1854
    • John Thomas FULKERSON.....b. 1858, lived on the family homestead near Lusk, Pope Co., IL. See sister Sarah above.
    • Charles Clay FULKERSON.....b. 1860, m. Mary L. S'BARGER, a cousin
    • Jonathan Floyd FULKERSON.....b. Mar 1863, m. Ann M. CUMMINS on 4 Nov 1883 in Pope Co. In 1900 they lived in Monroe twp., Pope Co., IL with 4 children:
      • Otto C. FULKERSON.....b. Jun 1886, he wrote his aunt Sarah's obituary in 1934.
      • Myrtle FULKERSON.....b. Jul 1889
      • Lura FULKERSON.....b. Jan 1891 (female)
      • Robie FULKERSON.....b. Mar 1899 (female)

  • Eleanor FULKERSON..... b. 19 Jul 1815 at Salem, Livingston Co., IL, m. Abraham SHUFFLEBARGER in Pope Co., IL on 30 Oct 1831. His surname also appears in some records as BARGER, S'BARGER or S.BARGER.
    NOTE: An as-yet-untraced William Jackson FULKERSON (b. 1874) married an Alice Permelia SHUFFLEBARGER (b. 1876) on 16 Dec 1896 in Raum, Pope Co., IL. He may be the related to the Norval FULKERSON (also untraced) who m. Julia HART on this page. William's parents were William Ephraim FULKERSON and Mary FRITTS, dau. of J.J FRITTS and Rhoda McCORMICK of Crittenden Co., KY. They appeared on the 1880 Census in Crittenden Co., KY, aged 27 and 22, both born in KY. The elder William was called "Eph" in his mother-in-law's obituary in 1914 (Crittenden Record-Press).
  • Nancy J. FULKERSON..... b. 17 Jul 1817 at Salem, Livingston Co., IL, m. John Lee HAMILTON in Pope Co. on 12 Mar 1837
  • Richard FULKERSON..... 13 Oct 1819 - 28 Mar 1900, b. at Lusk, Pope Co., IL, became a minister, m. Frances BALDWIN on 21 Jun 1841. His wife died on 19 Apr 1876. Their 10 children were:
    • John Lewis FULKERSON.....b. 4 Nov 1841, unmarried
    • Charles Henry FULKERSON.....b. 28 Aug 1844, m. (1st) Rosa Ann TAYLOR on 18 Apr 1865, then (2nd) Mary NEWTON on 18 May 1873, then (3rd) Elizabeth KING on 26 Oct 1879, then (4th) Mahalia ________ who was listed as his wife on the 1880 Census, which found him at Eddyville, Pope Co., IL. Mahalia (or Mahale) had a 5 yr old son on the 1880 Census, listed there as Ezra FULKERSON, stepson. The first three marriages were in the Pope Co. marriage records. He had five reported children:
      • Warda FULKERSON.....(not on 1880 census)
      • Sara FULKERSON.....(not on 1880 census)
      • Johnnie FULKERSON.....(not on 1880 census)
      • Missouri FULKERSON......"Misouria" on 1880 Census, b. ca. 1867 in IL
      • Amanda FULKERSON....b. ca. 1874 in IL, There was a Pope County, IL marriage of an Amanda Fulkerson to Elbert GULLETT on 13 Aug 1896
    • William Green FULKERSON.....19 Jul 1846-before 1881, m. Laura A. ECHOLS (b. ca. 1847, GA) on 5 Nov 1868 in Pope County. She was widowed by the 1880 Census, with a daughter Luroria, age 10. They were living with her widowed mother Elizabeth ECHOLS in Golconda, Pope Co., IL. Her widowed sister Rose Anna ISAACS also lived with them.
    • Martha Ann FULKERSON.....b. 16 May 1848- . There was a Pope County, IL marriage of a Martha Fulkerson to William A. STORY on 4 Feb 1869
    • James Frederick FULKERSON.....30 Aug 1850-17 Aug 1896, m. Martha Lucinda UPCHURCH (20 May 1860-1 Nov 1911) by 1880. He and a number of his descendants had relatively short lifespans or high rates of infant mortality, as were common in that era. James died in Pope Co., IL and is buried at Grandpier Cemetery in Golconda, IL. His wife possibly remarried, eventually went west to live with son Richard, and was buried in Albuquerque, NM. Their five children were:
      • William Green FULKERSON.....b. 2 Nov 1880, m. Monta Belle MENEW
      • Richard Walter FULKERSON.....31 Oct 1881-23 Jan 1936, m. Augusta Louise Caroline SCHAEFER (born in Wisconsin to German immigrants, 3 years his senior) and had 7 children. He was found on the 1910 Census at San Jose, Bernalillo Co., New Mexico, listed as a laborer doing odd jobs. His household included his mother, who possibly remarried after 1896: she was listed as "Mattie L. DUNN." By 1919 they were living in Salt Lake City, Utah (at 3450 South 7th East) when a daughter Ruth, age 15 months, died of peumonia. Richard was listed on Ruth's death certificate as "Walter." The recorder wrote his birthplace was Ohio, possibly in error.
        • Margaret Lucinda FULKERSON....(twin) 14 Mar 1905-2 Sep 1905
        • Richard Henry FULKERSON....(twin) 14 Mar 1905-1 Oct 1990
        • Henry Schaefer FULKERSON....19 Jul 1906-18 Apr 1996
        • Hope FULKERSON....
        • Martha Marie FULKERSON....27 Jul 1908-29 May 1962, listed as "Mattie" on the 1910 Census
        • Roy 1911-before 2000
        • Gladys Edna FULKERSON....10 Oct 1912-17 Aug 1970
        • Ruth Alma FULKERSON....17 Oct 1917-19 Jan 1919
      • Thomas Oscar FULKERSON.....12 Nov 1883-15 Nov 1884
      • Lilly B FULKERSON.....12 Sep 1885-14 Dec 1944, m. Charles Walter DUNN
      • James Ezra FULKERSON.....b. 7 Oct 1888-12 Nov 1892

