New Jersey Fulkersons
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Line of Descent:
Guillaume VIGNE and Adrienne CUVELIER (1st Generation)
Dirck VOLCKERTSZEN and Christina VIGNE (2nd Generation)
Volkert DIRCKSE and Annetje PHILLIPS (3rd Generation)
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  After three dozen years in Dutch New Amsterdam, and about the same number of years under British rule in New York, most of the Fulkersons emigrated to the west. The Colony of New Jersey was the "core location" of the Fulkersons from about 1700 through the time of the American Revolution. Lands there were initially purchased from English grants held by New York entrepreneurs. The Indian population in Somerset County were Unami Indians, part of the Lenapi Tribe and Algonquin Nation. Some remained and appeared in early records of land sales through the mid-1700s. This was a source of conflict, because the Indians and wealthy English land grant recipients often claimed and sold the same land. In the 1740s the British government attempted to evict families who had lived on farms for a generation or more, which led to civil disobedience and rioting - in virtually every county - during that decade. Beginning about 1750 and continuing through the early 1800s, most of the FULKERSONs gradually left New Jersey. In 1850 there were only 32 remaining in Somerset County, and a few of those were black.

  New Jersey was a slave state: "Slavery was encouraged in New Jersey under the [British] "Concessions and Agreement," which offered 60 acres of land for every enslaved African imported in 1664...Because New Jersey allowed duty free importation of African people, the colony of New Jersey became the conduit to other states. Nearly all other states imposed a tax on the importation of men, women, and children from Africa to be used as slave labor. In 1726, there were 2,581 African people counted as slaves in New Jersey. By 1790, there were 14,185....comprising nearly eight percent of New Jersey’s population." [Source: Slavery in New Jersey] Despite laws intended to gradually phase out slavery in New Jersey, beginning in 1804, slavery or forced labor still existed to a limited extent at the outbreak of the Civil War in 1861.

  New Jersey was the only Northern state that neither voted for Abraham Lincoln in 1860 nor agreed to ratify the 13th Amendment (abolishing slavery) of the United States Constitution. Only a stone's throw from New York City, in many ways New Jersey was very much a "Southern" state. We tend to find incidences of slave ownership among the FULKERSONS only when revealed in will records, although it was probably more prevalent than these discoveries have made known.

  This accounting begins with the descendants of Volkert DIRCKS, son of Dirck Volckertszen De Noorman, and Annetje PHILLIPS, daughter of Phillip LANGELANS. Based on all available evidence, this listing includes eleven children, many of whom were among the early settlers of Somerset County, New Jersey:


A current map encompassing greater New York City and part of New Jersey. Red squares are key locations where Fulkersons settled. New Jersey counties are highlighted. The Millstone River is bright blue, at center of map. Black and red square is site of old New Amsterdam.
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Footstone at the grave
of Dirck Volkertson. Headstone
was made from shale and fell apart.
Headstone of Geertje

  1. Dirck VOLKERTSON and Maria DE WITT
    (4th Generation)

      Dirck was born in Bushwick. Records about him begin in 1689 when he was appointed ensign of the town militia. He loaned money to his uncle Jacob Dircksen, on 17 July 1689, signing his name 'Derck Folckerse.' His marriage to Maria DE WITT [b. 1671, d. of Peter DE WITT and Sarah ALBERTS], a widow, took place on 25 Sep 1691 in the Reformed Dutch Church of Flatbush. His name was listed as 'Derck' when he served as a grand-juryman at the court of sessions in 1692. The 1698 census showed he had a wife, three children and two slaves.

      About 1700 he moved his family to Somerset County, New Jersey -- some 35 miles southwest of Manhattan Island. How did he and the other migrating Fulkerson families accomplish that? Probably by boat: from Noorman's Kill sailing west across the East River, then southwest around the southern ends of Manhattan Island and Staten Island, and finally west on the Raritan River to the Millstone River.

      Dirck purchased land on the Millstone River from John Royce in 1701 (click here to read the 1701 sale document). By its description, the land was possibly at the current location of the Royce Brook Golf Club near Millstone, NJ. On August 1st, 1704, he was listed as "Derck Volckers" when he witnessed a baptism for 'Willem LAENSSEN' at the Raritan Dutch Reformed Church. His wife Maria died a few years later. On 27 Sep 1710 at the DRC in New York City he married (2nd) Jenneke SCHOUIWTEN, with whom he had no known children. Beginning in that same year he and brother Nicholas and their mother Anna acquired land in the Harlingen Tract west of Millstone. Anna, in the most northerly part, had land adjacent to Wood's Tavern, on the east side of the intersection of Hwy 206 and Amwell Road. The Tract was roughly bounded by Willow Road and Hwy 206 on the east, the Harlingen-Dutchtown Road on the south and Neshanic Mountain on the west. The two lots purchased by Dirck and one of brother Nicholas were slightly southwest of the intersection of 206 and 601.

    Also beginning about 1710, Dirck operated a mill business with brothers Philip and Nicholas at Bound Brook on the lower Millstone River. (Bound Brook was surrounded or "bound" by brooks: the Raritan and Millstone rivers met there on the south side, and Green Brook was on the east side.) On 25 Apr 1711, "Derck Volkers and wife" witnessed the baptism of Marya, daught of Willem POST.

      In the 1720's he had four more children by his (3rd) wife, Geertje ZYNIELTSE, or ZYNIELTSEN (b. 1685), the last of whom was a son named Dirck, baptized on 19 Nov 1727. Dirck wrote his WILL in November 1752. It named his children, including his daughters' spouses and two of his daughters' children. He died on 22 Jun 1754 at Millstone River, Somerset, NJ and was interred at the Weston Burying Grounds. Dirck's will was proved on 5 Aug 1754 (Lib. F, p. 199; Vol. III, p. 342, Calendar of NJ Wills). The inventory of his estate included Negro slaves. The executors were his wife Geertjie, son-in-law Peter SCHENCK and John BROKAW of Somerset County. The witnesses were Hendrick SCHENCK, Joseph FOLKERSEN and Sarah FOLKERSON. Geertjie survived him until 12 Dec 1759, at age 74 according to her headstone. Their seven known children were:

    • Volkert VOLKERTSON.....b: 1692 in Bushwick, NY, d. 1755 in Virginia. He married Dinah VAN LIEUW [b. 9 Dec 1694 at Jamaica, Long Island, NY] on 16 Nov 1716 at the Reformed Dutch Church of Flatbush in Brooklyn (recorded as 'Folkert Dirk to Dina Van Leven').   Volkert and Dinah moved to Somerset County, New Jersey, where his father and two uncles were operating a mill. He is possibly the "Folkert Folkertzen" who witnessed the 28 Mar 1725 baptism of Maria, daughter of Teunis BOGART and Catharina HEGEMAN at the Staten Island DRC. The baptism of their seventh child in 1733, and a January 1741 notice in the "American Weekly Mercury," placed them in Hunterdon County:
      "Run-way, about 14 Months ago, from Folkart Derickson, of Reding Township in Hunterdon County, New-Jersey, an Irish Servant Man named James Martin. He was lately taken up, and made his second escape on the 29th of last Month, from Frankford, and calls himself Patrick Brupstes: He is about 22 years of age, of middle Stature, pretty well set, of a sandy Complexion, very talkative and nimble. He had on when he made his escape, a blue great Coat, a close-body'd Coat, a pair of Leather Breaches, a good white Shirt, Worsted Stockings and sharp To'd Shoes. He has also a pair of other Storckings, and either wears a small Felt Hat or a Scotch blue Bonnet, and went away with Hand-Cuffs on. He pretends to be a Weaver, and some other Trades, but understands nothing of them.

      Whoever takes up the said Servant and Secures him so that he may be had again, shall have Forty Shillings Reward and all reasonable charges, paid by Folkart Derickson." [NJ Archives, 1st Series, Vol. XII, p. 116]
      See Volkert VOLKERTSON went to North Carolina for more information on this branch.
      • Dirck VOLKERTSON.....bpt: March 22, 1718 at Raritan DRC, witnessed by "Dirck VOLKERTZE; Grietje ZYNIELSE." He was killed by Indians in NC.
      • Frederick VOLKERTSON.....bpt: October 14, 1719 at the Raritan DRC, witnesses: "Jacop Parrabaska and wife" (Jacob PROBASCO and wife Anna VAN LIEUW, sister of Dinah.)
      • Volkert VOLKERTSON.....bpt: 10 Jan 1725 at Raritan DRC: "Dinksen, Volckert and Dina - Volckert"
      • Dinah VOLKERTSON.....bpt: 2 Apr 1727 at Raritan DRC
      • Deborah VOLKERTSON.....bpt: 6 Apr 1729 at Raritan DRC: "Volckersen, Volckert and Dina - Debora." She apparently died by 1735.
      • Peter VOLKERTSON.....bpt: 4 Jul 1731 at Raritan DRC, killed by Indians in OH
      • Johannis VOLKERTSON.....bpt: May 13, 1733 at the Readington DRC
      • Deborah VOLKERTSON.....bpt: 20 Apr 1735 at Raritan DRC: "Dirckse, Folkert and Dina - Debora"
      • Jacobus VOLKERTSON.....born 22 Jun 1737 per his family Bible See his Descendants page.
      • Abraham VOLKERTSON.....bpt: May 18, 1740 at the Readington DRC See his Descendants page.
    • Peter VOLKERSE.....bpt: August 21, 1695 in Bushwick, NY. His parents were listed as Dirck VOLCKERSZEN and Maria WIP. The witnesses were uncle Claes (Nicholas) VOLCKERSZEN and Anna VAN CLEEFT, listed as the wife of Philip VOLCKERSZEN. He was listed on the 1698 Kings County census, not heard of again
    • Annetje VOLKERSE.....bpt: November 14, 1705 in Raritan, NJ: "Volkers, Derck and wife: Annetien. Witnesses: Hendrick Reyniersse and wife."
      Is this possibly the Annatje VOLKERTS, wife of Mangel Janse ROLL, who was a witness at a NY DRC baptism on 26 Mar 1727?
    • Hannah VOLKERSE.....m. _____ DALLY. (There was a John DALLY reported in the NJ Archives for 1757: he built a double-deck privateer named the Sturdy Beggar "for his Majesty's protection." This was during the French and Indian War, when French privateers were prowling and raiding along the Jersey coast.)
      • Mary DALLY
      • Elizabeth DALLY
      • Annatje DALLY
      • Geertje DALLY
    • Deborah VOLKERSE.....m. Hendrick ROSABOOME. (This surname appeared dozens of times in the Albany, NY DRC records in the 1700s. A Johannes ROSEBOOM was an alderman and a lieutenant in Albany, probably in the local militia.)
      • Garret ROSABOOME...married a Gertrude, per his will of 14 Mar 1796, which also named his son Robert and made them both his executors. It mentioned other children, but did not name them. John BROKAW, Philip FULKERSON and Richard FULKERSON inventoried his estate at Bridgewater Twp., Somerset Co., NJ, on 22 Apr 1796.
    • Maria VOLKERTSON.....bpt: 30 Aug 1724 at the Raritan DRC: "Volckersen, Dirck and Geertje - Maria." She m. Peter SCHENCK on 14 Aug 1747 in Somerset Co. [NJ Marriage Records 1665-1800]. This may be the same Peter SCHENCK who built a mill in 1746 at Blackwells Mills, on the West Bank of the Millstone River about two miles south of Millstone.

      The register of the New Millstone church included an entry on 16 Nov 1769, listing "Maria Volkerson, wife of Peter Schenck." A 2 Mar 1767 notice listed "Peter Schenck, Inn-Keeper, Freehold, Monmouth Co." as the assignee of the estates of 17 insolvent debtors, with an invitation for the "creditors of said Debtors - or their attorneys - to meet at the house of Peter Schenck." A month later his name appeared on a list of "Governors & Trustees" supporting the foundation of a Dutch Reformed Church "Seminary or College" in New Jersey. In 1772 he advertised the sale of 200 acres at Millstone, land which formerly belonged to Johannes SCHENCK.

      Maria died after 1779. She was named in Peter's will, which was written on 11 Nov 1779 and proved on 11 Feb 1780. [NJCW, Vol. XXXIV] He left their son John P. SCHENCK "1000 acres, part of No. 10 in the Great Patent in Ulster Co., NY; 500 acres in Nos. 69 & 74; also 375 acres in Lots Nos. 32 & 43 both in Penryne Twp., Gloucester Co., NY." To A grandson Peter SCHENCK he left 500 acres in Nos. 46 & 53 in Penryne Twp. His wife Maria was to have the use of the lands specified. The rest of his estate was divided among their daughters "Gitty" and Maria, son John P. SCHENCK and grandson Peter Schenck MERCER. His sons-in-law were named as Archibald MERCER and John TYSON.
      • John P. SCHENCK....
        • Peter SCHENCK....
      • Gitty SCHENCK....m. John TYSON
      • Maria 1747-1 Jan 1808, d. at Newark, NJ. She m. Archibald MERCER on 23 Jul 1770, had nine children.
        • Maria MERCER....Aug 1771-8 Jul 1841, m. Dr. Peter T. STRYKER and died childless
        • Peter Schenck MERCER...14 Jun 1776-1 Apr 1833, d. at New London, CT. He m. a (1st) a Margaret with who he had four children. She died in 1814 at the age of 31. He then m. (2nd) Rebecca STARR and had four more.
        • Louisa MERCER....5 Aug 1778-
        • Gertrude MERCER....25 Oct 1781-
        • Charlotte MERCER....Feb 1784-, m. Theodore FRELINGHUYSEN
        • William MERCER....2 Mar 1786-1810
        • Eliza MERCER....14 Jun 1787-
        • Archibald MERCER....1 Dec 1788-, m. (1st) Abigail STARR and (2nd) Harriet WHEAT, had ten children.
        • John MERCER....9 May 1790-
        • Eliza MERCER....b. 9 Mar 1793, died in infancy
        • John MERCER...b. 1 Jul 1794, died in infancy
    • Dirck VOLKERSON.....bpt: 19 Nov 1727 at the Raritan DRC, m. on 28 Jan 1752 to his cousin Sarah FULKERSON: "Derrick FALKESON and Joseph FALKASON, both of the County of Somerset, yeomen... [bound to]... Jonathan BELCHER, Governor... 500 pounds... 28 Jan 1752. ... Derrick FALKESON... obtained license of marriage for himself and for Sarah FALKESON of the County of Somerset, spinstres... [w] William BURNET." He was not listed in his father's 1752 will. Family legend states he drowned shortly after marriage, probably before his father wrote the will in November 1752.


  2. Neeltje VOLCKERTS
    (4th Generation)

    Neeltje VOLCKERTS was b. in 1669. About 1687 she m. (1st) Cornelius CORTELYOU (ca. 1662-1690?, son of Jaques CORTELJOU and Neeltje VAN DUYN). There was one known child from this marriage. [NOTE: Neeltje's father-in-law Jaques was appointed Surveyor General of New Netherland on 23 Jan 1657.] Neeltje was already widowed and possibly remarried when her brother Dirck participated in a CORTELYOU/DE WITT baptism on 15 Nov 1694: "Neeltje. Pieter Cordelyouw, Diewertje de Witt. [witnesses:] Dirck Volkerse, Maria Cordelyouw."
    • Annatje CORTELYOU.............bapt. in the Flatbush DRC, 9 Sep 1688: "Antie, child of Cors. Cortelyou, Neltje Volkers," [witnessed by] Volkert Dirks and Neltie Cornelissen." She m. third cousin Isaac LEQUIER on 29 Mar 1711.
      • John LEQUIER
      • unknown LEQUIER

      Neeltje then married (2nd) Johannes VAN DER GRIFT at the Flatbush DRC on 23 Sep 1692: "Johanes V. der Grif to Neltie Volkers." [Holland Society Year Book, 1898, p. 95] Johannes was baptized on 19 Jun 1658, son of Paulus Leendertszen VAN DER GRIST. The spelling of that surname was evolving to VAN DER GRIFT about the time they married. Neeltje and Johannes reportedly moved to Bensalem, Bucks Co, PA, where she died about 1740. (Just to confuse things, there was a marriage of "Neeltje Dirckx and Rutger Van Hooren" on 25 Apr 1697 at the Bergen, NJ, DRC.)

    • Jacob VAN DER GRIFT....bapt. 14 Oct 1696 at the New York DRC, witnessed by "Philip Volckertszen, Jannetje Van Tricht"
    • Volkert VAN DER GRIFT....details unknown


  3. Philip VOLKERSE and Ann VAN CLIEFT
    (4th Generation)

      Philip VOLKERSE was b. ca. 1670 in Bushwick, NY. He m. Ann VAN CLIEFT abt. 1695 and in the 1698 census was listed as having a wife and two children (Folkert and Rebecca). He probably retained a home in New York through 1704, when a survey showed he owned land at Fulton St and Bedford Ave in Brooklyn. As early as 1703, however, his name appeared among the membership of the Three-Mile Church near Raritan, NJ. About the same time he began his partnership with his brothers to operate a mill in Somerset County, NJ.
    NOTE: Van Clieft was but one spelling of this surname. It also appears as Van Cleef, Van Cleve, etc. Among the famous BOONE family, who were originally Quakers living in Berkshire Co., PA, Squire BOONE Jr. [5 Oct 1744-5 Aug 1815, brother of Daniel] married Jane VAN CLEVE on 8 Aug 1765 in North Carolina. Jane was a great niece of our Ann VAN CLIEFT.

      It's reported that the Somerset Historical Quarterly lists several items related to Philip: that his brother Dirck bought the Millstone land for the mill they co-owned in 1704; that Philip bought Lot 9 in Franklin Township from 5 land speculators in 1713 for 332 pounds; in 1725 he bought 100 additional acres of "upland" from the heirs of a Mr. Dockwra, another early Somerset settler, for 108 pounds; he had a mill on a little stream that ran
    NOTE: There are many references on this page to baptismal records. There is a Fulkerson-specific list of baptisms on the New York-New Jersey records page on this site. There is also a complete listing of the Raritan DRC records, from 1699 to 1745, available on the Rootsweb site.
    through his property, east of Cedar Grove Lane. In 1735 his name appeared on the tax list for the township of Franklin, with 400 acres, 17 cattle, 16 sheep. He was taxed £3, 8s.

