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Volkert DIRCKS

Joseph FULKERSON apparently led a long and vigorous life. Born in 1755, he enlisted in the fall of 1775 to serve under Capt. John Polhemus in Col. William Wind's 1st Jersey Regiment, completing this service at Fort Ticonderoga, NY in 1776. In 1777 he enlisted for 3 years under Capt. Andrew McMyers in Col. Ogden's regiment of the Jersey Line. The name of Joseph Fulkerson appears on the muster rolls at Valley Forge, during the winter of Washington's famous encampment there, from December 1777 through May 1778. He was listed as a Private in Angel's company of the New Jersey Brigade, 1st New Jersey Regiment. He rose to the rank of sergeant and participated in the battles at Brandywine, Germantown and Monmouth. At Germantown he was wounded and Capt. McMyers was killed.

  Joseph was discharged by Lt. Col. Francis Barber at Mendam Huts near Morristown, NJ in January 1780, and not long afterward joined the crew of an American privateer (a legalized pirate ship) hired to capture British vessels. Their luck ran backward, and they were themselves taken captive. Joseph spent over a year on the infamous British prison ship 'Jersey' and was released in the fall of 1781, about the time of Corwallis' defeat at Yorktown. More than 50 years later he received Revolutionary War Pension #S42307.

  About 1789 he m. Betsy OLIPHANT (30 Oct 1764-15 Jul 1840) of Morristown, NJ. They lived in upstate New York until 1838, then moved to Monroe Co., Ohio when he was 83 years old - probably because some of their children were moving there. Both died in July 1840, just 4 days apart.

  Eight years earlier, in July 1832, he made the following statement to assist his younger brother Caleb in applying for a Revolutionary War pension:

State of New York
Steuben County

  Joseph Fulkerson of Reading in the county aforementioned being duly sworn says that (illegible) deponent (illegible) Joseph Fulkerson who served in the Regular Troops in the Revolutionary army in the company of Jacob Pyatt and others, in the Regiment of Col. Mathias Ogden, and in the Brigade of Genl. Maxfield [General William "Scotch Willie" Maxwell] of the New Jersey Troops and is now a pensioner and this deponent further says that Caleb Fulkerson now a resident of Starkey in the County of Yates and State of New York is his Brother - That he was born in the County of Somerset in the State of New Jersey - in the year one Thousand seven hundred Sixty One as this (illegible) is informed and believes. - That this deponent left his father's family in Seventeen hundred and Seventy Six or Seven and enlisted with the regular troops for three years leaving his brother Caleb at home. That during the some part of this period as this deponent has been informed and believes the said Caleb enlisted for one month in the militia at Somerset aforesaid under one Captain James Wheeler in Col. Frelinghuysen's Regiment and served that times at Elizabeth Town. And this deponent further saith that while he (this deponent) was in Service during the period of three years aforesaid (but at what precise time he cannot now recollect) his brother Caleb enlisted in the regular troops for the period of nine months - in the company of Captain John Van Angle the predecessor of Captain Jacob Pyatt before mentioned, and served with him, the aforesaid Caleb, during the term of his enlistment, at Elizabethtown where as this deponent (illegible) informed and believes, he was duly and honorably discharged.

  And this deponent further saith that after the expiration of his Term of three years this deponent and his brother Caleb (about the same time enlisted for a period of six months in Captain Isaac Smalley's company and in the detachment of Major John Gooches [Goetschius] - and although this deponent cannot recollect the time of this service particularly, yet he thinks it was during this period Major Andre was taken [British spy, working with Benedict Arnold].

  That during this service the said Caleb Fulkerson was taken prisoner while on a scouting party in the County of Bergen near the Village of Hackensack and taken as this deponent was informed and believes, to the prison in the City of New York called the Sugar House where he remained about nine months.

  And this deponent further saith that on his (this deponent's) liberation from the prison ship in the bay of New York late in the fall of seventeen hundred and eighty one as he thinks and on his return home, he fell in with his Brother Caleb at the Village of Hackensack who was then out on duty in the militia on a tour of three months service as this deponent was then informed and still believes, in the company of one Captain Ward and the detachment of Major Gooches.

  That after this period of service this deponent has been informed and believes that his Brother Caleb performed another term of service of one month under the command of Captain Lott at Elizabethtown, but of this service the deponent has no personal knowledge.

  Sworn and subscribed
this 19th day of July 1832
before me
  Jas. Taylor
  Examiner in Chancery
(signed) Joseph Fulkerson

And I do hereby further certify that I am well acquainted with the above Joseph Fulkerson that he is a credible person and his statement is entitled to full credit.
Dated 4 July 1833.

Jas. Taylor, Exam. in Chancy.