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Line of Descent:
Guillaume VIGNE and Adrienne CUVELIER (1st Generation)
Dirck VOLCKERTSZEN and Christine VIGNE (2nd Generation)
Volkert DIRCKS and Annetje PHILLIPS (3rd Generation)
Dirck VOLKERTSON and Maria DE WITT (4th Generation)
Volkert VOLKERTSON (DERRICKSON) and Dinah Aeltje VAN LIEU (5th Generation)

  James FULKERSON was reportedly baptized as Jacobus VOLKERTSON on 22 Jun 1737 at either the Raritan or Readington Dutch Reformed Church in Somerset Co., NJ. However, the documentation of those facts is unclear. His family Bible showed his birthday as 22 Jun 1737, so it is likely he was baptized later. James married Mary VAN HOOK (19 Sep 1747-1831), daughter of Jacob VAN HOOK and Hannah DeBOW on 18 Jan 1764 in Orange Co., NC (now Caswell Co.).   His complete story is told at Captain James Fulkerson - An Overmountain Citizen.

Their 12 children were:


Peter FULKERSON........26 Sep 1764-23 Jun 1847, b. in NC, d. in Lee Co., VA, m. Margaret CRAIG (22 Jan 1773-28 Oct 1839) on 11 Oct 1791.   Margaret's father Robert CRAIG was a wealthy landowner. He gave them a large tract of unimproved land in Powell's Valley, Lee Co., Virginia, where Peter built a two-story log house and cleared out a large farm for his family. This was still a frontier area in the 1790's, at the gateway to the Cumberland Gap, with dangers including Native Americans and bears.
  Peter appears on the 1795 tax rolls for Lee County, his household counted as having one white male over the age of 15 and nine horses. Five years later, the Virginia Republican Party appointed him (together with brother-in-law Benjamin SHARP) to the five-member Lee County "Corresponding Committee" - part of the state's political machine in support of Thomas Jefferson in the Presidential election of 1800. In that same year, on 16 Jan 1800, he received a patent for 436 acres in Lee Co., "on Lone Branch a branch of Walling Creek on the north side of Powells Mountain." The 1810 Lee Co. tax list showed that Peter owned 3 slaves and 12 horses. Peter and his brother Isaac appeared in the records of the Augusta Co., VA Circuit Court (pages 227- 228) in the case of McKenney vs. Preston: "29th of May 1811 Peter Fulkerson deposes in Lee County" and "12th of March 1811 Isaac Fulkerson, aged 34 yrs. deposes in Lee county."
Page from the James Fulkerson family Bible, located
at the Washington County Historical Society in VA

Image courtesy of Marian Jackson

  Peter was an officer in the War of 1812. (One Fulkerson genealogy states he was a Colonel, while another [Preston] says he was a Captain with Andrew Jackson at the Battle of New Orleans in 1815. An 1836 diary by Anne Middleton Craig - possibly a relative - described her journey from Virginia to Missouri. In it she stated she stayed at "Col. Fulkerson's" residence, October 2nd-5th.) Peter and Margaret's ten children were:

Dinah FULKERSON..........15 Jan 1766-22 Jan 1766

Jacob FULKERSON..........12 Dec 1767-21 Apr 1791, m. Catherine EWING. Jacob was riding with brother-in-law Benjamin Sharp in April 1791, looking for strayed horses and cattle. They became separated and Jacob was never seen again. His horse returned home riderless but carrying the message that he had been killed: an Indian tomahawk stuck under the saddle.

Hannah FULKERSON........5 Jan 1769-4 Sep 1848, her middle name was probably DeBow or DeBough. She m. Benjamin SHARP (b. ca. 1762) about 1787. He had grown up on the same southwest Virginia frontier, and in his later years wrote letters and articles describing the perils that arose from the clash of white and Indian cultures. One of those letters, written in 1842, may be viewed here.

In 1816 they moved their family to Missouri and settled on a farm in Warren Co., 3 miles east of Pinckney. In 1818 this area was reorganized as Montgomery Co., and Benjamin became clerk of the County and Circuit courts. A log cabin was built in his yard and this served as the court house. Hannah and Benjamin are buried in a cemetery, now overgrown by forest, near Holstein in Warren Co., MO. Benjamin's headstone tells us he died on 1 Jan 1846. They had 12 children, all born in Virginia:

James FULKERSON.........27 Sep family records, m. (1st) Sarah BALFOUR, then m. (2nd) Patience POTEET (b. 1775) on 2 Oct 1795. James moved to Tennessee by 1809. He was one of the county commissioners when White County was established by the state legislature, and helped lay out the county seat at Sparta in 1810. He next appears on the Lawrence Co., Indiana census in 1820 and 1830. The lineage below is from the FULKERSON-POTEET family Bible and 1850 Census records, which showed Patience living with or near her children at Van Buren Township in Daviess Co., IN.