      As late as 1778, a military map drawn by a Robert Erskine showed the location of Philip's house (then occupied by "Richard Fulkerson") and mill (now a sawmill, operated by J. VANDERVOORT); and finally that Philip's old house survived for a long time, incorporated into a larger structure and used as a restaurant. [NOTE: There is a cemetery said to include Fulkersons, at the Taylor Farm Burying Ground in Franklin Twp., Somerset Co., according to the Somerset Co. Genealogical Society]

      On 28 Feb 1719, he witnessed the will of Cornelius VAN HOUGHEM, along with Abraham VAN MIDDLESWART and Alex'r MCDOWELL. On 12 Aug 1720 he and sister Christyntje SEBRING (listed as Christiana Seber) witnessed the baptism of Flip VAN MIDDLESWART at the Raritan First Reformed Church. [NOTE: The VAN MIDDLESWART surname evolved from the family of Teunis NYSSEN in the late 1600s when one of his sons began using it to indicate he was from Flatbush (Midwout) in Brooklyn. Another son took the surname TUNISON. The third son used DE NYSE, which later became . For a period of time in the 1700s, TUNISON and VAN MIDDLESWART were used interchangeably within the same families. You'll see this later on the page.] By 1721 or 1722 Ann had died and Philip m. (2nd) Mettye Symonsen VAN ARSDALEN (Mettye was listed as Philip's wife at a New Brunswick Dutch Reformed Church baptism on 1 Jul 1722). She was the dau. of Sijmon Jansen VAN ARSDALEN and Pieterje KLAASZ (VAN SCHOUW), and the widow of Evert Jansen VAN WICKELEN. Mettye brought some of her younger children into the family, including a daughter named Folkertje. Folkertje m. Simon VAN NORTWYCK and had a son Phillipus baptized on 19 Feb 1721 at the DRC in Jamaica (Queens Co.), New York, witnessed by "FOLKERSEN, Flep and Catrynte LEEWENS." Catrynte was the wife of Johannes VAN LEEWEN and sister-in-law of Dinah VAN LEEUWEN who was the wife of Philip's nephew Volkert VOLKERTSON. On 2 occasions in 1726 Philip and "wife Metje" witnessed baptisms at Raritan - for the Simon VAN TWICKEL family on 1 Jan and on 26 Jun for his daughter Rebecca's brother-in-law, Jan Van MIDDLESWART.

      A 1733 letter exists in which Mettye claimed part of an inheritance. Philip was assessed 3 pounds, 8 shillings for his 400 acres of land, 17 cattle and 16 sheep at Franklin Township in 1735. (His neighbors were listed as "Rulif Sebring" and "Symen Van Wickle.") He left a will before he died in early 1740 in Somerset Co., NJ. He and Anne had 8 children between 1695 and about 1712: Annetje (1st, died young), Folkert, Rebecca, Johannis, Philip, Joseph, Dirck and Annetje.

    • Folkert FOLKERSON....b. 1697 in Bushwick, NY, d. 1780 in Somerset Co., NJ, m. Femmetjie BUYS (bapt. 10 Apr 1698 in Brooklyn, NY, with parents listed as Jacob Janson BUYS and Marrieta Joris JACOBSEN) in 1723. Her grandfather may have been Jan Petersen BUYS who arrived in New Amsterdam on the "Rosetree" in March 1663. Folkert lived in Bedminster Township, Somerset Co., NJ. Femmetje BUYS, "wife of Folkert Folkertse," appeared on the rolls of the Harlingen Dutch Reformed Church (DRC) on 14 Nov 1764. [NOTE: The Harlingen Dutch Church is located west of Hwy 206 on Dutchtown-Harlingen Road.] Folkert's descendants include significant Fulkerson branches in California, Kentucky and Pennsylvania.

      "In the darkest hours, the Father of his Country found his safest asylum among the New Jersey Dutchmen."
      Middlesex and Somerset counties in New Jersey were both encampments and battlefields for George Washington and the Continental Army during the American Revolution – it was their Sherwood Forest. Details on the American Revolution page.
      Per the NJ Calendar of Wills [Vol. XXXIV], his will was made on 11 Feb 1780, naming sons Cornelius and John - "both of said county, farmers" - as administrators. His estate was inventoried by Caleb JEFFERS and James WHAELING, and valued at £1,195. [Note: BUYS, also spelled BUIJS (and later Anglicized to BOICE or BOYCE), is the Dutch version of BAEZ, a name imported into the Netherlands during the Spanish occupation in the 16th Century.]
      • Jacob FULKERSON....bpt. 28 Feb 1725 in New Brunswick, Middlesex Co., New Jersey, d. 5 May 1799 in Byram Township, Sussex Co., New Jersey, m. Maria FISHER. She was bapt. 14 May 1729, the dau. of Hendrick and Elizabeth FISHER. Her brother Hendrick, a farmer, was active in the Independence movement, beginning in 1770 when he was appointed caretaker of the state barracks at New Brunswick. (There was already rioting in several counties of New Jersey over the impact of the Stamp Act.) The journals of Andrew JOHNSTON, who managed leases in the 10,000-acre Peapack Patent near Bedminster, place Jacob leasing a parcel of that land: "Jacob Folkerse, Mr. Fisher's son-in-law, speaks to me about the place he lives on and wants to have 50 acres of John Smith's land joyn'd to it, which I told him he could hardly expect; consented to let him stay this year but chuse not to lease to him; he has the carractor of an idle fellow." The Calendar of New Jersey Wills (compiled in 1928) listed him as James FULKERSON when he witnessed the will of Mary PRALL in 1761. The will of a Jacob BUYS, in Somerset County in 1764, was witnessed by William LAYTON, Hendrick FISHER and Jacob FULKERSON. Jacob's own will, made on 5 Mar 1799, named his son and daughter-in-law, John and Mary FULKERSON, as his administrators. "Fellowbondsmen" were Daniel TURNER and Thomas SHIELDS. [NJCW, Vol. XXXVIII, 1796-1800, Lib. 38-506, File 818S.]
        • Elizabeth FULKERSON....bapt. January 15, 1748/49 in Brunswick, Middlesex Co., NJ Dutch Reformed Church
        • Volkert FULKERSON....bapt. August 04, 1751 at the Raritan DRC: "Folkerse, Jacob and Marya--Folkert. Witness: Marritie Folkerse" He may be the "Fulkert Fulkerson" who served in Captain Conrad Ten Eyck's company of (Bridgewater, Somerset County) militia during the Revolution. An 1898 letter from a descendant of this branch, addressed to the War Dept., described two brothers, John and Fulkerd, who served together. The John Fulkerson in the letter was reported as born in 1759, present at the battle of Monmouth and associated with Virginia. There was another John Fulkerson who actually was in the Virginia Line during the War, but was not at Monmouth and did not have a known brother Fulkerd. Additionally -- based on names, dates and location -- this may be the Volkert FULKERSON who married Mary BOYCE on 27 Sep 1772 at Christ Church in New Brunswick. (2009 update: In his quest to find the ancestors of brothers Richard and Benjamin FULKERSON who were traced from Virginia to Ohio, cousin Rick found "Fulkerd FULKERSON" on an 1811 tax roll in Frederick Co., VA, listed near his nephews John and Lewis FULKERSON.)
        • Maria FULKERSON....bapt. October 26, 1754 in Brunswick, Middlesex Co., NJ Dutch Reformed Church
        • John FULKERSON.....1758-1842, b. in Somerset Co., NJ. He was a teenager when he joined the Somerset County militia, which formed early in 1775, more than a year before the Declaration of Independence. He fought at the Battle of Monmouth in 1778. They moved to Frederick Co., VA about 1785, where John farmed and was a stage coach driver. In 1799 he and wife Mary Alkey SMITH were administrators of his father's estate. John and Alkey later moved their family to Beaver Twp., Mercer Co., PA, buying land there on on Apr 5, 1808. On 5 Jun 1833 John filed for a Revolutionary War pension in Beaver Co., PA, which was awarded (certificate #S-8534) on 17 Jan 1834. In his application he stated he served in the militia in his father's place, because his father was too deaf to serve. He (or Alkey, or both...reports vary) d. in 1842 at New Castle, Lawrence Co., PA.

            Two sons, John and Lewis, chose to remain in Frederick Co., VA. The remaining children are listed on the Early Pennsylvania page.

          • Lewis FULKERSON.....b. 1788 in VA, m. Barbara SHIPLER on 26 Aug 1810 per Frederick Co., VA marriage records. He apparently remained in VA and d. either 1825 or 1859 (2 sources here)
            • Rev. John W. FULKERSON.....born in VA on 16 Jan 1822 and married Delilah S. SNOOKS on 20 Jan 1848, per a family Bible. The 1850 Census found them in Pendleton County, (West) Virginia, living in the home of a 'peddler' named John SEMER. From a contemporary biography we learn that John "at age 19 yrs became Minister of the United Brethren faith and had various charges in VA & Maryland. In 1856 John W came to the village of Marion, Minnesota as a Missionary, and for 10 yrs following visited various parts of southern MN. In 1866 he located on farm in vicinity of Marion where he still lives." In the 1870 Census John was found in Marion, Olmsted County, Minnesota with wife 'Delina,' and children Cleveland, Emma, John, Mary, Luther, Lillia, Clark, and George.
              • Cleveland O. FULKERSON....1849-1874, born in VA
              • Emma FULKERSON....
              • John J. FULKERSON....29 Oct 1854-, born in Richmond, VA (per above source about his father's ministry), m. Josephine COOK, dau of Horace COOK and Anna E. CHAUNCEY (per an online posting by a researcher of Josephine's sister Nina Chauncey Cook WAGONER – who was one of nine sisters, no brothers). They had 3 children:
                • John J. FULKERSON Jr.....
                • Mary Isabelle FULKERSON....
                • Charles W. FULKERSON....
              • Mary FULKERSON....
              • Luther FULKERSON....
              • Lillia FULKERSON....
              • Clark FULKERSON....
              • George FULKERSON....
          • John 1790-1876, b. in VA, m. Catherine SWIER on 1 Aug 1811 in Frederick Co.,VA. He d. in 1876 and was buried at the Old Stone Church Cemetery, Green Springs, Frederick Co., VA. (Catherine and her parents, George and Elizabeth SWIER, are also buried there.) Both John, age 60, and his son George, age 36, appear on the 1850 census for Frederick County. John wrote his will on 5 Feb 1876, naming his heirs as son George, daughter Mary Jane and granddaughter Mary Ellen. It was witnessed by Josiah FRIES and Joseph A. HAWKINS. He gave his daughter two tracts of land. She was to pay his debts and funeral expenses, and send her brother $50. The will was proved on 5 Feb 1877 in Frederick Co., VA. The executor was William FRIES.
            • George S. FULKERSON...born in 1814 in Frederick Co., VA. He married Ollivia Barbara RHOADES (13 Oct 1816-19 Mar 1901) about 1837. Twenty years later, George and Olivia moved to Diona, Union Township, Cumberland Co., Illinois. Their history and descendants are listed on the Illinois Fulkersons page.
            • Mary Jane FULKERSON....m. William FRIES on 30 Apr 1846 and had at least three daughters (per other researchers). Based on the clues in the abstract of the will, she probably remained for a while in Frederick Co., VA. She and William are buried in Mount Hebron Cemetery, Winchester, Winchester Co., VA.
              • Mary Ellen FRIES.....possibly the only daughter who survived until 1876
              • Eliza Jane FRIES.....
              • Rachel Ann FRIES.....
          • Hendrick FULKERSON....bapt. 13 Nov 1763 in Brunswick, Middlesex Co., NJ Dutch Reformed Church. This is possibly the "Henry Fulkerson" (reported as b. about 1759 and a resident of Brunswick) who served in Capt. Ten Eyck's company of Somerset County militia during the Revolution. That Henry's Revolutionary War pension papers give us two possible clues that he is the same Hendrick: one court document called him 'Hendrick,' and one of the affidavits supporting his claim was from an acquaintance who had known him from his 'early years' - one Nina FISHER, possibly a cousin.

        • Fulkard FULKERSON....b. January 16, 1726/27 in Brunswick, Middlesex Co., NJ Dutch Reformed Church, m. Maria BOGART by 1750, d. in 1807 in KY. He and his sons moved to Kentucky about 1782, and there established the largest of all the Fulkerson branches. Based on his name, age and family location, he is probably the "Folkert Folkerson" who lived in the Peapack Patent and was mentioned in the journals of Andrew JOHNSTON (see brother Jacob above):
          "Henry Sloan came to me about buying the lot formerly leased by Leslie to Vosler, now in possession of Folkert Folkerson." (12 Jun 1753)
          Mrs. Willet of Middletown...purchased a lot in Peapack Patent, "joining to the widow Graham's, on which Folkert Folkerts lives. (11 Oct 1754)
          "Agreed with Mrs. Willet and her son for the lot at £3 per acre....I wrote by them to Folkers, acquainting him I had Sold the lott; also desired him soone to pay his rent."
          "Peapack Patent, Tenants whose leases expire 25 Mar 1773: Lot #23 (part of) - Philip Fulkerson, £8; Lot #30 - Fulkert Fulkerson, £10."
          "Met Folker Folkerson at Brunswick, who lives on lott I agreed to sell to Mrs. Willet." (1 Apr 1755)
          "Eli'thtown. Yesterday Folker Folker came to me, says Sutton's keeping the place is a great disappointment to him, offers to buy it. I promised to sell it to him at £3 per acre in 3 pay'ts, provided he could make the first pay't. or give sufficient security for it." (9 Apr 1755)
          "Went to Folker Folkerson on one of Leslie's lotts - he is to speak with his father living at Middlebush & let me know whether they will purchase or not."
          • Folkert FULKERSON....bapt. October 06, 1750 in Brunswick, Middlesex Co., NJ Dutch Reformed Church.
          • Philip FULKERSON....bapt. March 23, 1753 in Brunswick, Middlesex Co., NJ Dutch Reformed Church
          • John FULKERSON....bapt. November 28, 1754 in Six Mile Run, Somerset Co., NJ Dutch Reformed Church, m. Margaret BRUNER about 1774, received a pension in 1832 for his service in the American Revolution, d. in Grayson Co., KY, January 15, 1835. (Six Mile Run is a creek that runs from the Middlebush/Franklin area to Blackwell's Mill where it empties into the Millstone River, about six miles upstream of the Raritan River. )
          • Jannetje FULKERSON....b. May 07, 1758 in Six Mile Run, Somerset Co., NJ Dutch Reformed Church, possibly married a Jeremiah NEWMAN (1760-1854) and lived in Monmouth Co., NJ.
          • Jacob 1760-10 Jul 1812, m. Abigail _____ in 1788, was documented in Mercer Co., KY in February 1792 when he and brother Philip appraised the estate of John GORDON. Jacob was named executor of his father's will, along with brother Philip, in 1807. He died in Nelson Co., KY.
        • Johannis FULKERSON....bapt. May 17, 1734 in Brunswick, Middlesex Co., NJ Dutch Reformed Church, possibly m. an Elizabeth, had three children baptized at the Middlesex New Brunswick Dutch Reformed Church, where he was a deacon. According to family records for his son John, he moved his family to Roxbury in Morris County about 1770. The 1778 tax rolls for the county show a Joseph, Philip and Fulker (Jr?) living at that town. These may have been some of his brothers and nephews, and two could have been sons. He showed up on the Northumberland County tax list for 1786, listed as "John Fulkerson" and owning 2 horses, 1 cow, no land. He apparently moved to Northumberland County with his son John Jr., who is listed immediately after him on the same tax roll. (The 1793 militia roll for Morris County still included the following names: Benjamin Fulkerson, Roxbury; Josiah Fulkerson, Roxbury; Wm. Fulkerson, Roxbury; Fulkerd Fulkison; Roxbury; Philip Fulkison, Roxbury)
          • Femmetje FULKERSON....bapt. February 06, 1757 in Brunswick, Middlesex Co., NJ Dutch Reformed Church
          • Elizabeth FULKERSON....bapt. January 26, 1759 in Brunswick, Middlesex Co., NJ Dutch Reformed Church, m. Jacob MERRILL on 23 Jan 1781 in Morris Co., NJ [Early NJ Marriages, Vol M part 11 #515: "#515; Jacob MERRIL (MERRILL) and Andrew MERILL (MERRILL), both of the County of Morris, Gentlemen... [bound to]... William LIVINGSTON, Governor... 500 pounds... 23 Jan 1781. ... Contract of Marriage between Jacob MERRIL... and Elizabeth FOLKERSON... [w] Malcolm M:COURRY"]. They moved to Lycoming Co. (then part of Northumberland Co.), PA about 1785, settling at Muncy Creek Township, about 10 miles from her brother John. Another family history site reports Jacob died in 1804, and that until 1826 Elizabeth continued operating the tavern he'd established. Her will was written in 1834 and executed on 26 Jun 1838. Two sons, Nicholas and John, apparently preceded her in death.
          • John FULKERSON....bapt. April 19, 1761 in Brunswick, Middlesex Co., NJ Dutch Reformed Church. A Revolutionary War veteran, he stated in his pension application that he was born on 17 Feb 1759. He lived in Somerset Co. through 1769, then at Roxbury in Morris County, where he m. Catherine SLAUGHT on 2 Apr 1781. NJ Marriage Records, Book F, Part 5, #249; John FOLKERSON (FULKERSON) and Jacob MORRIL (MERRILL), both of the County of Morris... [bound to]... William LIVINGSTON, Governor... 500 pounds... 13 April 1781. ... certificate of marriage between John FOLKERSON... and Catharine SLANGHT... [w] Mal'm McCOUNY . Catherine was the only daughter of John SLEGHT of New Brunswick, Middlesex Co., NJ. His will, proved on 11 Mar 1775, gave money to the New Brunswick DRC, money and slaves to his brother Mathew SLAGHT, and money to sister-in-law Sarah HYER, cousin Johanna WILSON and housekeeper Mary FISHER. Catherine was stated to be "under age" but given the rest of his personal and real estate. The executors, witnesses and inventory takers were: Mathew SLEGHT, John SCHUURMAN and William VAN DUERSEN; Jacob FISHER, George THOMPSON and Rachel MYER; George HANCE and John LYLE, Jr.