    • Mary Jane FULKERSON.....17 Sep 1852-1880, m. Joseph H. BUCHANAN in Pope Co. on 24 Feb 1870. She and Joseph had 5 children. Joseph remarried on 9 Jul 1881 to Mary L. STORY and had ten more children. She was possibly the daughter of Susanna FULKERSON and Jordan STORY, which would make the rest of those children Fulkerson descendents as well. The family had scattered through Illinois, Missouri and Arkansas by the time of his death in 1935.
      • daughter BUCHANAN....died in infancy
      • James Morris BUCHANAN
      • Charles Clay BUCHANAN....m. an Orilla, lived at Sikeston, MO, died at age 77 in St. Louis
        • Amos B. BUCHANAN
      • William Richard BUCHANAN....3 Aug 1874-22 Sep 1944, m. 2nd cousin Ada BLANCHARD, daughter of Mary Lucinda FULKERSON, on 2 Apr 1898
      • Samuel Tilden BUCHANAN...died about 1924 in Arkansas

    • Williamson Floyd FULKERSON.....b. 4 Dec 1854, unmarried
    • Juliette FULKERSON.....15 Dec 1857-25 May 1883, m. James K. NEWTON in Pope Co., IL on 14 Apr 1879. It appears her death occurred about the time she gave birth to her second child. The "Portrait and Biographical Review of Johnson, Massac, Pope and Hardin Counties, Illinois. Chicago Biographical Publishing Company, 1893," provides some account of their lives:
      "James K. Newton was born in Pope County, IL, October 25, 1845. His father and mother were Isaac and Phoebe (Murphy) Newtown, the former of Rhea County, TN....At the age of twenty- three he took up the trade of gunsmith without instruction from anyone, but though he has worked a great deal at his trade, yet he has been for the most part of his life a farmer. He was married first at the age of twenty years to Miss Melissa C. Allmond, of Illinois. She bore him one son, William N., now a fine workman as a silversmith at Vienna, Il, who has a wife and one son. Mr. Newton was bereft of his companion shortly after marriage, and he was united to Miss Juliette Fulkerson, of Pope County, a daughter of the Rev. Richard Fulkerson, who bore him two sons, Thomas J., who at this writing (1893) is twelve years of age, and Miles G., ten years old. Mrs Newton died May 25, 1883, since which time our subject has been a widower, and has kept his little family all together. Mr. Newton is not a member of any church, and is entirely free from church creeds. Neither is he a member of any society, and his a lover to the fullest degree of intellectual and religious liberty. He votes the Democratic ticket, and for a livelihood carries on farming in a small way, and is a man of honesty, who has the respect of the entire community."

      • Thomas J. NEWTON.....b. ca. 1881
      • Miles G. NEWTON.....b. ca. 1883

    • Orilla Catherine FULKERSON.....24 Jul 1860, m. (1st) James MOORE on 19 Feb 1880 and (2nd) Will WALTHEN in 1895. Her known children were:

      • Ezra MOORE
      • Hattie Alice MOORE
      • Lura MOORE

    • Joshua Allen FULKERSON.....b. 23 Oct 1862 in Gallatin Co. IL, m. (1st) Julia Ann MOORE, who was born 22 Apr 1865 in Equality, Gallatin Co., IL, and died there on 7 Jun 1906. He afterward married (2nd) Leonora ____, and possibly (3rd) Frita _____. A descendant sent along the following about his life:
      " While I was in Missouri, I was picking my mom's brain and she said that Grandpa Fulkerson was living in Flint, Michigan with Minnie Fulkerson/Byrd and her husband Walter Byrd, at the time of his death.
        Joshua Fulkerson was also married a couple of times after Julia Ann Moore died. The first time was to a woman named Lenora "Unknown" about 1905 in Illinois. My Grandma was 12 when her dad married this woman and she really liked her. His third marriage was to a woman that had a teenage son. They were married in Rocky Ford, Illinois where he owned a store at the time. The way the story goes, this woman's son would lay up and sleep all day and not work. Grandpa Fulkerson was furious about it, he had stated that all his children were made to work and there wasn't any reason why her son shouldn't be too. He paid the woman a great deal of money to take her son, leave him and get a divorce. He never married again."
      The following information was amazingly found on the website, about his first wife, Julia:
      In the Book of Life - God's album - one more name has been penned with care. The portal of the promised land has swung back and one more precious soul has been admitted. On Thursday morning, June 7, 1906, Mrs. Julia Ann Moore/Fulkerson started on that journey from which no traveler returns. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Walker Moore. She leaves a husband and eight children - four boys and four girls, and a host of relatives to mourn her demise. Julia was a kind and affectionate wife, a good and conscientious mother. She told her loved ones she was ready to meet her Savior in peace. Oh, what a consolation this must be to the bereaved ones, to know that in their loss one more has been added to the number who have entered that land of bliss, to bask in the light of the Savior and His infinite love.
      She was born April 22, 1865, near Equality. Funeral services were held at Cottage Grove, where the body was interred. She is "gone, but not forgotten."

      His eight children were:
      • Loren Frederick FULKERSON.....6 Jun 1888-20 Apr 1963, b. in Gallatin Co., IL, m. Myrtle MOSS, 2 children. He lived in Denver, Colorado. His Fulkerson family history research contributed to this site.
      • Minnie Bell FULKERSON.....b. 21 Jun 1891, m. Walter BYRD, 5 children
      • Josie Olive FULKERSON.....b. 28 Jul 1893, m. Forest BALL, 6 children
      • Orval Ralph FULKERSON.....b. 26 Aug 1895, m. Ora Ball LAYVA
      • Alvil Ray FULKERSON.....b. 26 Aug 1895 (twin), m. (1st) Ethel FRITTS, (2nd) Bess REED
      • Lillian Marie FULKERSON.....b. 16 Jun 1897, m. (1st) Sam BARNES, (2nd) Hugh MILLER
      • Ezra Bryan FULKERSON.....18 Mar 1900-1921. Ezra and sister Thelma were listed on the rolls of Crowe School at Matthews, New Madrid County, MO for the 1917-1918 school year, along with some of their cousins from the Ball and King families.
      • Thelma May FULKERSON.....b. 4 Apr 1902, m. Guy DOLL

  • Susanna FULKERSON..... b. 27 Oct 1821 at Lusk, Pope Co., IL, 20 days after her father died at age 32, m. Jordan STORY in Pope Co., IL on 1 Apr 1841. The Mary L. STORY who m. Joseph BUCHANAN after the death of his first wife, Mary Jane FULKERSON, was possibly their daughter.

Richard FULKERSON....b. 24 Apr 1771 in Somerset Co., NJ, d. ca. 1856. He was in the NJ Militia in 1794. Believed to have m. Katy VAN DORN. (Per a second source, a Couwenhoven family site, "Catherine Van Doren was baptized on 6 October 1771 at Dutch Reformed Church, Neshanic, Somerset County, New Jersey. She was the daughter of Peter Van Doren and Francis Huff. Catherine Van Doren married Richard Fulkerson." Van Dorens are also found marrying into other families associated with the Fulkersons in NJ/NY, including Schenck, Van Cleef and Wyckoff. A Richard FULKERSON was appointed one of 17 'Overseers of the Road' at Franklin Township's First Town Meeting, at the Middlebush farmhouse of widow Jane Spader around noon on 9 Apr 1798. He moved to Illinois, probably because his sons Richard and P.D.B. were moving there, in time to appear on the 1840 Illinois census.

George S. FULKERSON...1814-10 Oct 1876,
Obituary for Olivia B. FULKERSON
(Provided by Frank L. Griggs
in June 2007)
Jacob H. FULKERSON of the 10th Illinois Cavalry
in his cavalry jacket
Fulkerson homestead
at Church's Ferry, ND
click to enlarge
and wife Lucinda GILL

click on picture to enlarge
Grover E. FULKERSON - click on image to enlarge
Grover E. FULKERSON (front)
and uncle Andrew NELSON