Note: One DAR lineage and a county historical account credit this James with marriages to (1) Nancy MARTIN, who married into the HUGHES family that was associated with the FULKERSONS during this period, and (2) Elizabeth McMILLAN, who is well-documented as having married Abraham FULKERSON's son James. The Dalton Newsletter in 1976 stated that Nancy MARTIN, daughter of William MARTIN and Rachel DALTON married her 1st cousin Archelaus HUGHES, Jr. and her 2nd husband was "a FULKERSON." We further have it that a James W. FULKERSON, born 1763 and a cousin of this James, married a Nancy MARTIN. Subsequent generations in that branch include males with Martin as a first or middle name.
The children of James Jr. and Patience POTEEET were:

  • Michael Dillingham FULKERSON....26 Jan 1805-before 1861, m. Nancy (b. in TN ca. 1816) about 1830. Their oldest known child, James, was born about 1833 in TN. By 1839 they were involved in a land purchase in Alabama. The next record of this family is the 1860 Census, showing a widowed Nancy moved to Conway Co., Arkansas. It also shows that daughter Hulda was born in Alabama about 1838. A biography of daughter Hulda's husband, Isaac STEELE, tells that Michael died in Tennessee, and that Nancy died in Van Buren Co., AR. Nancy is reportedly buried in the Hardin Cemetery, Morganton, Van Buren Co., AR.
    Document number: 22798 Description number: 1
    Number of acres: 40.0200 Accession number: AL2660__.496
    Patentee Surname: Fulkerson Patentee given name: Michael
    *State name: Alabama *
    Volume: 2660 Page number: 496
    Land office: Tuscaloosa Aliquot part reference: SENE
    Section number: 21
    Township: 15 South Range: 16 West
    Meridian or special survey area: Huntsville Meridian
    Title transfer authority: Sale-Cash Entries
    Combined signature date: Sep. 20, 1839
    1860 Census, Van Buren Co., AR
    Davis Township, house 368, family 371
    Nancy Fulkerson44Tenn$400 land value
    William T.17Tenn
    Jno F.15Tenn
    Dona M.14Tenn
    Susan F.12Tenn

    The known children of Michael and Nancy were:
  • Catherine FULKERSON....28 Jan 1807-??, m. Stephen KILGORE on 15 Apr 1843 in Lawrence Co., IN
  • James FULKERSON (III?)....7 Jul 1809-??, b. in TN, m. Pantha Ann EVANS (b. in IN) on 16 Feb 1836 in Lawrence Co., IN (where her name has been transcribed from marriage records as Panthy M. GEORGE). He appeared on the 1850 Census for Daviess Co., IN, living in Van Buren Twp, with his wife listed as "Anne" and five children: Isaac (14), Calvin (12), Michael (10), Jacob (6), Zebba (1). The 1880 Census found "Anne" (b. in KY; father: CT, mother: GA) living with a 24-yr-old son James H. FULKERSON in the very large household of William A. BEAN at Steele, Daviess Co., Indiana.
  • Sally FULKERSON....26 Jul 1811-??, b. in TN
  • Francis (Frank) FULKERSON....1 Dec 1812-??, b. in TN
  • Jacob FULKERSON, Sr.....Dec 1815-??, b. in TN m. (1st) Meritta KILGORE (27 Nov 1810-15 May 1846) on 23 Jan 1839 in Daviess Co., IN. He m. (2nd) Rhoda RIGGINS on 13 Dec 1847 in Lawrence Co., IN. Jacob and Rhoda are listed in the 1850 Census for Daviess Co., IN, living in Van Buren Twp, occupation: farmer. The 1880 Census finds him at Bogard, Daviess Co., Indiana with a wife Emily C., age 48. Their household included three children who may have been theirs together, plus a nephew Jacob.
  • Benjamin Franklin FULKERSON.....24 Mar 1820-23 Aug 1915, born in Lawrence Co., IN, lived to age 95. He was listed in the 1850 Census for Daviess Co., IN, living in Van Buren Twp, occupation: farmer. A history of Clarksburg, Daviess Co., Indiana states that the town was platted in 1848 and Benjamin Fulkerson bought the first two lots for $12 each. He married Mary RIGGINS on 19 April 1852. There was a biographical sketch on B. F. Fulkerson in the "History of Harrison and Mercer Counties, MO," page 533. Benjamin was widowed and living with son Jasper at the time of the 1880 Census. His occupation was landlord.
  • Mahala FULKERSON.....Indiana marriage records showed Mahala FULKERSON m. John DITTON in Lawrence Co., IN on 10 Feb 1838; no other info found to definitely link her to this family, but they appear to be the only Fulkersons there at the time.
  • John FULKERSON............5 Jan 1775- 29 Jan 1846. Lee County tax records for 1795 show John owning two horses. He m. Jane "Jeancie" HUGHES, dau. of Col. Archelaus HUGHES and Sally DALTON, on 16 Jun 1801 in Patrick Co., VA. Tax records show them living in Lee County in 1810. John died on 22 Jan 1846 in Lee Co., VA. Their nephew Archelaus Hughes III of Dresden, TN, opposed (and lost to) John W. Crockett, son of the recently-deceased Davy Crockett, in the 1836 Congressional election. (Crockett - 8,456 votes; Hughes - 1,413 votes.)