            A later family record (in Tioga Co., PA) reported that John was wounded in the head at the battle of Yorktown in mid-October 1781. They settled in Northumberland Co., PA in 1785 and had nine children, who are listed on the Early Pennsylvania page.
        • Cornelius FULKERSON....baptized on 13 Aug 1738 at the Dutch Reformed Church in Middletown, New Brunswick, NJ, [child of] "Folkert and Femmetjie Folckertsen." He m. (1st) Frinche VAN DYKE (b. 17 Nov 1745, Harlingen Dutch Ch. Record) on 11 Dec 1764 in Harlingen, NJ [Vol. XXII of the Archives of the State of New Jersey page 143]. He reportedly m. (2nd) to a Cornelia. He appeared on the Cambridge, Albany Co., NY census in 1790. His descendants apparently migrated to the western reaches of New York, and lived along or across the PA border there.
          Cornelius FULKISON (FULKOCTSON) and Thomas COCK of Somerset County... [bound to]...William FRANKLIN, Gov'r... 500 pounds... 11 Dec 1764. ... Cornelius FULKISON... obtained license of marriage for himself and for Trinche VAN DYKE of the county af'd... [w] Robert COMBES, Jasper SMITH [on the back of the bond: Hunterdon County 1764]
          • Margrita FULKERSON....bapt. 17 Nov 1765 at the Harlingen DRC, witnesses not recorded
          • Phebe FULKERSON....20 Feb 1768-13 May 1803. She was born, married and died at Westmoreland, Oneida Co., NY. Husband Daniel SEELY was b. in Deerpark, Orange Co, NY on 1 Jul 1763, d. in Westmoreland, Oneida Co., NY on 29 May 1840. He was the son of David SEELY. They were married 11 Jul 1789.
            • Lovina (Levinia) SEELYE....9 Nov 1789-2 Oct 1861, b. in Westmoreland, m. 20 Mar 1808 to Isaac Bishop STEVENS
            • Lyman SEELYE....28 Jul 1791- 8 Dec 1871, born, died, buried and married in Westmoreland - to Martha Ann GRISWOLD on 20 Jul 1815
            • Cornelius SEELYE....2 Sep 1796-4 mar 1866, b. in Westmoreland, m. there on 1 Jan 1817 to Rachel SMITH, later m. to a Mary HOUSE, buried at Avon Cemetery, Avon, Lorain Co., OH
            • Daniel J. SEELYE....11 Jun 1798-1 Mar 1879, b. in Westmoreland, m. an Ann on 16 Aug 1819, d. in MI
            • Sally SEELYE....16 Jun 1800-4 Feb 1822, b. & d. in Oneida Co., NY
            • Phebe SEELYE....30 Jul 1802-19 Jan 1866, b. & d. in Oneida Co., NY, m. Samuel Parker STEVES on 21 Feb 1820
          • unnamed FULKERSON....b. abt 1772
          • Magdalena (Delana) FULKERSON....10 Jun 1773-7 Jan 1846, m. Solomon BAKER (1770-1847) on 9 Feb 1791 at Lebanon, Madison Co., NY. The only other Fulkerson found in this county was her nephew Stephen FULKERSON, who was previously unattached. That clue led us to believe that Stephen descended from this clan, and in fact that turned out to be the case.
          • Cornelius FULKERSON Jr......b. ca. 1774 in NJ. He was a soldier in the War of 1812. The 1800 Census for Westmoreland, Oneida Co., NY, shows that his wife (believed to be a Lucy) was born 1756-1774. Evidence from Census data and old letters indicates he had several children by his first wife. He married (2nd) to Anna CUSTARD (born 1790-1800 in PA). Cornelius and Anna moved from PA early in their first child's life to Busti, NY [1830 Census; about 2 miles north of the Pennsylvania border] where he bought timberland and improved a farm. He died there in 1836. Anna, aged 68, was listed in her son Darius' household in 1860. Cornelius and Anna reportedly had six children, of whom four are known. The listing of descendants below begins with his four known sons of Cornelius and (Lucy?) – although the 1800 Census showed he also had two daughters who are currently unknown to us.
            • Daniel Higby 1802-1850, born in New York, he married to Eliza MONROE. The origin of his middle name is uncertain, but Sue Fulkerson reported this in January 2009: "Typing in a search of 1800 NY Census with the last name of Higby, I found two in Westmoreland, Oneida Co., NY.
                Page 7 [of 15] on the Westmoreland, Oneida Co., NY Census of 1800 [lists the following] – Daniel Seeley 26-45 (who was related to us), Edward Higby 45 & older, Stephen Higby 26-45, Cornelius Fulkinson 45 & older, AND Cornelius Jr 26-45......I have forgotten what the source was that thought Cornelius's first wife might have been named Lucy but I betcha anything her maiden name was definitely HIGBY."
                In the 1830 Census for Columbus, PA he was listed as "D. H. Flesson" – 20-30 yo, living with a 20-30 y.o. female and one boy under five. By the 1840 Census they had moved a little east to Freehold, Warren Co., PA (between Sugar Grove and Columbus, PA). His children then included two girls 5-10 y.o, and a boy and girl under five. He died Oct 1848 or 1850 (in Warren or Venango Co., PA), aged 48, of consumption (see the US Federal Census Mortality Schedules Index Record on Amelia, a daughter, died of consumption Mar 1850, aged 14. His wife Eliza and the remaining family lived in Columbus, PA at the 1850 Census.
                In the 1830s he wrote letters to his brothers from Columbus, Warren County, PA and Freehold, Warren County, PA, as reported by Marilyn Fiebelkorn:
              In a January,1833 letter (sent from Daniel in Freehold, Warren County, PA to Stephen at York Mills, Whitestown, Oneida County, NY), Daniel writes,
              "When I wrote to you last I expected before this time that John would have been in his grave, but he is alive and living with me. He is, however, in a feeble state of health...." "We moved him the first of November that we moved him from Busti to my house...." "....John has been for himself between four and five years but he has been sick a considerable before now, so that he had laid up nothing beforehand and we have him to support. Father has a large family of small children and is involved in paying for his land and therefore he is not able to do much of anything for him. Therefore the burden will chiefly some upon me. Although Anna and her husband has done a great deal for him, they have kept him through the summer past and expended some money for him, but his doctor bills are heavy and all stands to my account ........"
                "I wish you will give my respects to Father Griswald's folks and Uncle Sealy and family and other old friends and tell them that I remember their (unreadable) and I mourn over the follies of my childhood and the vices of my youth."
                "...Brother Blodgett has bought him a piece of land near here and paid down for it. They are living in the house with us..."
              In a letter dated January 15, 1836, he tells Stephen of their father's death (Cornelius died in 1836).
              "On the 8th of the present month, our aged father (unreadable) at about half past five..." (sentence unreadable) "...he took with cold which threw him into the quick consumption; his confinement was very short, however. It was in November I think that he took cold, but he kept about until about 4 weeks before his death. He then gave up work..." (appears to be more details of his illness) "....I was with him the last 3 days of his life and was amazing weak and would say but very little. It was hard for him to give up his family for sometime but he appeared to be resigned on his own part from the beginning of his illness his young children needed his care yet and he was sensible of it, but he was enabled at last to (unreadable) into the hands of God and their willing friends."
              In another part of the letter Daniel says "Father left his business somewhat (unreadable) but there will be some little property left for the support of the family and we think it is not right for us..." (2 sentences unreadable.) "There are six children all under fourteen left with the widow who will need the property for their support.
            • Rev. Edward 1809-1862, b. in NY. Census listings place an Edward FALKASON at Busti, Chautauqua Co., NY in 1830. The same census ALSO lists several BLODGETT families living in that same community, including an Ezra BLODGETT who was also listed in the 1810 Census for Genesee Co., NY. Edward married Hannah BLODGETT, born 25 Oct 1806, in Randolph, Orange Co., Vermont. She was the daughter of an Ezra BLODGETT and 3rd-great-granddaughter of John ALDEN of Pilgrim fame. Their marriage took place on 26 Oct 1829, per an ALDEN family history. (Please note that the ALDEN history names some of Edward and Hannah's children as Daniel, Alden and Saphronia -- names which thus far have no basis in fact.)
                He may be the Edward reported living in Warren Co., PA in 1840. We find them next on the 1850 Federal Census for York Township, Steuben County, Indiana. The birthplaces of the children indicate the family was in New York in 1830, in Pennsylvania by 1833, and back in New York in 1844-1847. The "Mish" birthplace of Clarinda is suggestive of Michigan but remains unclear. Census listing reported by researcher Susan L. Fulkerson

              1850 Federal Census
              Edward Fulkerson42 M Farmer born in NY
              Hannah 43 F   NY
              Lewis D. 20 M Farmer NY
              Lucy Ann 17 F  PA
              Loriston A. 15 MFarmerPA
              Clarinda 14 F "Mish"
              Ezra (written Eira)11M  PA
              Ruth B. 6 F NY
              Hannah G. 3F  NY
              They moved to Michigan by the late 1850s. Hannah died there in 1859. The 1860 Census reported him as the only Fulkerson (living at Maple Grove) in Barry Co., MI.
              Grave of Rev. Edward FULKERSON
              Grave of Hannah FULKERSON
              Ezra Blodgett FULKERSON
              Walter Joseph FULKERSON
              Above photos courtesy of Carol Townsend,
              descendant of another unattached branch

                Edward and Hannah are both buried at Cressey Cemetary, Prairieville, Barry Co., MI. His grave also lists him as "GAR" so he probably served as a chaplain in the Union Army during the early part of the Civil War, and may have died during this service.

              • Lewis D. FULKERSON....30 Jan 1830-22 Apr 1905, b. in Chautauqua Co., NY, m. on 8 Apr 1855 to Mary Ann CARR in Cass Co., MI. They were listed as living there, in Porter Twp., on the 1860 Census. Enlisted from Calhoun Co., MI on 22 April 1861 at Kalamazoo, MI and served in Company I, 2nd Michigan Volunteer Infantry during the early months of the Civil War. He received a disability discharge on 24 November 1861 at Fort Lyon, VA and later reported living at Constantine, St Joseph Co., Michigan. He appeared on the 1900 Census, widowed, living at Constantine with his mother's younger sister, Artimetia BLANCHARD (b. 1817 in NY). [NOTE: Constantine is only 2 miles from White Pigeon, MI, where some other NY Fulkersons settled about the same time in the mid-1800s. These places are just a few miles north of the current Interstate 80, which runs across northern Indiana.]
              • Lucy Ann 1833-, b. in PA
              • Loriston A. 1835-15 Feb 1862, b. in PA, enlisted 24 August, 1861 in Co. A, 11th Michigan Infantry, from Three Rivers, MI. He died of disease near Bardstown, KY and was buried at Lebanon, KY.
              • Clarinda H. 1836-, b. in PA
              • Ezra Blodget FULKERSON....29 Dec 1839-8 Nov 1875, born in Allegheny Co., PA. He served in the Civil War in Co. E, 2nd Regt. Infantry, California Volunteers - enlisting on 26 July 1864 and discharged from the same company on 3 April 1866 at Fort Yuma, Arizona Territory. He married Mary Frances "Fannie" CADIGAN (born 25 Nov 1842 in Ireland) in 1869 at San Jose, California. It is family legend that she was a mail order bride from Ireland. On March 6, 1871 Ezra Blodgett Fulkerson registered to vote in San Diego, CA, giving his age as 32, his birthplace as Pennsylvania and his occupation as "mechanic." A 16 Jul 1873 San Diego Union article noted that Ezra had withdrawn from the firm of Hanlon and Fulkerson, saying the business will be continued by Hanlon alone. His death noticed followed two years later, in the same paper, on 9 Nov, 1875: "November 8th at Santa Monica; 35 years old. had been ill for about five weeks with fever; seemed well when he left San Diego a few months ago; leaves several children; an architect by profession; Horton Bank Building was built by the firm Hanlon and Fulkerson." Ezra left Fannie with four children. Two years later on 16 Oct 1877 the San Diego Union reported: "Mrs. F. Fulkerson is listed as the Proprietor of the Stockton House." She appears on the 1880 Census with three children, keeping a hotel in Tombstone Village, Pima Co., Arizona. One year later, on 26 Oct 1881, this village hosted the "Gunfight at the OK Corral" featuring Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, etc. She married, second, Fred HINKE of Bisbee, Arizona Territory, in 1885 and moved back to San Diego where he was a "Fifth Street commission merchant" until his death in 1899. She died 20 Feb 1918 in San Diego, California, her obituary noting that she was one of San Diego's pioneers.
                • Walter Joseph FULKERSON....9 Jul 1870-10 Oct 1951, b. and d. at San Diego, CA. He m. Maggie Leoro PALMER (10 Mar 1872-9 Feb 1983) on 31 Dec 1891 at San Diego. She was b. in Mansfield, OH, dau. of John Dresser PALMER (1843 - 1906) and Lydia S. SWIFT (1844 - 1913), per a PALMER site. Walter owned the Savoy Theater on Third Avenue in San Diego, which was home to the Savoy Players stock company and the Pantages Vaudeville Circuit during the early part of the 20th Century.
                  • John Frederick FULKERSON....10 Oct 1892-10 Sep 1972, b. and d. at San Diego, San Diego Co., CA
                  • Harold G. FULKERSON....b. ca. 1895, San Diego, California.
                  • Walter Floyd FULKERSON....8 Dec 1897-11 Jun 1988, b. and d. at San Diego, San Diego Co., CA
                  • Alden J. FULKERSON....14 Jun 1902-14 Jul 1988, b. and d. at San Diego, San Diego Co., CA
                  • Edward L. FULKERSON....24 Jun 1905-8 Apr 1989, b. and d. at San Diego, San Diego Co., CA
                • Clarinda FULKERSON....29 Sep 1871-28 Jul 1946, b. and d. in San Diego, San Diego Co., CA. She married (1st) at the age of 14 to George McFEELY on 4 Aug 1886 in Tombstone, Cochise Co., Arizona Territory and (2nd) to John COMPARET (1855-1930, b. in IN) about 1888 in Arizona. They were listed on the 1900 Census as being married 12 years.
                  • George William COMPARET....4 Jul 1889-28 May 1945, b. in AZ, d. at Los Angeles, California.
                  • Bertrand L. COMPARET....25 Jan 1901-10 Oct 1983, b. and d. at San Diego, San Diego Co., CA
                • Edward Lewis FULKERSON....11 Feb 1875-8 Aug 1902, b. in CA. It was believed that he was poisoned, as he was to be a witness in the Pete Cassidy trial - the latter shot a San Diego saloon keeper. During the inquest no trace of poison was found. The coroner's jury brought in a verdict of accidental death because Edward was known as a heavy drinker, and probably died of alcohol poisoning.
                • Ezra William FULKERSON....19 Mar 1873-8 Jun 1939, b. and d. in San Diego, San Diego Co., CA. He married Hope Elizabeth SHMELD (17 Mar 18840-13 Nov 1918, b. in MN, dau of. John SCHMELD and Laura BROWN) on 6 Feb 1907 in San Diego. Hope died in the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic that killed millions worldwide. An obituary appeared in the San Diego gas and electric utility magazine:
                  "With the passing of Ezra Fulkerson, paint shop foreman, on June 8th, the thinning ranks of true old-time San Diego pioneers lost one more member.
                    Ez, as he was know to his friends and associates, was born on March 19th, 1873, at a time when San Diego still was a peaceful village drowsing at the edge of the bay. He absorbed from his environment a warmth of feeling and a depth of repost that lasted throughout the sixty-six years of his life; yet there had been a spirit of adventure in him that in his youth sent him to sea in sail to taste the turbulence of the world's waterways.
                    About 1906 Ez returned to the life of a landlubber, entered the carriage painting business, and stayed with it for four years. He entered the Company employ on May 1st, 1910, and his first work was painting wagons. Later trucks supplanted horse-drawn vehicles, then gradually his painting work was extended to structures. In 1918 he was promoted to foreman of the paint shop, which position he held until he was taken ill in January, 1939.
                    You had but to look into his face to know that kindliness was in his heart; you had only to be near him to feel the quiet strength that pervaded him, and to hear him laugh was assurance that his humor was something real. He loved to fish and owned a boat in which he and his friends took many happy and productive trips.
                    Ezra brought up his five motherless children with loving care. To them, and to his brother and sister, we extend our deepest sympathy.
                  • Ezra George FULKERSON....1908-1993, reported as "Ray" on 1910-1930 Census listings, later known as "George"
                  • Frances FULKERSON....1910-
                  • Claude FULKERSON....1911-1940
                  • Milton FULKERSON....1913-1972
                  • Lauretta FULKERSON....1916-
              • Ruth B. 1845-, b. in MI. She married (1) Sylvester W. FRANCE on 9 Mar 1873 in Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo Co., Michigan. He was born 23 Feb 1846 in New York, and died 8 Feb 1908 in Michigan. She married (2) Jacob KING on 24 Aug 1878 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California. He was born Abt. 1840 in Prussia.
                • Mabel 1875-1930
              • Hannah P. 1847-, b. in IN
            • John FULKERSON......probably died 8 June 1834, per an old letter written by brother Edward and summarized in 2009 by Marilyn Fiebelkorn, a descendant of Edward: "Edward is writing to Stephen to ask for some help with debts that he (or he and Daniel) has incurred from his brother John's illness. Total amount was $80. Edward refers to himself as "independently poor." The letter is dated July 5th, but no year is written and comes from Busti and addressed to Stephen in Yourk Mills, Whitetown, Oneida County. He starts out by telling Stephen of his family, he said he had 2 boys and 1 girl. The oldest is Lewis, born January 4. The second boy, Daniel died at 4 months. The third girl, Lucy Ann was born on July 5 and is 19 months old. According to your tree on Edward, Lewis was born in 1830, which would fit that this letter was written in 1834, which coincides with John's death." She goes on to tell there is a sentence which appears to say that "Father's family are well, they have 6 children." And regarding asking him for money to settle the debt, he says, "father is poor and has got a large family to support."
            • Stephen 1803-25 Dec 1859, born in NY. The first record of him was his marriage to Frances WORTHINGHAM on 18 Oct 1831 at East Oswego, Oswego Co., NY. He was then listed as a resident of Ogdensburgh, St. Lawrence Co., NY. Frances was listed as a resident of Oswego. She was born in England in 1810 and died in Madison County, New York on 24 Nov 1891. A series of letters issued between Stephen and his brothers in the 1830s. Researcher Marilyn Fiebelkorn reports that, "Daniel seems to have found the Lord and spends a lot of time preaching to Stephen to find salvation." The 1840 Census listing in Hamilton, Madison County, NY [from] shows "Stephen Pulferson" aged 30-40 yo, 2 females under 5, 1 female 5-10 and 1 female 30-40. (Hamilton, NY is just 23 miles south of Westmoreland, Oneida Co., NY where Cornelius FULKERSON Jr. was listed in 1800. The 1850 Census saw him listed as Stephen FULKERSON, living at Hamilton, working as a stone mason, with real estate valued at only $200. He was 47 and Frances was 40. Their children were listed: Mary (18), Elizabeth (14), Christiana (11), Sarah J. (9), William M. (6) and Henry M. (4).
                After Stephen's death, Frances appeared in the 1868 - 69 Hamilton [Madison County] Business Directory as "Fulkerson, Frances Mrs., (Hamilton,) lot 21, farmer 3." The 3 apparently refers to her acreage. Stephen may not have farmed much in his lifetime. The Goodhue book listed below stated he was a contractor and stonecutter. The Census for 1850, the first on which he has been found, lists him as a stone mason. See below for the 1850 and 1860 Census images. Frances appeared on the 1870 Census as noted above. Their children were:
              • Mary FULKERSON....b. 1832 in New York
              • Elizabeth FULKERSON....b. 1836 in New York
              • Christiana FULKERSON....b. 1839 in New York
              • Sarah Jane FULKERSON....1841-1917, m. as his second wife in 1877 to Alfred L. BROWN of Hamilton, "farmer and hop grower, 110 acres, b. Brookfield, 1815, has been commissioner of highways of Lebanon, was supt. of Madison County House 12 years; 1st wife, Martha Green, b. Brookfield, 1822, married 1841, died 1870; children 4, living --- Freddie E.; 2d wife, Sarah Fulkerson, b. Hamilton, 1841, married 1877; father, John Brown, b. Brookfield, 1793, died 1870; mother, Susan Greenman Brown, b. Brookfield, 1795; children 8 --- William B., Morris E., Roxana, Benjamin G., Eunice E., Newell, Mary H., Alfred L."
              • William Morrison FULKERSON...1844-, b. in NY, m. Rebecca RANSON (Jun 1843-after 1920, b. in NY, d. in NV). He was reported on the 1870 Census with wife Rebecca, both born in NY, living in the town of Minneola, Goodhue Co., MN, with a 2-yr-old son Smith FULKERSON. They were found farming at Roscoe Goodhue Co., MN on the 1880 Census, and had one more son, Vincent. Their two known children were:
                • Smith Mott FULKERSON.....2 Jul 1868-27 Mar 1954, b. in Minnesota, d. in Nevada. He m. Lila BELLE (18 Jan 1879-30 Nov 1968, b. at Watertown, WI, d. at Fallon, NV) on 3 Jul 1901. Per a descendant, he moved first to South Dakota and then by 1917 was farming in Nevada. His obituary incorrectly stated he was born in New York:
                  Funeral Today for Well Known Rancher Here for 37 Years Funeral services will be conducted this afternoon at two o'clock at the Austin Mortuary for S.M. Fulkerson, long time resideent of Swingle Bench, who died at this home Thursday following several years of ill health. The Rev. Howard Hall will be in charge of the last rites and burial will be in the local cemetery.

