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Added: 17 June 1998

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  We received an enquiry from Joe Fulkerson back in March 1997 concerning an Ernest "Speck" Fulkerson of Southern Illinois, the oldest known ancestor in Joe's branch. "Speck" has been on our "Ten Most Wanted" list since December 1997.

  Another Fulkerson, the son of Ernest "Speck" Fulkerson's first cousin, wrote us in June 1998 and solved the case.

  Unfortunately, Joe isn't at the same e-mail address any longer (@wwnet.com), so we're posting this page and hoping he returns to find it.

The Ancestors of Ernest "Speck" Fulkerson

1. Wiley F. Fulkerson, b. 1880 at Union, Pope Co., IL (don't know the wife's name)

2. Richard Spencer Fulkerson (8 Mar 1835-1914) and Minerva Finney (married 6 Sep 1857)

3. James Frederick Fulkerson (17 Sep 1811-1875) and Priscilla Floyd (b. 16 Dec 1817)(married 24 Apr 1834)

4. Richard Fulkerson (29 Jan 1789-7 Oct 1821) and Grace Cousert (also spelled Cousery and Couvert)

5. Frederick Fulkerson (abt. 1755-?) and Elizabeth Pottinger (?? - he married several times. This is the only wife we know, but we don't know if she was the mother of Richard)

6. Dirck (Richard) Fulkerson (22 Mar 1718-1758, killed by Indians) and Eleanor Sharp (?-abt. 1781)

7. Volkert Volkertson (1692-abt.1755) and Dinah Van Lieuw (9 Dec 1694)

8. Dirck Volkerse (1667-22 Jul 1754) and Maria De Witt (married 27 Sep 1691)

9. Volkert Dirckse (1643-abt.1698) and Annetje Phillips

10. Dirck Volkertszen (ca. 1600-1680) and Christina Vigne (ca. 1610-after 1660) (married ca.1631)