Family Migrations
During the American Colonial Era

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From a starting point at New York City, Dirck's descendants moved north, west and south. Daughter Magdalena went upriver to Kingston, NY by 1660. His grandchildren Dirck, Nicholas and Philip settled in Somerset County, New Jersey about 1700. The family of Dirck's son Volkert began their move to Virginia and North Carolina in 1754. Two of Volkert's sons, James and Abraham, settled in southwest Virginia in 1770.

During the American Revolution, from 1775 to 1781, the remainder of the Fulkerson branches stayed in New Jersey. Many of their young men enlisted in the New Jersey Militia or the Continental Army, and subsequently received land grants in distant states. Most of the Fulkerson families left New Jersey after the War, and by 1820 had emigrated to numerous new settlements in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri and upstate New York.