                  Harold P. FULKERSON's
                  fruit crate label
                  Smith Mott Fulkerson was born in New York state July 2, 1868 and came to Fallon 37 years ago to settle on a ranch on Swingle Bench. He and Mrs. Fulkerson celebrated their golden wedding anniversary July 3, 1951 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Thornton who planned the celebration for their neighbors and friends.
                  • William Leslie FULKERSON....1902-1978
                  • Harold P. FULKERSON....1904-1990, b. in Brookings, South Dakota. Fulkerson Road in the Swingle Bench area of Fallon, Nevada was named after Harold. He owned an apple orchard there.
                • Vincent FULKERSON.....2 Mar 1878-9 Mar 1962, b. in MN or SD, d. in Los Angeles, CA. He m. Nettie R. WILSON (6 Dec 1883-26 Feb 1961, b. in MN, d. in Los Angeles, CA, dau. of ____ WILSON and Olive McCARIEL (1849-1930)). The 1917-1918 draft records for Churchill Co., NV, list a Vincent FULKERSON with a birthdate of 2 Mar 1878. A listing in shows him on the census in that county in 1910, 1920 and 1930. Vincent was a farmer. He and Nettie had seven sons, one daughter.
              • Henry M. FULKERSON....b. ca. 1846 per 1850 Census.
              • Frank W. FULKERSON....b. 9 Jun 1851 in the Village of Hamilton in southeast Madison County, NY, married Viola Josephine DICKASON (DICKERSON, DICKINSON?) on 2 Feb 1878 in Lake City, Goodhue County, MN. They had 6 children:
                • Robert Lynn FULKERSON....b. 13 Feb 1879 in Zumbrota, Goodhue County, MN
                • Harold Ellis FULKERSON....b. 7 Feb 1881 in Zumbrota, Goodhue County, MN
                • Jay Everett FULKERSON....b. 29 Aug 1885 in Zumbrota, Goodhue County, MN
                • Ruth Elizabeth FULKERSON....b.29 Oct 1886 in Zumbrota, Goodhue County, MN, married Martin H. SATREN on 25 Jun 1912 in Ilion, Herkimer Co., NY, d. 18 May 1950 in Los Angeles County, CA
                • Lloyd FULKERSON....b. 2 Jan 1889, in Zumbrota, Goodhue County, MN, d. 1948 in Oregon
                • Lois Frances FULKERSON....b. 10 Dec 1891 in Zumbrota, Goodhue County, MN, d. 15 Apr 1958

            • James C. FULKERSON....born 30 July 1822 in Greenwood, Crawford Co., PA. He was the oldest of the six children of his father Cornelius FULKERSON and his second wife, Annie CUSTARD. He was a farmer, a lumberman, and an expert machinist. He was a town Alderman for Sycamore, IL in 1876. He married Olive E. MOYERS (born 1825 in Crawford Co., PA) on 23 Jan 1845 in that county where he was working on his uncle's farm. A descendant states there is a fascinating story of his traveling down the Allegheny River on a log raft to Pittsburgh, and hence to Cincinnati. He then traveled up the Mississippi to Galena, IL, hence to Freeport, IL, then to Belvidere, IL, then into DeKalb County to stake out land for his family farm. He returned to his family and they set out for western parts (Illinois) in a horse drawn wagon in 1847. James died at his home in Sycamore, IL on 10 Mar 1888 from the effects of a broken leg received a week prior in a fall from a flat-car from which he had been unloading lumber. Olive died in her sleep of a stroke 8 Nov. 1897. The "Portrait and Biographical Album of DeKalb County, Illinois" (1885; courtesy of a descendant of his half-brother, tells us this about James:
              "James C. Fulkerson of Sycamore, was born in the township of Greenwood, Crawford Co., PA July 30, 1822. His father, Cornelius Fulkerson, was born in New Jersey, and married Annie Custard, who was a native of Pennsylvania. They removed during the infancy of their son, to Chautauqua Co., NY where the father bought timber land in the town of Busti. He improved a farm there and died in 1836. James C. is the oldest of six children, and after the decease of his father he spent some years in aiding in the support of the family. He operated as a farm assistant and worked the first year at $4 per month. The second year he obtained as advance of $2 on his monthly wages..."
              • James Harvey FULKERSON....born 1850, died 1872 of consumption.
              • Anne E. FULKERSON....She married Wentworth SIVRIGHT.
              • Sophia FULKERSON....She married John W. OSTERHOUT.
              • David Elza FULKERSON.....per a grandson, he is buried at Milan, Michigan. David's wife died in 1945, but not before knitting 1,000 socks for the troops in WWII.
              • George P. FULKERSON....born 1866 per census listing family name as Furgason.
            • Cornelius FULKERSON III....born 1826, married Huldah _____ about 1848. He was found on the 1850 Census at Busti, Chatauqua Co., NY, aged 24, married to Huldah and with a 1-yr-old daughter Aurilla. He lived next door to his mother and his brothers Thomas and Darius. The 1860 Census showed Cornelius and Huldah in Sheakleyville, Mercer Co., Pennsylvania, with two daughters. By 1870 he had moved to Franklin, Venango Co., PA. Cornelius was a lumber dealer, Huldah was keeping house, Artemecia was a seamstress and Luella was "at home." His real estate was valued at $1,000 (all of his neighbors were listed at $2,500 to $5,000) and he had $900 in personal property. The 1880 Census found them moved again, to Foster, McKean Co., PA. Cornelius had a new occupation: "Chge. of Lease." His household included daughter Luella, her husband and two grandchildren.
              • Artemecia (Aurilla) FULKERSON....14 Nov 1848-20 Sep 1926, she married a WHITE and died in Rawson, Hancock Co., Ohio. Her death certificate stated her parents were Cornelius FULKERSON and "Rosie TRASH."
              • Luella FULKERSON....b. ca. 1855 in NY, she was listed as age 24 in 1880. She m. Robert JONES. They were living with her parents in 1880 at Foster, McKean Co., PA, with two young children. Robert's occupation was "laborer."
                • Laura JONES....b. ca. 1875 in PA
                • Robert JONES....b. ca. 1878 in PA
            • Thomas FULKERSON....born in Busti, Chautauqua Co., NY on 2 Mar 1829. He married (1) Catherine DAULTON who died in 1855 and (2) on 10 May 1859 in Farmington, Warren Co., PA to Abigail (Johnston) ROWLEY (born Camden, Oneida Co., NY in 1831). He was living in Sugar Grove Twp, Warren Co., PA [just 4 miles southwest of Busti, New York, on the Busti-Sugar Grove Road] when he enlisted in Company G, 311th PA. Volunteer Infantry, 9th Army Corps. He was wounded at the Siege of Petersburg, Virginia, and was honorably discharged 10 Jun 1865. He was a school director and road commissioner in Sugar Grove. He was a farmer. His gravestone shows 1829-1898 and he is buried in Wesleyan Cemetery, Five Points, Sugar Grove Township with a GAR marker. Children of Thomas and Abigail:
              • Catherine FULKERSON....b. 1860
              • Blanch FULKERSON....b. 1864
              • Beryl FULKERSON....b. 1876
            • Darius FULKERSON....was born 1831. He was born in NY. He enlisted in Co. G, 211th PA V.I. He was a farmer and a laborer. He married Esther before 1860. He married (2) Emma STANFORD of Sugar Grove, 5 Dec 1872. He was buried in Wesleyan Cemetery, Five Points, Sugar Grove Township on 12 Dec 1914. Emma's gravestone in the same cemetery shows 1848-1913. (The 1880 Census listed her age as 24, showed her mother Betsey STANFORD living in their household.) Darius' first two children by Esther and final one by Emma were:
              • Silman FULKERSON....b. 1857
              • Mercy A. FULKERSON....b. 1859
              • William FULKERSON....
          • Polly (Betsy?) FULKERSON....b. 10 Sep 1784, m. Elijah STILLMAN in Westmoreland
          • Elias FULKERSON....b. 8 May 1787, listed on 1810 Census in the town of Locke, Cayuga Co. NY. This may be the Elias Fulkerson who served as a private in McMahan's Regiment of the New York Militia in the War of 1812 [Index to the Compiled Military Service Records for the Volunteer Soldiers Who Served During the War of 1812, M602, National Archives and Records Administration] This Chautauqua County military unit was involved in the battles of Queenston Heights, Black Rock and Buffalo (1812-1814).
        • Joseph FULKERSON....b. September 10, 1741 in Brunswick, Middlesex Co., NJ Dutch Reformed Church. There is no further solid research on this Joseph. He is one of several Joseph Fulkersons born in NJ in the mid-1700s, one of whom appeared on the roster of the NJ Militia in 1792, serving from Alexandria Twp., Hunterdon Co., NJ

