Our Unattached Branches:

A Fulkerson / Fulkinson / Fulkasin
  of North Carolina

Added: 31 October 1998
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  Nancy FULKERSON was probably born about 1760-65 and lived in or near Surry Co., North Carolina. She was married to James B. MEREDITH , whose name appears in the records of Surry Co., Stokes Co., and Wilkes Co., North Carolina.

  Husband James may have been the son of Capt. William MEREDITH of Surry Co., NC, who fought at the Battle of Kings Mountain in 1780. James' and Nancy's daughter Nancy MEREDITH married Caleb COTTON on 6 Nov 1801. The witness on the marriage bond was a William MEREDITH (Surry Co., NC records).

  Nancy may be related to the branch that included Capt. James FULKERSON, Abraham FULKERSON and Frederick FULKERSON, as we have the following indications of possible connections:

  There is also the possibility that Nancy is related to Charles FULKERSON of Wilkes Co., NC (our other North Carolina unattached branch). Although Nancy appears to be most associated with Surry Co., NC, she and her husband signed as witnesses on a deed in Wilkes Co., NC in 1800. Surry Co. borders Wilkes Co.

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