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North Carolina Fulkersons

Added: 14 June 1998

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This unattached branch apparently includes the oldest Fulkerson ever reported!

Known Generations

  1. Charles FULKERSON - probably born about 1710 to 1720 - and his wife Sarah (?) lived first in Wilkes Co., North Carolina. They later moved to Fleming and Greenup/Carter counties in KY. Their names are listed on the death record of the only child we know they had:

  2. Sarah "Sally" FULKERSON was born about 1742 in Wilkes Co., NC.
    Other variations of her surname (in that time and region) include FULKINSON, FULKASIN and FULKESIN. She married Randall SMITH, a Revolutionary War veteran who was born about 1748 in Amelia Co., VA. His military papers indicate that they lived for a time in Wilkes Co. NC, and were living at Buffalo Fork, Greenup/Carter Co., KY by 1813. Randall is believed to have died about 1845. Sarah died on 15 March 1852 in Carter Co., KY -- according to her death record she was 110 yrs old.

    Another site pertaining to this family includes the following information, which indicates a few minor discrepancies between the various accounts - Sally might have been only 102 when she died:
    Notes for Randall Smith:
    Rev. War Pension File #R9834. States that in 1843 he was a resident of Carter Co., Ky. Goes on to say Burliegh Grayson has known SMITH for 30 years and that SMITH is very old and must rely on neighbors to support himself and his Wife, who is just a few years younger than her Husband. They live alone in a cabin in the woods and had a negro boy until a few years ago having been stolen by the man who sold him to SMITH. The file goes on: On 13 Jan 1843 in Carter Co., Ky Randaol states that he moved as a small boy from Amelia Co., Va to Wilks Co., NC. He enlisted at Wilkws Co., in 1778 and was the battle of Hanging Rock and served a total of 5 to 6 years. He then moved from NC to Greenup Co. (now Carter Co.) Ky 30 Years ago and is now 95 Years old.

    The children of Randall SMITH and Sarah "Sally" Fulkerson were:

Charles FULKERSON may be related to Nancy FULKERSON of neighboring Surry Co., NC (our other North Carolina unattached branch). Her maiden name had similar spelling variations.

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