    • Rebecca VOLKERTS....b. April 03, 1698 in Bushwick, NY. She m. Cornelis TEUNISE (20 Jan 1693/94-25 Aug 1775, son of Cornelis TEUNISON and Neeltje BOGART, who m. on 22 Aug 1687 at the Flatbush DRC). Cornelis was a first cousin of Jacob Jeronimus RAPALJE, father of Aeltje RAPALJE who married Rebecca's younger brother Joseph VOLKERSON: his aunt Annetje (DENYSE) RAPALJE was Jacob's mother. In Raritan DRC baptism records he used his "alternate" surname - an entry for 12 Aug 1720 was written as: "Van Middelswaart, Cornelis and wife, Rebecka - Fliep. Witnesses: Flip Folkers; Christina Sebering." Those witnesses were Rebecca's father and aunt. The Tunison family moved from Flatbush to Somerset County about four years before the Fulkersons. A deed dated 14 Oct 1697 showed "Cornelius Tunneson" purchasing 877 acres on the north side of the Raritan River. The elder Cornelius died in 1731. (A Cornelis TEUNISSEN arrived in New Amsterdam from Norway on the ship "Stetin" in September 1663.)
        Rebecca and Cornelis are not found in the Raritan DRC records between 1721 and 1741. Two of their children were baptized at the Harlingen DRC, in 1729 and 1732. The family apparently lived in three or four locations in Somerset County. Cornelis made a will five months before his death, on 18 Mar 1775, which was probated on 29 Aug 1775 [Trenton Wills, Book L, p. 312]:
      "To his son Phillip - £5 and 300 acres of land purchased from Barnardus Van Nest. Phillip to pay Cornelius's daughter Ellen (Neeltje) wife of Matthew Ten Eyck £100 and £10 to Peter, son of Cornelius's daughter, Anne and her husband, her cousin Cornelius Tunison. To his son Abraham - 100 acres of his plantation "on the west side". Abraham to pay £100 to Richard Compton, son of Cornelius's deceased daughter, Rebecca. To his sons, Cornelius and Folkert - the rest of the old plantation. To his daughter Femmetje, wife of Johannes Smock - £100."
        He made the will shortly after Rebecca's death. A TUNISON family bible recorded her passage: "Rebecca, wife of Cornelis TUNISON departed this life Feb. 25 [1775], age 76 yrs., 10 mos., 22 days." The bible goes on to list: "Cornelis TUNISON Aug. 26, 1775 aged 81, 6 mo., 25 days" His uncle, Gijsbert BOGART, was an ancestor of Humphrey BOGART; his brother Jan VAN MIDDLESWART married cousin Pieternella BOGART, Gijsbert's daughter.
      • Neeltje TUNISON....bapt. 23 Mar 1718 at the Raritan DRC. The witnesses were her uncle and aunt, "Theunis and Neeltje VAN MIDDELSWART." Neeltje m. Matthew TEN EYCK on 12 Feb 1740 in Somerset Co., NJ. She died in 1812 (age 94?) per Ten Eyck descendants
        • Jane Ten EYCK...3 May 1757-8 Feb 1843, m. Peter DAVIS
      • Philip TUNISON....bapt. 12 Aug 1720 at the Raritan DRC, m. Deborah LA GRANGE (b. Aug 1729 at Albany, NY, daughter of Jacobus DE LA GRANGE and Engeltie VEEDER). The marriage bond was dated 30 Jan 1748 and they were married 9 Feb 1748. Their home was on the north side of the Raritan River, southeast of the town of Raritan. Philip died on 9 Mar 1777, one day after making his will. His will, proved 29 April 1777, named his six sons and four daughters. He left the farm on which he lived to his sons, except 14 acres he bought from Titus DE WITT which he left to his daughters; his wife to retain possession until she remarried or their youngest son reached 21 years of age. He stipulated that the farm he inherited from his father was to be sold. The inventory of his estate, on 11 Jul 1777 by Cornelius TUNISON and Dirck MIDDAGH, included "One horse, pressed in the Continental service, L17, not paid."
        • Bernardus La Grange TUNISON....bapt. 25 Dec, 1766 at the Raritan DRC: "Teunese, Pelep and Debera--Benardes" [Somerset County Historical Quarterly Vol III, No. 3, page 231]. He m. Lydia TEEPLE (30 Sep 1770-19 Feb 1826). The TEEPLE surname appears thoughout New Amsterdam and early New Jersey history. He died in the 1840s, is buried at McNeil Cemetery on Munson Road near Ovid Twp., Seneca Co., NY.
          • Garret B. TUNISON....m. Prudence VOORHEES
        • Cornelius TUNISON....bapt. March 24, 1750/51 in Schenectady, NY. May have married an Elizabeth, per Raritan baptism records for 1773: "Nov. 27. Tunison, Cornelius and Elizabet--Neeltie."
        • Engeltie TUNISON....bapt. March 04, 1753 in at the Reformed Church, Raritan, NJ. She was born 31 Jan 1753 and died on 9 Jan 1816. "Angelitye TUNISON" married on 1 Feb 1770 in Somerset Co., NJ to Denyse VAN DUYN (24 Oct 1741-23 Jun 1798). She was also known as Anne, according to "Decendents of Dennis VAN DUYN & Ann TUNISON with account of some of their ancestors" by Edw. A. CLAYPOOL, Chicago, IL. [a genealogy done for a Chas. Nelson VanDuyn] printed about the turn of the century, ca. 1900.
        • Rebecca TUNISON....bapt. April 20, 1755 at the Reformed Church, Raritan, NJ: "Tunese, Flip and Debera--Rabeca. Witnesses: Cornelis Tunesse and Rabeca." Her second cousin Joseph FULKERSON was baptized there on the same day.
        • Neeltje TUNISON....bapt. February 24, 1760 at the Reformed Church, Raritan, NJ. She may have m. Abraham VAN DORN, per Raritan baptism records: "1777 - Apr. 3. Vandorn, Abraham and Neeltie--Cornelius Tunison. Witness: Jannetie Brower, wife of Cornelius Tunison."
        • Johannes TUNISON....bapt. 20 May 1762 at the Reformed Church, Raritan, NJ: "Tuenesse, Flip and Debera--Johaennes."
        • Abraham P. TUNISON....bapt. July 15, 1764 at the Raritan DRC: "Tuenese, Fliph and Debera--Aberaem. Witnesses: Aberaem and Aente Teunese." He m. Abigail WORTMAN. His grave is at the Old Bedminster Cemetery in Somerset County, NJ.
        • Deborah TUNISON....bpt. 1 Sep 1771 in Raritan, NJ: "Teunese, Vellip and Debera--Debera." was about 5 years old when her father died. She m. Caleb FULKERSON
        • Philip TUNISON....bpt. May 19, 1777
      • Neelte TUNISON....bapt. 24 Sep 1722. Due to the similarity of names, she may actually be the daughter who m. Matthew TEN EYCK.
      • Folkert TUNISON....reported bapt. 24 Sep 17??, m. Ann BOWMAN, 4th of 8 children of Richard BOWMAN Sr. Folkert was probably 20 years her senior. He may be the "Fulkert Tunison" in Cap. Jacob Ten Eyck's Comppany, First Battalion, Somerset Co., in Rev. War records. His will was dated 20 May 1789 at Raritan, Somerset Co., NJ, and proved 29 Nov. 1791. It named his wife and two children. One of the witnesses was Philip FOLKERSON.
        • Dirck TUNISON....he was a minor when his father died, as his mother was named as his guardian in a supplementary document to the above will.[NJCW, Vol. XXXVII, Lib. 33-449]
        • Rebecca TUNISON....bapt. 31 Jul 1775 at the Raritan DRC: "Tunison, Folkert and Antie--Rebecka."
      • Abraham TUNISON.....bapt. 14 May 1727
      • Cornelius TUNISON....bapt. 24 Feb (1728 or 1729?), m. Janica (Yannica) BROWER on 4 May 1749 (marriage bond on 29 Apr 1749). Her BROWER family appeared in Flatbush DRC records in the 1600s. Per a Rapalje family site, "He built Tunison Tavern in Somerville, NJ in 1769 and made its parlors available to the Raritan DR Church congregation for Sunday services until 1784, when he donated property on which a church was built. The tavern became an important meetinghouse for the town's affairs, and the village of Somerville developed around it. Records show that town meetings were "held at the house of Cornelius Tunison, innkeeper, on the 'Great Road' in 1770." Geo. Washington frequently conferred with staff officers who were billeted in the tavern during the winter of 1778-79. Cornelius' will is dated 4 Feb. 1790 and was proved 8 Mar. 1794." [NOTE: His tavern may have served as a replacement for the Raritan DRC, which was burned on October 27, 1779, by British Redcoats and Tories: Lt. Col. Simcoe and his Queen's Rangers. They also burned down the county Court House in Millstone. [from the history of the United Reformed Church, Somerville, NJ] This was part of Britain's war objective of depersonalizing the Americans by destroying their institutions and records.
        • Garrett TUNISON.....1751-1837, b. and d. at Somerville, Somerset Co, NJ, was a physician, and served as a military surgeon in the American Revolution, m. Sarah TEN EYCK
      • Antje TUNISON....bpt. August 13, 1729 (or 21 Jul 1730?) in Harlingen, Somerset Co., NJ Reformed Dutch Church
      • Rebecka TUNISON....bpt. 27 Aug (or 25 Oct?) 1732 in Harlingen, Somerset Co., NJ Reformed Dutch Church
      • Femmetje TUNISON...., bapt. 6 Oct 1735, m. Johannes SMACK (or SMOCK)
      • Teunis TUNISON....bapt. at the Raritan DRC on 28 Jun 1741: "Tuenrse, Cornelus and wife, Rebecka - Tuenis." He may be the Teunes listed in Raritan baptism records of 14 May 1773: "Vanmidelswart, Teunes and Sara--Henderick" and 26 Mar 1775: "Vanmidelswart, Teunes and Sara--Jannetie."
      • Johanna TUNISON....bapt. at the Raritan DRC on 27 May 1744: "Tunesen, Cornelis and Rebecka - Johanna."
    • Johannis FOLKERSE....b. 1698 in Bushwick, NY, d. by Jan 1761 in Bedminster Township, Somerset, New Jersey, m. Elizabeth ELSWORTH (d. August 1771). They had no children. An extract of his will from the N.J. Calendar of Wills states that, "Johannis FOLKERSE, son of Philip VOLKERSE and Ann VAN CLIEFT, b. ca. 1698 at Bushwick, made his will in Bridgewater Township, Somerset Co., NJ, on 4 Apr 1754. The will, proved on 22 Jun 1761, named his wife Elizabeth [£600], brothers Folkert, Philip, Joseph and Dirck FOLKERTSE [lands to be sold and money divided]; half-sister Folkertje, wife of Simon VAN NOORTWYCK and her son William VAN NOORTWYCK; sister Rebecca, wife of Cornelis TUNISSE; sister Annetje, wife of Dirck HOOGELANDT; and the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church at Raritan, which was to receive £100." The witnesses were William CROOKE, Michael HEGEMAN and Abraham LOTT, Jr. The inventory of his estate, on 29 Jan 1761, was made by John VAN MIDDLESWART, Abraham VAN NEST and Jacob VAN NOORSTRAND. The executors were Peter VAN NEST, son of Joris VAN NEST, and Samuel Staats COYEMANS (Vol. 4, p. 145, Calendar of NJ Wills). [His half-sister Folkertje was apparently one of the older children of Mettye Symonsen VAN ARSDALEN and Evert Jansen VAN WICKELEN; her continued association with step-father Philip's children apparently resulted in her being listed as Folkertje FOLKERSE in some LDS records of her marriage to Simon VAN NOORTWYCK in 1709. Simon VAN NOORTWYCK was born 1691 in Utrecht, Utrecht, Holland. His parents emigrated to Kings Co., NY about 1695.] Although Johannis owned land, at the time of his death he was residing on a farm he had leased from Margaret STEVENS since 1 May 1731. He instructed his executors to sublet the farm as long as the lease continues, and to continue to "discharge the requirements in said lease." Apparently he wanted to ensure a steady income for Margaret STEVENS.

      His wife Elizabeth wrote her will on 2 Aug 1771. It was proved on 27 Aug 1771. She left money and goods mainly to her side of the family: to the children of her nephew William ELSWORTH, son of her brother Christopher ELSWORTH; to the children of Maria MANSFIELD, dau. of her sister Sarah; to Mary VAN VARK, dau. of her niece Anna Maria VAN VARK; to nephew Simon BEASTED of NYC (who had apparently borrowed money from her); to Blandia VAN NORTWYCK, wife of Wilhelmas VAN NORTWYCK - to whom she left her apparel. The executors were friends Samuel Staats COEYMAN and Jacob VAN NORSTRAND. The witnesses were Francis BRESIER, Hendrick VROOM and Hugh BLACKHALL.
    • Philip FULKERSON....b. 1705 in Somerset Co., NJ, m. Grietje/Margrite ______. In 1735 his name appeared (as "Philip Folkerse Jr.") on the tax list for the township of Franklin, with 25 acres and 12 cattle. He was taxed £1, 4s, 1d. There was possibly a 2nd Wife of Philip FULKERSON: at the 1745 baptism of Saerte FOLKERSON the parents were listed as Philip and Anatie.
      • Joseph FULKERSON....bpt. September 22, 1728 in Brunswick, Middlesex Co., NJ Dutch Reformed Church. A MONTAGNE family site, documenting the descendants of Jean Mousnier de LA MONTAGNE, also called Dr. Johannes de LA MONTAGNE, Huguenot physician of New Amsterdam and Vice-Director of New Netherland, states that Joseph married his great-great-granddaughter Hannah MONTANYE (AKA Hannah Montana?) who was born 31 Oct 1729 in Pluckemin, Somerset Co., New Jersey. The site hints that they may have moved to Loudoun Co., Virginia. The will of Hannah's father, Ide de LA MONTANYE of Bridgewater, Somerset County, N.J. [742R, New Jersey State Archives] was written 26 Aug 1779 and stated: "I give and Bequeath unto My Daughter Hannah, the wife of Joseph Folkertson, the Sum of fifteen Pounds, to be Paid after the Decease of my Self and my said Wife, as a legacy out of my Landed Estates To be Rendered and Paid By my Son Edward." Joseph had at least one reported child:
        • Letitia FULKERSON....born about 1760, m. Daniel PALMER of New Jersey, moved to Loudon Co., VA and had six children, of whom one is known:
          • Thomas L. PALMER....28 Feb 1797-after 1883, b. in Loudon Co., VA, served in the War of 1812, then moved to Kentucky where he married Abigail STIPP (1799-1876), on 6 Apr 1824. In 1826 they were among the early pioneers of Lawrence Co., Indiana. They moved to Illinois a few years later, but returned to Lawrence Co. in 1835, where they farmed on 280 acres. Their story was told in the "History of Lawrence, Orange and Washington Co.'s, Indiana" [Goodspeed Bros. and Co., 1884]:
            THOMAS L. PALMER, one of the oldest men in Lawrence county, as well as one of the county's earliest pioneers, was born February 28, 1797, in Loudoun County, Va., and is one in a family of six children born to Daniel and Letitia (Fulkerson) Palmer, who were natives of New Jersey. During the war of 1812 he served his country faithfully under the command of Col. Reno, and a few years after its close moved to Kentucky where he married Miss Abigail Stipp, April 6, 1824. In 1826 he settled in Shawswick Township, Lawrence Co., Ind., but a few years later moved to Illinois and from there in 1835 returned to Lawrence County and settled permanently in Pleasant Run Township, which has since been his home. Mrs. Palmer was born December 10, 1799, and by Mr. Palmer became the mother of six children, named: Amanda, Rebecca, Letitia, James Wood, John and Catharine. She died a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, August 19, 1876. Mr. Palmer by an upright life has made numerous warm friends and but few enemies; he has always followed agricultural pursuits and is the owner of a good farm of 280 acres.
            • Amanda PALMER
            • Rebecca PALMER
            • Letitia PALMER
            • James Wood PALMER
            • John PALMER
            • Catharine PALMER
      • Elisabet FULKERSON....b. April 09, 1732 in Raritan, Somerset Co., NJ First Reformed Church
      • Philip FULKERSON....b. October 06, 1734 in Brunswick, Middlesex Co., NJ Dutch Reformed Church. His spouse is unknown. The Hillsboro Reformed Dutch Church at Millstone, Somerset Co., NJ, has a 17 May 1775 baptism listing for "Folkerson, Fillip and Maria - Maria" -- with no witnesses reported and no clear indication if this was the same Philip.
        • Benjamin FULKERSON....bapt. 11 Nov 1753 at the Cranbury Presbyterian Church, Somerset Co., NJ, listed as the son of "Philip Fulkert" No mother or witnesses recorded. Benjamin appeared on the 1778 tax rolls as living at Bedminster in Somerset Co., NJ.   NOTE: It isn't absolutely certain that Benjamin was the son of this Philip. Other genealogies give him a mother Ann Fulkerson and siblings who were the children of Ann, which would have placed him with a different Philip and doesn't match any known baptism records - although they maintain his preceding 3 ancestors were all Philips, which doesn't fit except here.

            Benjamin reportedly died at age 44 in 1797 in Loudoun Co., Virginia. He became the progenitor of a large Ohio branch. Thus his descendants are listed on the Ohio Fulkersons page.