      NOTE: This site previously used material based on the widely-quoted research of Lucy Henderson Horton, who wrote of the Hughes, Martins, Daltons and other allied Virginia families. In early 2010 another Hughes researcher pointed out a significant pattern of factual errors in the Horton material, the use of which has been discontinued.
      John and Jeancie had 10 known children, with most born in Lee Co., VA:

    Isaac FULKERSON...........9 Aug 1776-Apr 1836..........m. Rebecca NEIL (b. ca. 1781 in VA), served for a time as a sheriff in Lee Co., VA and appeared on the 1810 tax rolls for that county. He moved his family to Kentucky and then to Missouri in 1814, settling near Daniel BOONE at Darst Bottom, St. Charles Co., MO. He was listed in Femme Osage township in the 1817 St. Charles Co. Census Enumeration, owning 4 slaves 16-45 years old and one slave 10-16 years old. On 18 May 1827 he was in St. Louis, settling the probate of Johnson TAYLOR of neighboring Montgomery Co., MO. In January 1835 one of his slaves, Jack, was arraigned for the murder of Wesley, a slave of Daniel HAYS (he used a club). See the Boone Connection The 1850 Census for St. Charles Co., MO found Rebecca, aged 69, living with her sons Isaac and Peter. He served one term in the Missouri State Senate. Isaac and Rebecca had 10 children:

    Frederick DeBow FULKERSON.....1 Jan 1779-4 Sep 1848, b. Washington Co., VA, d. Lafayette Co., MO. Frederick m. Sally BRADLEY (30 Mar 1790-22 Mar 1845) in 1808. They were in Lee County in 1810 (tax rolls). In 1814 he purchased some land from his fellow heirs of Captain James, as recorded in this indenture. By 1819 they moved to the town of Washington in Rhea Co., east Tennessee, where Frederick established a business ("Frederick Fulkerson & Co"). In 1829 the family ventured west to Lafayette Co., Missouri. Their first child was born in Lee Co., VA, but places and dates are not available for all. His son William's biography in "History of Northwest Missouri" described Frederick as a merchant and farmer. Various sources state he had 11, 12 or 13 children - using the best possible current information, all probable children are listed here:

    Mary FULKERSON......25 Apr 1781-??, m. Abram BRADLEY about 1797, no further information

    Catherine FULKERSON....17 June 1783-??, reportedly m. (1st) John HANBY on 10 Aug 1797, and later m. (2nd) Dr. Jerry CLAPP. Virginia records provide additional information about John HANBY and his family. He was the son of Jonathan HANBY and Sarah (Sally) DALTON. Jonathan was a captain in the Patrick Co. militia during the Revolution and was active in the campaign against the British in North Carolina. John was named in his father's will (1817). After Sarah died in 1841, a Patrick Co., VA court determined her only living children were Susannah CARTER, Mary SMITH and Nancy MITCHELL. A Patrick County deed book (No. 12, pp. 507-511) lists the children of John HANBY who petitioned to collect from Archelaus CARTER their share of the estate of Jonathan and Sarah HANBY in Patrick Co., VA, including where and when they signed.

    Thomas FULKERSON.......23 Mar 1786-19 Nov 1840 (birthdate also reported as 25 May 1785), m. Margaret BRADLEY. Thomas served as a Sergeant in the Fifth Regiment, Virginia Militia, in the War of 1812. [Index to the Compiled Military Service Records for the Volunteer Soldiers Who Served During the War of 1812, M602, National Archives and Records Administration] He was appointed Commissioner of Revenues for Washington Co., VA in 1819, and Justice of the Peace in the following year. No known children. [Thompson states he may have had a son, Abner.] Thomas and Robert E. BRADLEY witnessed the will of George GOODMAN in Washington Co., VA on 25 May 1833.

    Abram FULKERSON, Sr.........3 April 1789-2 Oct 1859, b. in Lee Co., VA, bpt. 21 Apr 1791. Abram was listed on the 1810 tax roll in Lee Co., VA. As Captain Abram FULKERSON he commanded a company of Virginia Militia in Colonel David SANDERS Regiment, 4th Brigade, Norfolk Division of Gen. Peter B. PORTER, during the War of 1812. He married Margaret Laughlin VANCE (1796-22 Jun 1864), daughter of Samuel VANCE and the late Margaret LAUGHLIN (she died in 1814) in November 1815. They remained on his father's farm, taking care of his mother until her death in 1830. Abram moved to Rutledge, Grainger Co., Tennessee by 1835 and continued the pursuit of farming. He was a justice of the peace for a number of years, and considered a man of high esteem in Grainger County. Click here to view his family Bible.  His nine recorded children were:

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