As Paul Harvey might say,
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the REST of the story
born in Frederick Co., VA. He married Ollivia Barbara RHOADES (13 Oct 1816-19 Mar 1901) about 1837. Their children, all born in Virginia, were shown on the 1850 census for Frederick County. Their oldest daughter, Martha, married in 1853. By 1857, George and Olivia moved to Diona, Union Township, Cumberland Co., Illinois. On the 1860 census, 46-year-old George was listed as a blacksmith in the Hurricane Precinct of Cumberland County, Illinois, living with his wife "Barbary," and five children: Jacob, Elizabeth, George, Eliza and Arminta. In 1870 George was listed as a farm laborer living with his wife "Olivia B." in Union Township, Cumberland County. They occupy a small section of the Hurricane Cemetery:
Fulkerson, John W - son of GS &OB Fulkerson; d. June 23, 1858 aged 20Y 11M 15D
Fulkerson, George S - Died Oct 10, 1876 aged 62Y 3M 26D
Fulkerson, Barbara - wife of GS Fulkerson; Died Mar 19, 1901 aged 84Y 5M 6D
Fulkerson, George W. - ??? 28, 1879 aged 33Y 9M 6D

NOTE: George and his descendants were an "Unattached Branch" during the first year this site was online. With the help of several cousins, each providing a vital clue, we were able to connect some modern-day Fulkersons to their New Amsterdam roots.
  • Martha J. FULKERSON....1836-, m. George W. DAILEY on May 5, 1853
  • John W. FULKERSON....8 Jul 1837-23 Jun 1858, never married. See newspaper obituary below.
  • Barbara C. FULKERSON....1838-,
  • Jacob H. FULKERSON....1839 or 1841-1915, m. Lucinda GILL (of Coles Co., Illinois; 18 Feb 1840-17 Oct 1913; ) before 1865. Per GILL family information, Lucinda was the daughter of James GILL (26 Feb 1798-26 Sept. 1884) of Montgomery Co., KY, who m. Didona NEAL in IL in 1829 and later lived in Cumberland Co., IL.

      Jacob served in the Civil War, enlisting in the 10th Illinois Cavalry at Springfield, Illinois. He reenlisted while stationed in Arkansas and Texas. After 1870 Jacob and Lucinda homesteaded at Church's Ferry, Ramsey Co., North Dakota. Their children were:

    • John W. FULKERSON....1865-Nov 1896, m. Sophia NELSON, daughter of a Norwegian immigrant. They lived near Leads, North Dakota and had four sons. John died in a blizzard in November of 1896, at age 31, leaving Sophia to raise the boys. She moved to Canada, where her son Palmer died in a drowning accident. The remaining boys eventually returned to the US. See the immortal poem about John's tragic death (perhaps the only one written about a Fulkerson) at Dead on the Plain.

      • Grover E. FULKERSON....Per a relative, he lived in Medicine Lake, Montana. "Montana, Its Story and Biography", Vol. 3, page 1188, tells us that "On 15 Jan 1913, [at] Egland, ND, Grover married Miss Pearl Borgenson, born 1894, Faribault, MN, one of six daughters of John M. Borgerson. Fulkerson children: John Eugene, Marjorie, Clinton." Posted by Carole on the GenForum Fulkerson page in 2008.
      • Palmer FULKERSON....drowned at age 18
      • Jacob W. FULKERSON....lived in Saskatchewan and Minneapolis
      • Alvin M. FULKERSON....lived in Grenora, North Dakota; Cody and Lander, Wyoming; and Cutbank, Montana
    • Walter A. FULKERSON...b. ca. 1867
    • Rosannah D. FULKERSON...May 1870-?
    • Sterling O. FULKERSON...1875-?
    • Allen P. FULKERSON...1875-?
  • Elizabeth FULKERSON...1841-, further info unknown
  • George W. FULKERSON....1846-1879, b. in VA, married Emily MATTHEWS (1850-??) on 16 July 1868 in Coles Co., IL, per Illinois marriage records, Vol. E, p. 177. (Emily was the daughter of James MATTHEWS and Ann NOBLE who lived in the Clay Township of Morgan County, Indiana. Her maiden name was previously reported on this site as COX, an error which apparently arose out of family oral history....probably based on the fact that Emily’s mother, Ann NOBLE, married a Charles COX after the death of her first husband.) The 1870 census showed George and Emily had a one-year-old daughter, Lillie A. FULKERSON. Census birth records indicate they were in Missouri in 1874. The 1880 Census reported Emily a widow, living at Union, Cumberland Co., Illinois with four daughters, the youngest three years of age.
    • Lillie A. FULKERSON....b. 1869 in IL
    • Rebecca A. FULKERSON....12 Jul 1871-16 Feb 1934, married a KERNS. A descendant, Frank L. Griggs, contributed information and corrections for this page.
    • Ellen A. FULKERSON....b. 1874 in MO
    • Pirley FULKERSON....b. 1877 in IL
  • Eliza FULKERSON...1848- ,
  • Arminta 1849-1854