      • Volkert FULKERSON....bapt. September 16, 1739 at the Raritan, Somerset Co., NJ, First Reformed Church: "Volkerse, Philipus and wife, Margrita - Volkert." Volkert d. in 1804 in Cayuga Co., NY, leaving a will that named his children. He m. (1st) Sara Ann JENNINGS, with whom he had 3 children in the 1770's, and m. (2nd) Sarah SHELLENGER in early 1780. NJ Marriage Records, Book F, Part 5, #234: Folly FORKERSON third (Fulker O FULKERSON) and Malcolm McCOURNY (McCOUNRY), both of Roharyin in the County of Morris... [bound to]... William LIVINGSTON, Governor... 500 pounds... 12 Jan 1780. ... certificate of marriage between the s'd Folly FORKERSON... and Sarah SCHALLINGER... [w] Mal:m McCOUNRY Surr With Sarah he had 8 additional children. See the Upstate New York FULKERSON page for their descendants.
      • Saerte FULKERSON....bpt. April 12, 1745, with parents listed as Philip and Anatie
    • Joseph VOLKERTS.... b. ca. 1708 in Somerset Co., NJ, a twin of his brother Dirck, below, m. Aeltje RAPALJE. Aeltje was baptized on 16 Sep 1710 near Somerville, Somerset Co., NJ, and was the daughter of Jacob Jeronimus RAPALJE (bapt. 25 Jun 1679) and Sarah Abramse BRINCKERHOFF (bapt. 18 Dec 1680 in Flushing, Queens, NY). Click here for further research information on Aeltje. Joseph and "Mejte van Wikkele" witnessed the baptism of Metje, dau. of "Simon Van Wikkele and Gerritdina Kouwenhoven" on 15 Apr 1730 at the Harlingen DRC. In 1735 his name appeared on the tax list for the township of Franklin, with 4 cattle and no real estate. He was taxed only 5 shillings. From Nov 1739 to Apr 1742 he had an account at Jacob Janeway's store at Middlebrook -- the ledger listed him as living at Millstone, brother-in-law to "Rapiley." Joseph witnessed the will of Benjamin VAN VEGHTEN on 9 Jun 1747, listed as "Yesep Falkerse." Joseph probably died by 1755 when wife Aeltje - recorded as 'Aelte Voescke' - was alone when she witnessed the baptism of their grandson Joseph. His son Abraham and grandsons Caleb and Joseph emigrated to upstate New York. Relatively little is known about his other children - they probably remained in New Jersey. Their children's baptisms were recorded at the Raritan Dutch Reformed Church.
      • Philip FULKERSON....bpt. 20 Sep 1733 in Raritan, Somerset Co., NJ First Reformed Church, which in perspective makes him about a year younger than George WASHINGTON. Philip married Margrita FARLEY. She was baptized on 12 Nov 1738 at the Raritan DRC [Ferli, Kilp and wife Febi - Margrita], daughter of Caleb FARLEY (bapt. 15 Oct 1717 at the Raritan DRC, son of Caleb FARLEY). It is likely they remained in the Somerset County area. In keeping with the contemporary customs, Philip named his first two (known) sons in honor of their two grandfathers, Joseph and Caleb. Philip's daughter's names are unknown, but according to tradition he might have had two named Aeltje (Alice) and Phoebe.
            [Caleb FARLEY's genealogy in America included the BROUCARD/BROKAW and WILTSEE/WILTSIE families which had numerous connections with the Fulkersons over the centuries. Click here for further information on those surnames. Or CLICK HERE to see his European ancestry that includes three saints and at least 25 kings.]
        • Joseph FULKERSON....7 Mar 1755-11 Jul 1840, bpt. 20 Apr 1755 at Raritan First Reformed Church: "Voelckerse, Flip and Maergrite--Josep. Witness: Aelte Voescke." He was a soldier, privateer and POW in the American Revolution. See the Ohio Fulkersons page for his descendants.
        • Caleb FULKERSON....17 Jan 1762-4 Mar 1848, b. at Hillsborough, Somerset County, NJ, veteran and POW of the American Revolution. See the Upstate New York FULKERSON page for the next three generations of Caleb's descendants.
        • Female FULKERSON....moved to VA (is this the Elizabeth who appears in the Unattached Fulkersons below?)
        • Female FULKERSON....m. John SWICK   NOTE: In November 1816, a John SWICK of Ovid, Seneca Co., New York - in the same area of upstate NY where Caleb and Joseph lived - was one of the executors for an estate. And then on 24 Jan 1817, Rachel SWICK, wife of Tunis SWICK, , born ca. 1743 in Hunterdon Co., NJ, made her will and named her friend Henry FULKERSON as one of the executors: "In the name of God Amen. The 24th day of January in the year 1817, Rachel Swick, widow, of the Town of Ovid being sick and weak make my last will. I give my four daughters Mascey, Barbery, Hannah, and Rachel all my wearing apparel to be equally divided between them. All remainder of my personal estate to be divided equally between all my children namely John Martin, Benjamin Andrew, Mascey, Barbery, Hannah, and Rachel and my grandson David Swick. I appoint my trusty friends John Blauvelt and Henry Fulkerson to be my executors. Witnesses: Wm. Chandler, Julius K. Blackburn, John (his mark) Lever. Recorded 12 May 1817. Pg.161-63" Before marrying Tunis, Rachel was the widow of John PYATT. Joseph FULKERSON, listed immediately above, "served in the Regular Troops in the Revolutionary army in the company of Jacob Pyatt and others" according to his pension deposition.
      • Sarah FULKERSON....baptized at the Raritan Dutch Reformed Church on 19 Jan 1735, "dau of Joseph Folkerse and wife Alte, witness Abram Rapalje and wife Jenneke." She m. (1st) cousin Dirck VOLKERSON on 28 Jan 1752 per New Jersey marriage records: "Derrick FALKESON and Joseph FALKASON, both of the County of Somerset, yeomen... [bound to]... Jonathan BELCHER, Governor... 500 pounds... 28 Jan 1752. ... Derrick FALKESON... obtained license of marriage for himself and for Sarah FALKESON of the County of Somerset, spinstres... [w] William BURNET." Family legend states he drowned shortly after the marriage, and she subsequently married (2nd) to Gerrit GERRITSEN, producing one known daughter:
        • Anna GERRITSEN
      • Antye FULKERSON....bpt. 8 May 1737, probably died young -- a later sister had the same name.
      • Jacob FULKERSON....bpt. 29 Jul 1739 in Raritan, Somerset Co., NJ First Reformed Church, m. Polly SMITH. Their known children, listed alphabetically, were:
        • Female FULKERSON....possibly more than one daughter in this family
        • Isaac FULKERSON....reportedly moved to Canada "before the war" - there was an Isaac who founded a Canadian Fulkerson branch about 1800
        • Jacob FULKERSON...."m. a Miss BELL, left her and married again" [WLF]
        • Joseph FULKERSON....reportedly lived in "Lasson" (???)
        • John FULKERSON...."died at the line in the service" per some old Fulkerson family research, probably in the War of 1812
        • Samuel this the Samuel who deeded land to James WADSWORTH in Ontario County, NY (Book 19, Page 385) in 1813? There are no other known Samuels of a "land-owning age" at that time. Ontario County, originally very large, was subdivided into Steuben in 1796, Genesee in 1802, Livingston and Monroe in 1821, and Wayne and Yates in 1823.
      • Antye FULKERSON....bpt. 1 Jan 1740/41 in the Raritan, Somerset Co., NJ First Reformed Church. Records from her brother Abraham's family state she m. a Nathaniel DRAKE.
        • Nathaniel DRAKE Jr.....his nickname was said to be "Old Batch"
        • Joseph DRAKE....m. (1st) Denice SMITH, (2nd) unknown
        • Samuel DRAKE....
        • John DRAKE....m. a Quaker and had a large family
        • Polly DRAKE....m. "McCONNON"
        • Anna DRAKE....never married
      • Rebecca FULKERSON....bapt. 11 Feb 1743/44 in the Raritan, Somerset Co., NJ First Reformed Church. Records from her brother Abraham's family state she m. a HALL
        • John HALL....
        • Joseph HALL....
        • Isaac HALL....
        • Samuel HALL....
        • Thomas HALL....
        • William HALL....
        • Aeltje HALL....m. Tunis WILLIAMSON
      • Abraham FULKERSON....bpt. 6 Jul 1746 in the Raritan, Somerset Co., NJ. He m. (1st) Sally VAN DYKE and (2nd) Mary STARK (1747-1828). Abraham died in NY on 4 Jun 1818. See the Upstate New York FULKERSON page for more on this family.
        Click here to read a typed copy of the family history compiled by Willard FULKERSON in 1956.
      • John FULKERSON....bpt. 1 Jan 1749/50 (twin) in the Six Mile Run, Somerset Co., NJ Dutch Reformed Church. He was a twin whose mate did not survive. NOTE: There was a John FULKERSON listed on the tax rolls for Knowlton Twp., Sussex Co., NJ in 1773-74. Possibly this John?
      • Aelte FULKERSON....twin, bpt. 6 Jul 1751 in the Raritan, Somerset Co., NJ First Reformed Church: "Vaelckerse, Josep and Aelte--Josep; also Aelte."
      • Joseph FULKERSON....twin, bpt. 6 Jul 1751 in Raritan, Somerset Co., NJ First Reformed Church
    • Dirck 1708-1763, b. in Somerset Co., NJ, a twin of Joseph above. He m. Kosija VAN DUYN (dau. of Denyse VAN DUYN). On 22 Apr 1746 they witnessed the baptism of Antie, dau. of "Hendrick Smack, Antie Van Duyn" at the Harlingen DRC. He may be the 'Derick Volkerson' recorded in Hillsborough's township minutes in 1753 (which largely dealt with the finding and claiming of stray cattle).
      Derck Fulkersen, yeoman of Somerset County, NJ, leaves his wife Casaiah (Kezia) the 'use' of his real and personal estate. He names his eldest son, Philip [received "200 acres of the rear of my lands"], and his youngest son, Derrick [received "my home place and the rest of my lands"], as well as his daughters, Anne and Mary [each received £350]. He also wrote "should the youngest daughter marry, she is to have an outset." His executors were his wife, his brother-in-law William VAN DUYN, and his friend John VAN NORTWYCK of Somerset. The witnesses were Pieter COUWENHOVEN, Cornelius SEBRING and "Elias V."
      He may also be the Derick FULKERSON named in the will of Cornelius BOICE [CALENDAR OF NEW JERSEY WILLS, ADMINISTRATIONS, ETC, VOLUME IV— 1761-1770]. The evidence appears to indicate he may have been married to Lydia VAN DUYN:
      1760, Aug. 8. Boice, Cornelius, of Piscataway, Middlesex Co., farmer; will of. Son, Cornelius, 40 shillings. Rest of personal and real to my wife, Lydia, to maintain the rest of the family that re- main with her, while she is my widow. Daughter, Lydia Fontine, widow, household goods, at wife's death. To son, Cornelius, % of my plantation, and to my son, Dennis Vandine Boyce, the other half. Executors — my wife, my brother-in-law, Derick Fulkerson, and cousin, John Boice. Witnesses — Reune Runyon, John Webster, Jeremiah Hemsted. Proved May 28, 1761.
      According to the will abstract for "Derck Fulkersen" on page 154 of Calendar of New Jersey Wills, Volume IV (1761-1770), his will was written on 14 Nov 1762 and proved on 30 May 1763. An inventory was made by Abraham VAN DORN and Cornelius SEBRING on 13 Jun 1763.
      • Philip FULKERSEN.... m. an Ann FULKERSON. Is this the Private Phillip Fulkerson (American Revolution) who was on the roster of Capt John Sebring's Company, First Battalion, Somerset County Militia? The estate of a Philip FULKERSON was inventoried ($324.82) on 15 Jul 1808 by Israel RUNYON and Joseph MOLLISON, sworn to on 29 Jul 1808 by administrator Richard P. FULKERSON [NJCW, Vol. XV, 1806-1809, File 1362R.] (NOTE:
        • Keziah FULKERSON....bpt. January 23, 1763 in Brunswick, Middlesex Co., NJ Dutch Reformed Church. A Van Voorhees genealogy [The Van Voorhees Family in America by Florence A Christoph, 2000, pp. 110, 300] indicated she m. in 1785 to John VOORHEES, son of Abraham VOORHEES (10 Oct 1762-10Oct 1823) and died in 1821. The VOORHEES were distant cousins through the SEBRING connection.
          • John VOORHEES....1788-1849
          • James VOORHEES....1790-1808
          • Philip VOORHEES....1792-26 Feb 1862, m. Ann RANDALL, died at Annapolis, MD. This was the Captain Philip Falkerson Voorhees (1792-1862) of Trenton, NJ, who served in the United States Navy from 1809 to 1855. He received a silver medal from Congress for bravery in action aboard the United States and the Peacock in the War of 1812, and later gained attention for an action involving Latin American relations. Interestingly, the Indiana Historical Society has a letter written on 11 Sep 1844 to Mrs. Philip F. Voorhees by American author James Fenimore Cooper.
            "In 1844 Captain Voorhees captured an armed Argentine squadron and an allied cruiser which had fired into his convoy....Captain Voorhees released this squadron after an apology had been made, but detained the cruiser, which had aggravated the assault by firing under a false flag. Commander Daniel Turner afterward released the cruiser, but justified Captain Voorhees's action in a letter to the Argentine commander, and Voorhees was also highly praised by United States diplomatic and consular representatives and foreign naval officers in South America. Yet this capture was made the occasion for a series of charges on which he was tried by courts-martial in 1845. The sentences of these courts were not approved, and after a few months' suspension President Polk, in 1847, restored Captain Voorhees to his full rank in the navy, and gave him command of the East India squadron--the post of an admiral at the present day, that grade not having been established at that time, 'in manifestation of his complete rehabilitation in honor as well as in rank in the judgment of the government' as declared in the official opinion of Attorney-General Caleb Cushing, which also declared the proceedings of the courts-martial 'null and void.'"
          • Richard VOORHEES....b. ca. 1794-1863, m. Julia CLEVELAND, d. of Benjamin CLEVELAND
          • daughter VOORHEES....b. ca. 1796, m. a CONOVER
        • Dirck FOLKERSON....bapt. June 20, 1767 at the Brunswick, Middlesex Co., NJ, Dutch Reformed Church, lived in Somerset Co., NJ, had three known sons. AKA Richard P. FULKERSON, he married (2nd?) to Jane BROWN (21 Feb 1781-2 Jun 1863). The Old Presbyterian Graveyard, Bound Brook, Somerset Co., NJ, has a grave for Jane (Brown) FULKERSON, died 2 Jun 1863, age: 82y 4m 9d, wife of Richard P. FULKERSON. This may be the Richard FULKERSON who witnessed the will of Pieter BOYER of Bridgewater, Somerset Co., NJ, on 11 Dec of the executors was a VAN DUYN.
          • John FULKERSON....30 Jul 1785-24 Jul 1852 (age: 66y 11m 25d). This may be the John Fulkerson who served as a Sergeant in Abraham's Regiment, New Jersey Militia, during the War of 1812. [Index to the Compiled Military Service Records for the Volunteer Soldiers Who Served During the War of 1812, M602, National Archives and Records Administration]. John was m. by Rev. Boggs to Margaret FISHER (d. 14 Nov 1861, age: 72y 8m 27d) on 6 Apr 1822 in Somerset Co., NJ. They were recorded on the 1850 Census living at Franklin, Somerset Co., NJ. He was farming, with real estate valued at $11,230. Also in his household was Abraham SEBRING (27), Margaret M. SEBRING (27) and their son John (2). John and Margaret are buried at the Old Presbyterian Graveyard at Bound Brook, Somerset Co., NJ. His tombstone reads, "Farewell, Farewell, my partner dear, My children and my friends, This call of God to you is near, O hear the voice it sends, My dearest friends whom here I love, From whom I now must part, O look to God to comfort you, And heal your broken heart" and hers, "Rest dear mother while the tears Affection sheds bedew thy slumbers, Your life here to us was dear, O how we miss you from our number, Afflictions sore long time she bore, Physicians were in vain, Till God did please to give her ease, And freed her from her pain." A FIELD family site cites the "R.R. Field Family Bible" to report their children as:
            • Margaret Mariah FULKERSON....Rev. Rodgers officiated the marriage of a Margaret M. FULKERSON to Abraham SEBRING on 24 Dec 1846 in Somerset Co., NJ. Four years later the 1850 Census showed them living with her father.
            • Catherine Kezia FULKERSON....3 Aug 1828-17 Jul 1882, m. Runey Randolph FIELD (1824-1875), son of Richard FIELD and Catherine BROKAW, on 27 Sep 1848 in Somerset County, had 3 children:
              • Charles Franklin FIELD....1856-
              • Richard Jeremiah FIELD....1860-64
              • George Randolph FIELD....1867-1940
          • Richard P. FULKERSON....b. ca. 1803, moved to Ohio by 1833 and probably settled in Ashland County. His story and descendants are on the Ohio Fulkerson page.
          • Jeremiah FULKERSON....b. ca. 1810, m. a Catherine, had seven children. The 1850 Census showed them living in Franklin, Somerset Co., NJ. It did not list his occupation.
            • Mary Ellen FULKERSON....b. ca. 1832 in NJ
            • Susan Ann FULKERSON....b. ca. 1834 in NJ
            • Sara Elizabeth FULKERSON....b. ca. 1836 in NJ
            • Alletta FULKERSON.....b. ca. 1838 in NJ
            • Abraham FULKERSON.....b. ca. 1840 in NJ
            • Phoebe FULKERSON....b. ca. 1842 in NJ
            • Joseph FULKERSON....b. ca. 1844 in Somerset Co., NJ
          • Ann Joline FULKERSON....6 Jun 1811-, bapt. 15 Jan 1812 at the Bound Brook Presbyterian Church: "Rich'd and Jane Fulkerson, Ann Joline." [Genealogical Magazine of NJ, Vol. 37, p. 67]
          • Charity FULKERSON....7 Oct 1814-, bapt. 23 Jul 1815 at the Bound Brook Presbyterian Church: "Richard and Jane Fulkerson, Charity." [Genealogical Magazine of NJ, Vol. 37, p. 69]
        • Maria FOLKERSON....bapt. 2 Feb 1765 in Six Mile Run, Somerset Co., NJ Dutch Reformed Church
      • Antie (Anne) FULKERSEN....bapt. 9 May 1734 in Harlingen, Somerset Co., NJ Reformed Dutch Church, witnessed by "Cornelius Teunise, Rebecka Teunise." Antie m. Abraham THEUNISSE by 1756.
        • Dirck THEUNISSE....bapt. 17 Oct 1756
      • Denys FULKERSEN....bapt. 20 Jan 1736, parents listed as Dirk VOLKERSE and Geesje VAN DUIN, witnessed by Isaac CHARDEVYN and Annetje KAAR [NYGB Record, Vol. XXIII]. His name and dates were reported in other research. Apparently named after his mother's father. No further facts known. Not mentioned in Dirck's will of 14 Nov 1762.
      • Dirck FULKERSEN....31 Jan 1747-12 Jun 1822. He was bapt. on 4 Apr 1747 at the Raritan church of the Harlingen RDC, Somerset Co., NJ, witnessed by "Pieter Couwenhoven, Elisabeth Bevois." This may be the Dirck/Richard who was reported as owning his grandfather Philip's farm in 1778. He married Mary DAVIS (1748-20 Feb 1839) by 1771. She was the daughter of farmer George DAVIS of Raritan (his will was dated 30 Jul 1771 and proved 9 Feb 1774) and Judith BROKAW (dau. of Peter BROKAW and Judith VAN NEST). They are buried at the Taylor farm (Fulkerson Burying Ground), on Easton Avenue between Bound Brook and New Brunswick, NJ.
        • Richard FULKERSON....b. 24 Apr 1771 in Somerset Co., NJ, d. 1856. He was in the NJ Militia in 1794. Believed to have m. Katy VAN DORN. (Per a second source, a Couwenhoven family site, "Catherine Van Doren was baptized on 6 October 1771 at Dutch Reformed Church, Neshanic, Somerset County, New Jersey. She was the daughter of Peter Van Doren and Francis Huff. Catherine Van Doren married Richard Fulkerson." Van Dorens are also found marrying into other families associated with the Fulkersons in NJ/NY, including Schenck, Van Cleef and Wyckoff. A Richard FULKERSON was appointed one of 17 'Overseers of the Road' at Franklin Township's First Town Meeting, at the Middlebush farmhouse of widow Jane Spader around noon on 9 Apr 1798. He moved to Illinois, probably because his sons Richard and P.D.B. were moving there, in time to appear on the 1840 Illinois census. See the Illinois Fulkersons page for his descendants.
        • Dennis FULKERSON....20 Mar 1772, served in Capt. Henry Van Der Vere's troop of Dragoons in the NJ Militia in 1794 (birth name possibly Teunis or Tunis?). He m. Anna MANNING, daughter of Joseph and Mary MANNING of Westerfield Twp, Essex Co., NJ, per Joseph's will [13 Mar 1812, File 10740G, NJCW, Vol. XLI]. Her father's will gave her $500 and listed her siblings: James ($100), Neaty PIERCE ($500), Margaret MARSH ($500), William (salt meadow), Ducretia VAN ARSDALEN ($500), Harriet ORSBURN ($500), Daniel and Stephen (land in Ohio to both).
        • John FULKERSON....2 Dec 1773
        • Philip FULKERSON....22 Mar 1775- (the Somerset Historical Quartery, Vol. 2, p. 67, reports the death of a Philip FULKERSON on 6 Sep 1820, "age 55" - possibly this same Philip, if he was b. in 1765)
        • Maria FULKERSON....19 Apr 1777
        • Catherine FULKERSON....placed here by researcher Paul Black; source unknown
        • Keziah FULKERSON....9 May 1779...m. Nicholas COVENHOVEN of Brooklyn, NY, had two children by him before his early death. His will was made on 8 Mar 1807, proved on 22 Apr 1807. It named his wife Kezia, brother Cornelius and father-in-law Richard FULKERSON as his executors. The witnesses were Abraham STAATS, Richard GARRETSON and Richard P. FULKERSON.
          • Richard COVENHOVEN ...named in father's will
          • Susannah COVENHOVEN ...named in father's will
        • Unnamed FULKERSON....2 Dec 1781
      • Maria (Mary) FULKERSEN....bapt. 21 May 1749 at the Harlingen DRC, Somerset Co., NJ, witnessed by "Hendrik Kornel, Maria Van Duyn, his wife." This is believed to be the Maria Catherina FULKERSON who m. Nicholas FLEENOR and died on 16 Aug 1833 at Benham, Washington Co., VA. A Washington County record indicates "16 Aug 1796-"Lewis and Mary Moore sell to Nicholas Fleenor $1000, 196 a. on both sides of Abrahams Creek."   Q. Was that creek named for Abraham Fulkerson?
        • John FLEENOR....1767-19 Sep 1853, m. Elizabeth HENSLEY.
          • Mary A. FLEENOR.....aka Polly, b. 1792 in Washington Co., VA, m. George Peleg HOUSH (b. 24 Apr 1788 in Bourbon Co., KY)
            • Adam HOUSH....b. 1816 in Putnam Co., IN, m. Eliza ANDERSON (b.1824 in IN) on 11 Feb 1838 in Washington Co., IN. They had 13 children.
              • Mary Elizabeth HOUSH.....b. 19 Dec 1837 in IL, m. Levi Wilson NICKERSON (b. 29 Sep 1836 in Columbus, OH)
                • Elmer Izah NICKERSON....
    • Annetje VOLKERTS....b. ca. 1710, last known child of Philip Volkerse. She m. Dirck HOOGELANDT (1700-1746, aka HOOGLAND, HOAGLAND, HOGELAND). He was a great-grandson of Sara RAPALJE, via her first husband Hans Hansen BERGEN. The earliest known HOOGLAND was Dirck Jan HOOGLANT who was listed as a non-native, 30-year resident of New York when the roster for the oath of allegiance (to the English king) was made in Sept 1687. Dirck HOOGELANDT's will was dated 21 Apr 1746 and probated 8 Aug 1746 in Somerset Co., NJ. The executors were his brother Abraham and Dirrick FOLCKERSEN. [One of those inventorying his estate was "Wm. WALLING"....see the William WHAELING elsewhere on this page.] The information below is from: New Jersey Calendar of Wills, Vol. XXX; "The Hoagland Family" by Cornelius N. Hoagland, 1891; "William Adriaense Bennett" by Kenneth A. Bennett, 1998; "The Van Doren Family" by Wilson V. Ledley, 1972.
      • Derick HOOGLAND.....172?-before 1771, m. Martha _____,
        • Derick HOOGLAND....1756-, b. in Somerset Co, NJ
      • Hendrick HOOGLAND.....bapt. August 13, 1729 at the Harlingen DRC, witnessed by Hendrick HOOGLAND and Saertje ADRIAENSE. He m. Maria ____
        • Dirck HOOGLAND....1750-
        • Hendrick HOOGLAND.....1752-
        • Antje HOOGLAND.....1755-
        • Sarah HOOGLAND.....
        • Johannes HOOGLAND.....1763-
        • Annatje HOOGLAND.....1765-
      • Sarah HOOGLAND.....m. John VAN BUREN
      • Maria HOOGLAND..... -1771, m. a SIMONSON of Nine Mile Run, NJ. Her will was written on 15 Jan 1771 and proved on 25 May 1771. It named her sisters Anne, Rebecca and "Sary." Her brothers were listed as Hendrick and Derrick, the latter being deceased and leaving children. Her executors were brother-in-law Jacob SLOVER and sister Anne HOGELAND. The witnesses were Jacob VAN KIKE, Peter STOOTHOFF and Abraham QUICK.
      • Antje HOOGLAND.....1742-15 Apr 1793, m. Roelof SCHENCK (8 Apr 1737-22 Oct 1803) on 14 Jun 1764 in Hunterdon Co., NJ; following her death, he m. (2nd) to his sister-in-law Rebecca HOOGLAND.
      • Rebecca HOOGLAND.....b. in 1746, after her father's will was made, m. Jacob SELOVER; following his death (after 1770), she m. (2nd) to Roelof SCHENCK.


