If you are a Fulkerson, you are REQUIRED to atone for 7.9 decades of mediocre birthdays....by making a great leap to celebrate your 80th birthday.

Bob Fulkerson of Grass Valley, California, lived up to that obligation when he reached his 80th year in 2009. The pictures that follow are a testament to duty and bravery.

If you need assistance locating a sky diving venue as you approach your own 80th birthday, please feel welcome to contact this web site.


He's flanked by grandsons Brandon Lindsen (L) and Robert Taylor Lindsen (R) who joined him in the jump.

Step one: flying up to 9,000 feet.

Step two: falling 9,000 feet.

The standard Superman pose.

Smiling all the way down.

  • "Poppa is awesome" - Katelyn
  • "Not this Fulkerson, LOL"
  • "Wow! Good for you! I hope to be that adventurous in 50 years! I can't even muster up the courage to do that now, even in my 20's. You're very brave"
  • "Whew! No way that this Fulkerson will ever jump out of a perfectly good airplane!"
  • "CRAZY but have to admire the courage! I cant even go on a rollercoaster!"
  • "The way I look at it, even if the chute didn't open, it's better than being in a nursing home with bedsores. Stopping smoking, eating healthy, don't drink, don't do dangerous activities...why? So they can wheel me in my wheelchair to the doctor and get me home before I poop in my diaper? Nope, still lots to see and do! That jump was pure class!!!!" - Stan in Illinois