Ohio Fulkersons
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Ohio's native residents were killed or driven out by 1800, making the territory safe for civilization and attractive for immigration. At least four Fulkerson branches moved to Ohio from New Jersey and New York between 1810 and 1840. Each branch is linked backed to ancestors on other pages in the Fulkerson Genealogies section. One additional and eventually very sizable branch led by brothers Benjamin and Richard Fulkerson came to Ohio from Virginia, and is the subject of an "unattached branches" page.


New Jersey 1811

New York 1820
Richard P.

New Jersey 1833

New York 1838

Benjamin FULKERSON....bapt. 11 Nov 1753 at the Cranbury Presbyterian Church, Somerset Co., NJ, listed as the son of "Philip Fulkert." He was a grandson of Philip FULKERSON of Somerset Co., NJ and the son of another Philip. [see note] He appeared on the 1778 New Jersey tax rolls, living at Bedminster in Somerset Co. He reportedly died in 1797 at age 44 in Loudoun Co., Virginia. Little else is known about him, except that he was the progenitor of a large Ohio Fulkerson branch. His six known children and many descendants included:


Joseph FULKERSON....7 Mar 1755-11 Jul 1840, bpt. 20 Apr 1755 at Raritan, NJ. Joseph was a grandson of Joseph VOLKERTS and son of Philip FULKERSON and Maergrite/Margrita FARLEY. He enlisted in
Patriots in Prison Ships

Conveyed to York we found, at length, too late,
That Death was better than the prisoner's fate
There doomed to famine, shackles, and despair,
Condemned to breathe a foul, infected air,
In sickly hulks, devoted while we lay,--
Successive funerals gloomed each dismal day

The various horrors of these hulks to tell--
These prison ships where Pain and Penance dwell,
Where Death in ten-fold vengeance holds his reign,
And injured ghosts, yet unavenged, complain:
This be my task--ungenerous Britons, you
Conspire to murder whom you can't subdue

by Philip Freneau, captured at sea on the
Aurora in 1780 and made a prisoner on the
prison ship Scorpion in New York harbor.
the fall of 1775 to serve under Capt. John Polhemus in Col. William Wind's 1st Jersey Regiment, completing this service at Fort Ticonderoga, NY in 1776. In 1777 he enlisted for 3 years under Capt. Andrew McMyers in Col. Ogden's regiment of the New Jersey Line (Continental Army) and participated in the battles at Brandywine and Germantown. At Germantown he was wounded and Capt. McMyers was killed. The name of Joseph Fulkerson appears on the muster rolls at Valley Forge, during the winter of Washington's famous encampment there, from December 1777 through May 1778, listed as a Private in Van Angel's company of the New Jersey Brigade, 1st New Jersey Regiment. He rose to the rank of sergeant and participated in the Battle of Monmouth in June 1778. An August 1778 payroll found in his pension file showed that he made 3 pounds, 15 shillings per month as a sergeant.
  Joseph was discharged by Lt. Col. Francis Barber at Mendam Huts near Morristown, NJ in January 1780, and not long afterward joined the crew of an American privateer (a 'legalized' pirate ship) hired to capture British merchant vessels. Their luck ran backward, and they were themselves taken captive. Joseph spent over a year on a British prison ship in New York harbor, where he "suffered much from cold, hunger and sickness" per his later pension claim. [His name does not appear on the prisoner roster of the most infamous British prison ship - the "Jersey" - at http://www.usmm.net/revdead.html, so it is likely he was on one of the many other prison ships there.] Joseph was paroled or exchanged in the fall of 1781, about the time of Corwallis' defeat at Yorktown. In 1818 he applied for and received Revolutionary War Pension #S42307.
  In 1789, according to GODDING family research, he m. Betsy OLIPHANT (30 Oct 1764-15 Jul 1840, b. at Raritan, NJ, dau. of Andrew Oliphant Jr, son of a Scotch immigrant) of Morristown, NJ, at the 1st Reformed Church in Raritan. He was listed as Joseph FALKERSON on the 1810 Census at Plainfield, Northampton Co., PA, age over 45, with wife and 3 children. By December 1838 they moved to Monroe Co., Ohio - probably because some of their children were moving there - and he applied to have his pension transferred to Ohio. They appeared on the 1840 census, but both died in July of that year, just four days apart. Both were buried at the Pioneer Cemetery in Woodfield, OH. In the following month, the Monroe County Court of Common Pleas, [Journal 4, Pg 2 -- August 1840 Term, 6th Day] recorded that:
"It was proven to the satisfaction of the court that Joseph Fulkerson, late a Revolutionary pensioner of the United States died in Monroe County on the 11th day of July 1840 leaving a widow who survived him but 4 days and died on July 15, 1840, leaving Joseph Fulkerson, Sarah Ann Fulkerson, Thomas Fulkerson, and Margaret L Fulkerson, their children and heirs."


John FULKERSON....b. 1780 in Steuben County, NY, d. in Huron County, OH by 1837, was a grandson of Philip FULKERSON of New Jersey and son of Volkert FULKERSON. Based on his age and location, he may have been the John Fulkerson who served as a fifer in Colonel Henry Bloom's Regiment (Tompkins County), New York Militia, in the War of 1812. [Index to the Compiled Military Service Records for the Volunteer Soldiers Who Served During the War of 1812, M602, National Archives and Records Administration] He m. Sarah (Sally) LEWIS (b. September 06, 1796 in Seneca, NY) in Cayuga (Tompkins) Co. in 1813. They moved to Catharine, NY before 1820. Sometime after 1820 they moved to New Haven, Huron Co., Ohio. Their first 4 children were born in NY, and the second 4 in Ohio. After John's death, Sarah LEWIS m. (2nd) Isaac BOWERS in 1837 and (3rd) Alfred MOFFIT in 1840, both in Huron Co., Ohio.


  • Richard P. FULKERSON....b. ca. 1803, was a grandson of Philip FULKERSEN and son of Dirck FOLKERSON of Brunswick, Middlesex Co., NJ.   Richard m. Sarah Ann WYCKOFF (22 Jan 1807-1874) in Somerset Co., NJ on 29 Oct 1829. They apparently moved to Ohio by 1833 and probably settled in Ashland County. They had at least 8 children - a 9th, Jeremiah, is added here based on dates, proximity, family naming patterns and Ashland Co. marriage records:

    Some Disconnected Ohio Fulkersons