  4. Nicholas FOLKERTSEN and Neeltje COUWENHOVEN
    (4th Generation)

    Nicholas FOLKERTSEN was born in 1672 and d. in 1759. He m. Neeltje COUWENHOVEN in 1699. (She previously married Joris Jeronimus RAPALJE on 27 July 1694 at Brooklyn. They reportedly had a daughter, Annetje, in 1696. "Claes VOLCKERT" was listed as a "brother-in-law" and executor in the will of Theunis RAPALYE. [NYHS Abstract of Wills and Administrations, 1708-1728, Vol. II, p. 279] He was also an executor of the will of his son-in-law, Cornelis BOGART, in 1732. [NYHS] Nicholas operated a mill business with brothers Philip and Dirck at Bound Brook on the lower Millstone River, but apparently remained a resident of Boswyck in Kings County, NY (Brooklyn). On 8 Sep 1709 Claes VOLKERSEN, along with Gertie COWENHOVEN and Henry FILKINS, witnessed the will of Gerritt MIDDAGH "of Brookland in Queens County." [NYHS] On 29 Sep 1730 a Nicholas VOLKERTSEN was named a commisioner for roads, along with Johanas SCHENCK and Capt Charles DURIE, for the town of Bushwick. [NYHS] He wrote his will on 19 Aug 1758. It was proved on 15 Mar 1759. The executors were his son, Folkert, his son-in-law, John VAN DYCK and his cousin Joris BRINKERHOFF, and witnesses Christopher REMSEN, Christopher CODWISE and L. BOERUM.(WNYHS:5:294.) The will was filed at Boswyck in 1762 (NY-1-AF-12).   [NOTE: The New Jersey Archives, Vol. XXII, p. 511, lists a marriage of a young man named "Niclaes Volker" to "Metje Akkerman" on 11 Sep 1740 at Hackensack, Bergen Co., NJ. This needs further research.]
    • Anna FULKERSON....called "Annetje" and later known as "Hannah," she was bapt. October 07, 1703 at the Reformed Dutch Church, Brooklyn, Kings Co, NY: "Anna. Klaas Folkertse, Neeltje. [witnesses:] Gerrit Couwenhoven, Machtelt Folkertse." Anna m. Dirck WOERTMAN (1705-1762). Dirck's will was probated 25 Mar 1762...her own will was written on 26 Nov 1773 in Kings Co., NY, and proved on 14 Jan 1774. Her executors were "Guysbert Bogert, William Creed and Daniel Winter. The witnesses were John Hicks, Joseph Prior and Lewis Guest." [Surname Notes: "Derck VOLKERS and wife" were the sponsors at the 27 Apr 1709 Raritan DRC baptism of Abraham, son of Jan WOERTMAN. A Marritje WOERTMAN m. Teunis BERGEN of Jamaica, and their dau. Jannetje m. Jan HEGEMAN. ]
      • Neeltje WORTMAN....m. Abraham BRASIER per mother's will of 1773
      • Cornelia 1732-6 Oct 1811, b. in Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY, m. William CREED
      • Catherine WORTMAN....bapt. 24 Nov 1734 at Jamaica Reformed Dutch Church, Queens Co., NY. She m. Thomas EVERIT (ca. 1730-1781), a butcher. They lived at Hempstead, Queens Co., NY and Brooklyn Ferry, Kings Co., NY, during the British military occupation of New York. Thomas had a will dated 26 Jul 1780, probated 5 Mar 1781.
        • Richard EVERIT....
        • daughter EVERIT....m. Abraham BURTIS. The BURTIS family was found in Hempstead and Jamaica on Long Island. "In 1780 James Burtis was assessed a “Tory” penalty of £15 because he had a son fighting for the enemy. His total estate was valued at £400 at the time and he had to pay the fine within 20 days…. Despite the Loyalist son and his refusal to sign the Association he was awarded Land Bounty Rights for the 5th regiment. " As for the son, Barent BURTIS, "He was a Loyalist, and his estate was confiscated in 1781." [Genealogy page of John Blythe Dobson, "Some descendants of Hendrick Hegeman, of Flatbush and New Lots, Kings County, Long Island, New York," quoting Frank J. Doherty, "Settlers of the Beekman Patent"]
      • Aeltje WORTMAN....bapt. 6 Feb 1737 at the Jamaica Reformed Dutch Church, Queens Co., NY, m. Hendrick (Dirck) WYCKOFF
      • Nicholas WORTMAN....bapt. 1 Jan 1740 at the Jamaica Reformed Dutch Church, Queens Co., NY, witnessed by his grandparents "Nicklas" and Neeltie FOLKERSEN. He m. Hannah SMITH on 1 Jun 1761 and served in the Queens County Militia during the American Revolution. Nicholas died by 1780, possibly as a soldier. Hannah remarried (2nd) to Ambrose FISH on 2 Dec 1780. She was buried on 9 May 1803 at the Grace Chuch Cemetery, Jamaica, Queens Co., NY.
      • Annatje WORTMAN....m. Herman CLARK on 19 Nov 1780
      • Marritje WORTMAN....she was a minor when grandmother Hannah made her will in 1773
    • Maritje FULKERSON....m. Abraham SCHENCK. They were listed as witnesses for two baptisms at the First Reformed Dutch Church, Jamaica, Queens Co., NY: 25 Sep 1745, Abraham, son of Geysbert SCHENCK and Aeltye SCHENCK; 27 Aug 1749, Sara, daughter of 'Lauyck' (Lucas?) BERGEN and Susanna BERGEN. She was listed as a member of the Jamaica church in 1760, without a spouse. She may have been the second wife of Abraham: her brother-in-law Cornelis BOGART had a sister Sara who m. Abraham SCHENCK on 20 Apr 1717. Abraham had at least one son, also named Abraham, bapt. 17 Oct 1725 at the Jamaica Reformed Dutch Church, Queens Co., NY, witnessed by "FOLEKERTSEN, Folekert and Marytie FOLEKERTSEN." This is probably the deceased Abraham whose 1400 acres and saw mills at Tom's River were advertised from 1772 to 1774 by Fulkerson FULKERSON, Henry REMSEN, Abraham P. LOTT, John LEFFERTS and Peter SCHENCK. [NOTE: A Captain Abraham P. LOTT commanded the "Light Horse" company of New York City's First Independent Battalion, Continental Army, in August 1776.]
    • Diana FULKERSON....m. Captain Bergon BRAGAW (BROUCARD/BROCCA) of the Newtown militia (will dated 11 Sep 1742, probated 8 Oct 1742 - apparently after a brief illness.) Diana's father's will, proved on 15 Mar. 15, 1759, stated ...... "the part of my daughter Dinah is to be put at interest for her maintenance during her life, and then to her children, Isaac Brocca and Neeltje, wife of Matthew Moorhead."
      • Isaac 1721-1760, m. Annetje DYCKMAN, believed to be a sister of Jacobus DYCKMAN (she witnessed at the baptism of his daughter Anentje.
        • Jemima BRAGAW....bapt. 4 Sep 1740
        • Hilletje BRAGAW....b. ca. 1744, also listed as Esther
        • Derick BRAGAW.... bapt. 12 Mar 1748, also listed as Richard
        • Jan BRAGAW....23 Oct 1757, also listed as John
        • Isaac BRAGAW
        • Peter BRAGAW
      • Neeltje BRAGAW....m. Matthew MOORHEAD on 13 Sep 1753
        • Jannetje MOORHEAD....bapt. 22 Dec 1754 (NY Gen. & Biographical Society, Vol. 86, p. 102)
    • Folkert FULKERSON....bapt. May 1708 at the Brooklyn DRC, m. Antje LOTT (bapt. 23 Aug 1696, dau. of Hendrick LOTT and Catrina DE WITT). Folkert and Antje had one known child:
      • Folkert FULKERSON....some later New York marriages probably involved his grandchildren: Elizabeth FULKERSON to Quinby BENJAMIN (or Benjamin QUINBY?) on 4 Dec 1803 at Trinity Parish Church, NYC; and Mary FULKERSON to William GILBERT on 16 Apr 1806 at Trinity Parish Church, NYC [NYG&BS, Vol. 82, p. 225]
    • Neeltje FOLKERTS....bapt. 31 Jul 1709 at the Brooklyn DRC: "Neeltje. Claas Folkertse, Neeltje. [witnesses:] Philippus Folkertse, Sara Folkertse." Neeltje married Cornelis Gysbertsz BOGART (1691-1732), son of Gysbert Teunis BOGART and Jannetje Symonse VAN AERSDALEN, and grandson of Sara RAPALJE. Cornelis and Neeltje lived at "Brookland." [B.F Thompson's History of Long Island, Vol. III, p. 71.] In addition to owning land, they built and operated an income-producing windmill. His will written on April 5, 1732 and proved on July 27, 1732 in "the province of New Yorke." In his will, he appointed his father Gysbert BOGART, his father-in-law Nicholas VOLCKERSEN, his brother-in-law Abraham SCHENCK (he m. sister Sara BOGART at Flatbush on 20 Apr 1717), and Neeltje's brother Volkert VOLCKERSEN as coexecutors:
      Abstracts of Wills Vol III 1730-1744, New York Wills:
        In the name of God, Amen. April 25, 1732. I, CORNELIUS BOGART, of Brookland, in Kings County. I leave to my loving wife the use of all my real and personal estate during her life, but if she should happen to marry, then she is to have the use of the same until my youngest child is of age. After her decease, all my estate is to go to my children, Gysbert, Neeltie, and Janike Bogart. "And my loving wife now being bigg with child, that child as she shall bring in the world shall have an equal portion with the rest." My executors have power to sell land if necessary. "If my father, Gysbert Bogart, shall have a mind to my real estate, he shall have it for the same price as I was to give him for it," and he is to pay to my wife and children the true value of the improvements. And whereas my father hath disbursed some money towards the building of my Windmill, he shall have one-half of the toll of the mill, during his life. I make my father, Gysbert Bogart, and my father-in-law, Nicholas Volkersen, and my two brothers-in-law, Abraham Schenck and Volkert Volkertsen, executors. Witnesses, Jeremias Remsen, Jeronimus Rapalye, S. Gerritsen. Proved, July 27, 1732.
      • Gysbert 1721-4 Sep 1778, m. Antje LOTT (dau. of Pieter LOTT) on 13 Dec 1760 at New York City. His will did not name any children. Antje may have afterward m. Martin SCHENCK of Cow Neck, Queens Co., NY -- Gysbert's brother Maurice's 1784 will provided for the "children of Angenietje late the wife of Martin Schenck of Cow Neck".
        Abstracts of New York Wills Vol IX 1777-1783: "In the name of God, Amen. I, GYSBERT BOGART of Bushwick, in Kings County, yeoman, being very sick. Knowing that it behooveth every man to set his worldly estate in such order if possible before he departeth this life, that no strife or Debate may arise. I direct all debts and funeral charges to be paid. I leave to my wife Antje all my real and personal estate, during her life. My executors may sell property to pay debts, and may sell real estate. After the death of my wife I leave to my brother in law, Monueris [Maurice] Lott, and my sister in law Maria Lott each £100. To my sister Neeltie £25. To my cousin Joris Rapalye son of my brother in law Jacob Rapalye, deceased, all the rest of my estate. And whereas he is now absent from home, if he is dead or happens to die before he returns home, I give all the rest of my estate to his brothers and sisters (not named). I make my wife and my brother in law Monueris Lott, and my cousin Peter Rapalye, son of my brother in law Jacob Rapalye, and my neighbor Jacob Suydam executors." Dated September 14, 1778. Witnesses, Andrew Stockholm, Andrew Stockholm, Jr., Johanes Lott. Proved, November 6, 1778.
      • Neeltje BOGART....m. Isaac BRAISER (BROSSER) about 1750.
        • Hannah ca. 1752
        • Abigail BRAISER....bapt. 25 Sep 1754, m. Thomas ANDREWS
        • Maria BRAISER....bapt. 6 Jan 1760
        • Hendrick BRAISER....bapt. 30 May 1761, m. Aeltje _____
      • Janneke BOGART....
      • Unknown BOGART....birth pending at time of father's 1732 will. (Some say it was Nicholas, who m. Catherine BROADHURST on 21 Apr 1752. However, that Nicholas BOGART is also attributed to a 30 Sep 1730 baptism which predates the aforesaid will.)
    • Margareta FOLKERTS....placed here through baptism records and her husband's role as executor in her father's will. She appears to be distinct from her sister Maritje, based on age. She may have been the "Margareta FOLKERTS," wife of Jan VAN DYCK, listed at the 17 Mar 1745 baptism of Catharine, dau. of David GODWIN and Catharine VAN DYCK [NYGB, Vol. XXV]. She is again reported [NYGB, Vol. XXVII] as Margarita FOLKERTSE, wife of Jan Van DYK, at the 13 Nov 1754 baptism of their daughter Neeltje, witnessed by her second cousin Joris BRINKERHOFF and his wife Maria VAN DUERSEN.
      • Neeltje VAN DYCK....bapt. 13 Nov 1754


  5. Grietje VOLKERSE
    (4th Generation)

    Grietje VOLKERSE was born about 1675. She is listed in some FULKERSON family histories, but some New Netherland researchers do not include her among Volkert's children. Nothing further is known about her.


  6. Christyntje VOLKERSE and Roelof Jansen SEBRING
    (4th Generation)

    Christyntje, ca. 1678-1750, is another child who is listed in some but not all family histories. Her descendants feel secure in their evidence that she was a Fulkerson. She m. Roelof Jansen SEBRING (ca. 1675-1756) about 1700. They were early settlers of Somerset County in New Jersey, and were closely associated with the Fulkerson in early baptisms, churches and property deeds. The Sebring family was located in the town of Brooklyn in 1687 -- "Cornelis Subrink" listed himself as a native when he took the mandatory loyalty oath in that year.

    Christyntje is mentioned with Roelof by name in church records of Brooklyn and New Jersey through 1711, and probably was the 'wife' listed in a 1714 record. Two baptism records link her to the Fulkerson family. The first is the 1703 baptism of her son Johannes. The second was on 26 Oct 1707, when she and Peter PRAA witnessed the baptism of Christina, daughter of Rachel LEQUIER and David SPRONG. Rachel was her first cousin.

