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New York Fulkersons

Page Added: 12 June 1999
Updated with New Information: December 2009

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  This page began in 1999 with an unattached branch found in Brooklyn about 1900, consisting of a Jeremiah FULKERSON and his wife Annie MESSINGER and one child. In 2009 we finally discover Jeremiah's father and grandfather, both of whom were named Jeremiah FULKERSON, and we also find a possible relative David G. FULKERSON, thanks to new research by cousin Sue. She isn't closely related to this branch...she did it to repay the favor after her own long-unattached branch was solved earlier in 2009. Here are the two possibly related Fulkerson lines in Brooklyn in the 1800s:

  • Two descendants of an Earl FULKERSON (1925-1998) have contacted me from Long Island, NY
  • There was a Bert FALKERSON found in the 1900 Census, born about 1870 in PA, with a wife Maude, living in Queens, Ward 1, Queens Co., NY.

  • Please e-mail if you have any information that may assist this Unattached Branch in locating additional ancestors and family members.