    Roelof named a different wife (a widow with a son) in his will, which was probated 26 Mar 1756. NOTE: Several of their grandchildren participated in the American Revolution - I've run across references to "Captain John Sebring's Company, 1st Regiment, Somerset County Militia" - and the Somerset County militia rolls from the town of Bridgewater included Fulkert SEBRING and Roelof SEBRING. Additionally, a Roeloff SEBRING was elected to the New Jersey Assembly in the General Election in Somerset County on 12 Oct 1779. In that same month British troops invaded Somerset County, burned the Court House and Raritan Dutch Reformed Church, and destroyed "a large quantity of Forage and Stores of Washington's Army."
    • Volkert 1702-3 Sep 1792, m. (1st) Elinor "Nelly" VAN ARSDALEN, with whom he had 2 children. She died by 1737. Volkert then m. (2nd) Mary AUTEN (per Auten family records)
      • Folkert SEBRING....bapt. 10 Mar 1734 at the Raritan DRC: "Sebrin, Folkert and wife, Nelli - Folkert"
      • Elizabeth SEBRING....bapt. 16 Feb 1735/6 at the Raritan DRC: "Sebring, Folkert and wife, Nelli - Elisabet"
      • Cornelius SEBRING....bapt. 20 Aug 1738 at the Raritan DRC: "Sebering, Volkert and wife, Mareyete - Cornelus." A 23 Apr 1772 newspaper ad listed Cornelius SEBRING offering the goods of Thomas AUTEN.
      • Mary SEBRING....bapt. 7 Dec 1740 at the Raritan DRC: "Sebering, Volkert and wife, Mareyetye - Mareyetye"
      • Christina SEBRING....bapt. 3 Jul 1743 at the Raritan DRC: "Sebrengh, Volkert and Marya - Cristina"
      • Tomes SEBRING...bapt. 12 Jan 1746, First Reformed Church Raritan (Somerville), parents listed as Folkert and Marya
    • Johannes SEBRING...bapt. 7 Oct 1703 at the Reformed Dutch Church in Brooklyn, witnessed by Cornelis SEBRING and Rachel FOLKERZE. Reportedly died in 1773. He m. Nelly AUTEN (bapt. 10 Apr 1705 in Queens Co., NY). Per Auten family records, they had five children.
      • Christina SEBRING....bapt 20 Oct 1734 at the Raritan DRC: "Sebrandt, Hannes and wife, Nelle - Cerstina"
    • Cornelius SEBRING...b. ca. 1705, m. Antje VAN ARSDALEN
    • Dirck SEBRING...bapt. 27 Apr 1709 at Raritan First Reformed Church - witnessed by 'Derck Volkers and wife.' (Baptisms on the same date included Antien, dau. of Jacob RAPALJE, whose younger sister Aeltje would marry Joseph VOLKERSON, and the WORTMAN family which would eventually have a member marry a FULKERSON. ) Dirck m. Maria VAN ARSDALEN, daughter of Cornelis Symonse VAN ARSDALE and Marritje DIRCKS (not related; she was the dau. of Dirck JANSEN and Aelte Paulus AMMERMAN). [Somerset County Historical Quarterly, Vol. 3, pp. 121-122]
    • Annetje SEBRING....bapt. 2 Nov 1711 at the Raritan DRC, witnessed by "Johannes Sebrege and wife" - this was Roelof's brother, who in an August 1705 Raritan baptism record had the same witnesses -"Hendrick Reyniersse and wife."- that Dirck VOLKERSE used in November of that year. Annetje m. Harpert PETERSON
    NOTE: Additional SEBRING baptisms at First Reformed Church Raritan (Somerville):
    • 1746, April 13, Leffirt and Jannetie Sebering, Fitie.
    • 1750, Nov. 8, Johannis and Gertie Sebering, Ariyaente.


  7. Sara VOLKERSE
    (4th Generation)

    Sara VOLKERSE was baptized on 17 Jan 1680 in the Reformed Dutch Church of Breukelen, with parents listed as "Folkert Dircksen and Annitjen Flipsen," and witnessed by Jeurien Jansen and Lysbeth Jansen. She and older brother Philip witnessed the baptism of their niece Neeltje, daughter of Nicholas FOLKERTSE, on 31 Jul 1709.


  8. Lydia VOLKERSE and Frederick SYMANS
    (4th Generation)

      The baptism of Lydia VOLKERSE, twin of Machtelt, was recorded at the Flatbush DRC: "1682 Feb. 26; Lidia. Folkert Dircksen and Annitje Flippsen. Willem Aeresen [AERTSEN] and Lidia Kasjaert [COUSARD]." Lydia m. Frederick SYMANS (SYMONSE). Little else is known at this point....there were Flatbush DRC listings for the SYMONSE surname in the 1690s.


  9. Machtelt VOLKERSE and Dirck BURITSEN
    (4th Generation)

    Machtelt VOLKERSE, twin of Lydia, was baptized 26 February 26, 1681/82. She witnessed the 7 Oct 1703 baptism of a niece: "Anna. Klaas Folkertse, Neeltje [witnesses:] Gerrit Couwenhoven, Machtelt Folkertse." Her marriage is reported in the New York DRC records on 21 May 1720: Diderik BARENDSZ; Magteld VOLKERSZ. Diderik or Dirck's surname had several additional spellings, including BARENDSEN and BURITSEN. They had at least one child:
    • Margrietje BURITSEN....bapt. 3 Apr 1728 at the Harlingen Reformed Dutch Church, with the witness listed as "mother"


  10. Rachel VOLKERSE
    (4th Generation)

    Rachel, yet another daughter who appears in some but not all genealogies, was bapt. November 16, 1683 at the Flatbush DRC: "Rachel, child of Volkerd Dirkz, Anetje Philips of Bush. [witnesses:] Wouter Gysbrechts [VERSCHURE], Maritje Hey [wife of Peter PRAA]." On 7 Oct 1703, she and Cornelis SEBRING witnessed the baptism of her nephew Johannes SEBRING at the Reformed Dutch Church in Brooklyn. A Rachel VOLKERTS witnessed the 15 Sep 1723 baptism of Cornelius VAN SEYSEN, son of Joost VAN SEYSEN and Antje HUYSMAN -- probably a HUYSMAN cousin. (The other witness was Johannes POUWELSE. A later, unattached Elizabeth FULKERSON m. a POWELSON.) It is unknown if this Rachel ever married.


  11. Rebecca VOLKERSE
    (4th Generation)

    bapt. March 24, 1686 at the Reformed Dutch Church in NY, m. Joost DURYEA. Joost appeared on the roster of the Regiment of Militia in Kings County in 1715. Rebecca possibly died shortly after the birth of her first child. Joost afterward married Willemtje TERHUNE, daughter of Roeloff and Marretje Garretse (WYCKOFF) TERHUNE  [proven by the will of Roeloff TERHUNE].
    • Folkert 1720-28 Oct 1752. He married Gerritje VEGHTE, dau. of Nicholas VEGHTE and Cornelia VAN DUYN. In his will, made on 20 Oct 1752, he called himself "Folkert Duryee of New York, shopkeeper" and mentions his wife 'Gertruy,' father-in-law Nicholas 'Vaughte,' daughter Rebecca, and names his "friends" Folkert FOLKERTSEN and Folkert RAPALYEA executors of the will. On 5 Jan 1754 his widow remarried to Teunis TIEBOUT. Note: The 1810 Census for Flatbush, Kings Co., NY lists Abraham and Gabriel DURYEA as heads of households. Relationship to Folkert not established here.


FULKERSON, Aaron.....listed as a "tenant in common" with Daniel COOPER, Jr. (deceased, of Morris Co.) in a Warren/Sussex county court record of a meeting pertaining to the estate of William BURNETT in Newton Twp., Sussex Co., NJ. The meeting was at the inn of Samuel ANNIN at Basking Ridge, NJ. A date of 11 Nov 1789 is mentioned, with the meeting recorded on 27 May 1794. NOTES: Based on the one known Aaron's age [b. 1771] and origin [Sussex Co., NJ], this may be the Aaron found on the New York page.

FULKERSON, Abigail.....b. ca. 1756, d. in 1832, age 76, buried at Bedminster Cemetery

FULKERSON, Abraham......reported in Somerset Historical Quarterly, Vol. 2, p. 67, as having died in 1832 at age 76. This would place his birth year about 1756.

FULKERSON, Adeline......"Married....On Thursday evening, Jan 29th, by the Rev. John Steel, Mr. Andrew J. Cramer, to Miss Adeline Fulkerson, both of Clinton," per the Jerseyite, February 11, 1852, Vol. XIV, No. 13. Note that the "Geology of New Jersey" (1868) reports there was a lime-burning kiln operated by Fulkersons north of Clinton Station.

FULKERSON, Angeline....d. 19 Jan 1862, age: 50y 7m 13d, buried at Old Presbyterian Graveyard, Bound Brook, Somerset County, New Jersey

FULKERSON, Anna.....made her will in Chester Twp., Morris Co., NJ on 22 Apr 1803, naming son Philip FULKERSON and daughters Anne WAGONER and Maria BEDLEY. Witnesses were Wm. WOODHULL, Albert VOORHEES and John WORTMAN 3d. It was possibly the same Philip who appeared in a 23 Feb 1802 marriage record: "FULKERSON, Philip and Abigail RUNYON, Chester, by Rev. Stephen OVERTON." [Genealogical Magazine of NJ, Vol. II, No. 3, p. 127]

FULKERSON, Catherine.....m. Abraham DEFOREEST on 4 Nov 1800 at the New York DRC. Abraham DEFOREEST (2 Apr 1774-30 Aug 1830) was the son of John DEFOREEST and Maria VAN NEST of Adamsville, Somerset Co., NJ. Their children were Richard and Maria [Revised History of Harlem, James Riker, 1904].

FULKERSON, Charity....married John RANDALL on 24 Oct 1839 ( Rev. Rodgers).

FULKERSON, Cornelius....married D. L. Cavalier, June 5, 1841 in Somerset County

FULKERSON, David.......b. ca. 1775 in NJ, m. Mary YATES (b. ca. 1775 in NJ), lived in Hope Twp., Warren Co., NJ. See their Unattached Branch page.

Derick FULKERSON... listed in Richard Gardiner's 1752 survey for the New Jersey Proprietors, living along the Wallkill River in Sussex County, which was then part of Morris County. Could this have been Dirck, son of Volkert VOLKERTSON?:

Derick Fulkerson is settled on the Wallkill about a mile above Littles, on a tract that ware surveyd for Ch. Jushu Morris, and hath cleard about 14 acres. The land is stony but strong and well timberd. He bought his improvement of Danyel Brown about 4 years agow. Brown settled thare about 9 years agone and I sopose the land is worth 30£ per hundred acres.

Eazekel Macpeak is next unto Fulkerson's within the same Survey. He bought his improvement of Benjamin Knap about 2 years agow, thare is of cleard land near 12 acres. The land is strong and well timbered, worth about 60£ per hund.

FULKERSON, Edgar...1838-1926, buried at the Lebanon Reformed Church Cemetery, Lebanon, Hunterdon Co., New Jersey. He appears on the 1880 Census as an unmarried farmer, the son of John FULKISON (b. 1799, NJ), living with his father and two aunts at Clinton, Hunterdon Co., New Jersey.

FULKERSON, Elizabeth....of Elizabethtown, NJ, m. George NICOLLS of Elizabethtown on 3 Apr 1740. [NJ Archives, Vol. 22-151]

FAULKERSON, Elizabeth...."Barnabas McGRAW & Philip FOLKERSON (FAULKENSON), both of Roxbury in the County of Morris... [bound to] William LIVINGSTON, Governor... 500 pounds... 5 Aug 1777. ... Contract of Marriage between Barnabas McGRAW... and Elizabeth FOLKERSON..."

FULKERSON, Elizabeth....married Abraham POWELSON on 29 May 1805 in Somerset County (Rev. Schureman). She was the daughter of the William FULKERSON below. They lived at Bedminster, Somerset County, NJ, as late as 1838 when they wrote a letter about her father's pension and date of death. They had at least one child:

FULKERSON, Fulker....listed on the 1820 Census at Luzerne Twp, Fayette Co., PA (near Wilkes-Barre). He was living alone, over 45 years old. He likely would have been born in NJ before 1775. There was a "Flkerd Flkison" on the 1830 Census at Fayette, Allegheny Co., PA, aged 50-60, living by himself. (The math again places him in the 1770s. Perhaps he is the Fulkerd Fulkerson, b. 1770, referenced on "NJ,PA,Insurrection" from the "Records of the Officers and Men of NJ in Wars of 1791-1815.")

FULKERSON, James.....witnessed the will of widow Mary PRALL of Amwell, Hunterdon County, widow of Aaron PRALL, in Hunterdon County, NJ. The will was apparently dated 20 Sept 1760 and executed on 9 Nov 1761. Her son Henry's will, written six years later, revealed the PRALL family's associations also included Fulkert BUYS, Isaac BROKAW, Jacobus STRYKER and Hendrick FISHER. Based on this set of names, this James is probably the Jacob FULKERSON above.

FULKERSON, Jane B......married John A. COOK (1796-1877) in 1851 (State of California, Marriage Notice 12142). Oddly enough, it was reported in the Panama Herald on 5 May 1851: "Cook, John, of San Diego, to Fulkerson, Miss Jane, of New Brunswick, N.J., at San Jose, California." They made their home in Santa Clara, where a local guidebook reports: "John was born on the Isle of Wight in England and boasted of being a descendent of William the Conqueror. He came to America in 1819 and lived in Ohio and Indiana where he was commissioned as a major of the battalion of Militia Cavalry, served as the state librarian and gained some fame as a temperance lecturer. He came to California in 1849 and took charge of the Custom House in San Diego. After attending the California Legislature when it convened in San Jose, he moved to Northern California and settled in Santa Clara in 1851. He and his wife, Jane (Fulkerson), built a home on The Alameda that was called Cook’s Grove or Cook’s Pond and used for events such as graduation ceremonies of Santa Clara College."

VOLKERTSE, Johannes.....Minisink Valley Reformed Dutch Church record described him as a young man born in New York, who lived at Smith's Field, when he m. Mally DODESINCK of Elizabethtown on 22 Sep 1744 in Sussex Co., NJ

FULKERSON, John.....m. OGDEN, Elizabeth on 24 Dec 1809 in Hope, Warren Co., NJ (some Fulkersons served under a Colonel OGDEN of New Jersey during the American Revolution)

FULKERSON, John.....Death notice -- "Near Annandale, Nov. 11, 1880, John Fulkerson, in the 83d year of his age" -- in the Hunterdon County Democrat, Dec. 1880. (His tombstone at tht at the Lebanon Reformed Church Cemetery, Lebanon, Hunterdon Co., New Jersey, states he was "Aged 81 years, 10 months and 14 days".) Is this the same John who married Kitty WHITENACK, Nov. 10, 1824 in Somerset County? (Rev. Brownlee officiated.)

FULKERSON, John (Capt.)....appears in the index of the Hunterdon Gazette in the years 1828, 1839, 1840, 1842, 1848, 1856.

FULKERSON, Joseph......and the two Fulkersons who follow are
FULKERSON, Philip...........listed on the 1778 tax rolls for
FULKERSON, Fulker Jr......Roxbury, Morris County, NJ

FULKERSON, Maria....b. 1742, her headstone at the Readington Reformed Dutch Church, Hunterdon Co., NJ, lists her at 77 yrs, 3 mos, 21 days old when she died on 9 Jun 1820. Her husband Cornelius TUNISON, born 1734, died on 15 Mar 1820 at age 85 yrs, 6 mos, 15 days.

FULKERSON, Maria....1 Apr 1775-12 May 1846, m. Jeremiah FISHER, Jr (7 Oct 1770-30 Nov 1826). She may be the same Maria who was baptized on 17 May 1775 at the Hillsboro Ref. Dutch Church, Millstone: "Folkerson, Fillip and Maria - Maria"

FULKERSON, Mariah....m. Edward C. CUNNINGHAM in Somerset Co., NJ, on 15 Mar 1817

FULKERSON, Nancy....b. ca. 1792 in Hunterdon Co., m. Jonas MILBURN on 13 Feb 1813 [Vol. 2, pg. 6, Hunterdon County-New Jersey Marriages 1795-1875]

FULKERSON, Philip....this is probably one of known Philips from above. Listed on the 12 Jul 1793 will of George YOUNG of Somerset County as the husband of his daughter, Phebe FULKERSON. Also listed were his son Henderson YOUNG, daughter Mary LOOT (wife of John LOOT) [LOTT?], daughter Catherine MONTANYE (wife of Edward MONTANYE) and son George YOUNG Jr. Executors and witnesses include members of the VAN DUYN family.

FULKERSON, Philip....b. ca. 1789 in NJ, he was a private in the 45th (barely legible?) US Infantry during the War of 1812, serving under Captains Gilbert SEAMAN and Robert BOGARDUS from 23 Sep 1813 to 15 May 1815. He was 25 yrs old and 5'8" tall with blue eyes, sandy hair and a ruddy complexion. His occupation was printer. He was stationed in New York and was discharged at Fort Green, Long Island.
FULKERSON, Phebe Ann....m. Thomas Dehart SANDS at the Manhattan Reformed Dutch Church on 4 Oct 1821

FULKERSON, Sarah....married Gabriel ROBISON on 31 Jan 1835 in Somerset County ( Rev. Shultz). Perhaps the same person, listed as Sarah Elizabeth FULKERSON, appears in the index of the Hunterdon Gazette in 1845.

FULKERSON, Tom.....listed on tax roll at Bridgewater, Somerset County, in 1778

FULKERSON, William.....c. 1760-20 May 1826, served as a dragoon in Lee's Legion - commanded by Lt. Col. Henry "Light Horse Harry" LEE - during the American Revolution, participating in the battle of Guilford Courthouse and other campaigns. Lived at Bedminster, Somerset County, NJ. Received a Revolutionary War pension, beginning 1818. His wife, name unknown, died about 1819. The Somerset Historical Quarterly, Vol. 6, p. 245, listed him as the tavern keeper of the "Bedminster Tavern" from 1800 to 1820. His daughter Elizabeth married an Abraham POWELSON in 1805 and also lived in Bedminster. {NOTE: There were three other Fulkersons living near Bedminster, in the "Peapack Patent" lands: Jacob FOLKERS, reported on 26 Apr 1753; Folker FOLKER, reported on 9 Apr 1755; and, Philip FOLKERTSON, reported in 1773.

FULKERSON, William.....married Jane TOTTEN (dau. of James TOTTEN and Sally FREEMAN) on 17 Jun 1838 in Somerset County.["Family Records or Genealogies Of The First Settlers Of Passaic Valley (And Vicinity) Above Chatham - with Their Ancestors and Descendants As Far As Can Now Be Ascertained" by John Littell, 1851] Another William, or possibly the same, married Jane Ann KEETCH on 21 Mar 1857 in Somerset County.